sunshine and lost willpower

A bunch of random, somewhat connected thoughts and news today:

Sunshine is my favorite

Yesterday we went for a HIKE (well, sort of—more accurately, a stroll). As in, out in nature. Wearing short sleeves. It was amazing. There were a ton of people out walking, biking, skateboarding, or just lying on the grass having picnics and reading books. This is what happiness is made of, my friends! I’m hoping the weather stays nice, but in any case, my goal is to spend as much time outside as possible.

Date night number two!

We left Allie a second time! I realize how lame this all sounds to people without kids or people with kids who don’t have control/attachment/clinginess issues. But it’s a big deal for me! Ben and I went for a long-overdue visit to the local temple, and apparently Allie slept soundly without making a noise! I am slowly but surely becoming more comfortable with leaving her with family. However, I’ll probably need another three or four years before I let random people babysit her.

The most interesting thing I’ve read all week

I just happened across this fascinating post/infographic that compares death tolls from various events and causes throughout history. Super interesting and insightful. I really did not have an accurate concept of some of these. Second most interesting award goes to the first two chapters of Waterfall, the first book in the River of Time series that my cousin recommended to me. She said she liked it better than the Hunger Games and Divergent trilogies, so I will keep you all posted! We ordered it along with The Maze Runner, which Ben will be reading first.

I recant my earlier statement

So… remember how proud of myself I was that I managed to not buy the anchor cardigan at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet? Well, yeah, about that. The other day we decided to take another venture to the outlets since the weather was so much nicer (and since they are literally just 20 minutes away), and I decided to duck back into the Tommy outlet, just to check things out. Guess what was still there, still the only one in my size. This time my willpower wasn’t so strong. And, as I left with the anchor cardigan I suddenly decided I was destined to own, the guy who checked us out (and had last week, as well) called, “See you next week!” Oh gosh. NO MORE SHOPPING. For a while.

No boxes in the apocalypse

But, speaking of addictions, a fellow box-lover shared this Washington Post article yesterday about the subscription box craze. If you’ve been sitting there thinking, “This girl is seriously obsessed with surprise boxes,” this article may help shed some light on the why. It’s a whole community of addicts. Except instead of support groups to help us break our addictions, we have support groups to enable them. It’s kind of crazy, now that I think about it.

I really have been thinking a lot about how pointless all the things are that I love to buy. Ben and I were discussing survival tactics for various apocalyptic scenarios the other day (in part because I only got “three months” to Ben’s “indefinitely” on the How Long Would You Survive in a Zombie Apocalypse? quiz), and the thought occurred to me I’d be better spending my time learning how to start fires and identify plant life than, say, online shopping. But it’s really hard to just completely change what excites and motivates you in life. I’m hoping it will be easier once we’ve settled in wherever our new location is. Or not. Stay tuned, I guess!


rebelliousness and scrambled eggs

I have been super absent from blog land the last few days. I could say it’s because I’ve have lots of work to do, which is part of it, or because I’ve been trying to finish Allegiant, which is also true. But it’s mostly because I just did not feel like blogging. Like at all. Do you (since most of you reading have blogs of your own) ever get like that? Sometimes I feel this pressure to blog and read blogs, like I have to keep it up or my world will stop turning. But I have always had a rebellious spirit and hate feeling forced to do things, and I guess I just needed a break. And I want you to know I’m reading your blog because I want to, not because I feel I have to. It’s just that sometimes I just want to run away and do whatever for a while, k? 🙂

But since you’re all dying to know, here are a few things that have occupied my mind and time these past few days:

  • Anti-April Foolery: I seriously hate April Fools’ Day. I am a believer of things, and I always fall for everything. Thus, when I spent at least a full hour yesterday being insanely excited about the promised return of the show Firefly, it was with deep sadness that I remembered the date. NOT COOL.
  • Impossible giftery: What do you give to someone who has or could very easily acquire (and with much less financial damage than you) everything? Someone in our lives has been immensely helpful and supportive recently, and we have wanted to show our appreciation, but every gift just seems so pointless. Last night we eventually settled on a gift of a Taste Trunk, a food box I’ve never actually tried but that looks pretty good in the reviews I’ve read.
  • Teething and waving: Oh yeah, so teething sucks. I mean, I’m assuming so, because Allie is back at it (top tooth number one made its appearance a couple of days ago!) and is all sorts of pouty and night-wakey. But she still manages to be amazingly smiley and giggly at the same time. OH, and she has totally mastered the wave! (Hand, not crowd.) Granted, she does it with both hands at once, but she understands enough to do it when we wave at her!
  • Scrambled eggs: I had never in my life made eggs… until this week. For whatever reason, I don’t like eggs (except in cake or cookies or brownies or basically eggs plus anything)—though I think it may be the food I try to learn to like this year—but Allie tried some at a restaurant a week or so ago, and I realized this would be a good food for me to make for her. So the other morning I scrambled my first ever egg. Ummm so, it’s ridiculously easy. Painfully easy. Granted, I sort of overscrambled it the first time, but I tried again the next morning and the next, and not only am I a total promateur, but Allie totally loves eggs. #momwin #sortof
  • Dreaming of campaigning for the change of American workplace norms: I read this article about how America’s workers are stressed out and overwhelmed, and I read somewhere else this past week about how so few people take the full hour for lunch and so many eat at their desks. I can attest to both of these from experience. Conclusion: Our workplace culture needs to change big time. It’s proven that people work better with more breaks, more vacation, and more unplugging—yet we still maintain our toxic culture of working late even when you don’t need to, always being available by email, and being ashamed about actually wanting to spend time with our families. This is ridiculous! And it is going to destroy American ingenuity and prosperity, IMHO. Okay, off soapbox.
  • Headaches: And on the subject of being overwhelmed… this is what has literally occupied my mind lately. I don’t get headaches a lot, but I’ve had one almost non-stop for three days. Must mean it’s time for a vacation!

I hope whatever you are doing today, it’s something that you want to do!

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glitch, please

I don’t know how many of you saw the Jimmy Fallon video with Mitt Romney slow jamming the news, but “glitch, please” was definitely my most important takeaway from it.

Date night with Four’s lips.. err.. Ben

Anyway, I have some big news to share: We went on a date!! Without Allie!! To the movies!! It was basically amazing. I just put her down for the night, and all my mom had to do was listen for the baby monitor. She didn’t wake up at all. And I wasn’t even a total mess! In fact, I kept gushing to Ben about how exciting it was to feel “single” (my term for married without kids) for the night. We saw Divergent, and IT WAS SO GOOD. And let’s just talk about Theo James for a second. Seriously. I had instagrammed a pic before the movie started with the big news, and a friend commented with the hashtag #stillalittewoozyfromfourslips, which totally cracked me up. But I actually loved the movie more than the book, which is super rare. I’m in the middle of reading “Allegiant” now and just want to say thanks to every single person who’s read it for informing me how I will feel about the ending!

Are you a spoiler lover?

On that note, but not really, I’ve found there are two types of people in this world: those who like spoilers and those who don’t. Not judging or anything, but the ones who like spoilers are probably the ones who went hunting for Christmas presents in their parents’ closets when they were kids. I am not a spoiler lover! In fact, I go to great lengths to be surprised about as much as possible in my life.

In unrelated weather news

So.. a few days ago it was 70 DEGREES outside. We drove around with the windows down then came home and just sat out in the backyard soaking it all in. (See adorable Allie pics below.) The next day, it snowed. (Ben’s curse and all!) What. The. Heck. Granted, it was maybe only a quarter of an inch, but still. Today is thankfully back to warm and sunny (though not as warm as the other day), and it’s a good thing, because I think I am just refusing to wear coats at all anymore, snow or no!

Swap success story

I’ve already gushed about the My Subscription Addiction box swap site, but yesterday I completed a swap I am SO excited about. A few months ago, I saw this top on ModCloth and fell in love with it, but I had just bought another ModCloth top and couldn’t really justify getting it. Flash forward to this month, when I was scrolling through the latest listings on the swap site and saw the top in my size up for trade! Someone had received it in ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise Apparel grab bag, and now, a few beauty products I didn’t even want later, it’s mine! Or it will be, once it gets here. Yay!

Other things I’m happy about

  • I finished my quiet book pages!!! And having finished this project (with LOTS of help from Ben), I can now say with surety that I am really just not that crafty. I’ll stick with shopping, I think!
  • My white jeans got here!! They fit!! They still aren’t perfectly opaque, but I think all white jeans are like that. I’ll make it work.
  • This is my 100th post on this blog! Yay!
  • We discovered a Five Guys near here and grabbed some for lunch today! Now I might slip into a peanut-oil-induced sleep coma.

And since Allie is sleeping, I may just do that. Happy Friday, my friends!!

march and other madness

This line has no relevance to today’s post, other than I just TOTALLY LOVE SAYING IT. Like all the time. Sorry, Ben. And yes, I made the gif (pronounced jiff, as Ben keeps correcting me) all by myself! Sort of. A few things I’m thinking about this morning:

  • Consumerist’s Worst Companies in America tournament: If you can’t get enough March Madness, or if you’re like me and don’t follow basketball at all but enjoy bracket challenges, definitely check this out. Consumerist posts a couple of “games” each day, during which you can vote for your pick as the worst company in each match. It’s one of my favorite annual traditions! I’m rooting for Comcast.
  • Veronica Mars: I saw the movie!! I liked it, but of course I’m easy to please. I read an interesting article about the ending (it has spoilers!) and whether or not it was the right place to leave the story, but in any case, I was happy with it. Any other closet VM fans who have seen it?
  • Grown-up birthdays: Yesterday was Ben’s birthday, and I did shamefully little to help him celebrate. I had helped Allie fingerpaint him a card (that totally wasn’t a humongous mess), and I made him chocolate chip waffles… but that’s about it. Birthdays when you’re a parent are very different. I’m thinking I’ll train Allie (and potential future kids) to throw us massive parties once they get a bit older…
  • Piper Street maxi dresses: I saw these on Shannon of Bird a la mode, and I NEED one. I’m always looking for maxi dresses with actual sleeves, and these are so beautiful!
  • Quiet books: So, as I’ve mentioned, I was going to do a world map for my quiet book page exchange. But after giving it more thought, I realized this probably wouldn’t be the most interactive, compelling concept for 1-ish-year-olds. So I’ve changed directions and, based on Allie’s fascination with her high-chair and carseat buckles, I’ll be making a page with—you guessed it—buckles. This feels so much more manageable!
  • White jeans: I’ve made a decision that I can and will wear white jeans at whichever time during the year I deem appropriate, including after Labor Day! I ended up buying the jeans I posted about the other day, but when they arrived I found them to be just a little bit see through. So I returned them and have ordered these in their place. I also forgot to give credit to Alison of Get Your Pretty On for her amazingly thorough review of all the white jeans options out there. I opted not to buy her top pick because they look a little short for my neverending legs, but I’m hoping a similarly respected brand will meet my expectations!
  • Date night is (almost) scheduled: As I discussed in my last post, I’m trying to be better about leaving Allie with other people. Well, one of my sisters is in town this week, and, as she shares a lot of the same neurotic, overprotective tendencies that I have (no offense, Jen!), I’ve asked her to watch Allie some night later this week while Ben and I go out. This is HUGE for me, friends. I will keep you posted on the outcome…

Also, happy my half-birthday! Eat something sweet and scrumptious in my honor! 🙂

it’s aloha friday

When we were growing up, my brother used to wear an aloha shirt (basically a Hawaiian or floral print shirt typically worn by men, as on George Clooney here) every Friday, as per the custom. Sadly, he had to stop doing this after law school, he tells me, but I still sing the song in my head almost every week. And oh look, listening to it just now got me all nostalgic again.

Anyway, we’re still sick over here (though Ben is still the sickest—he blames a lack of red meat in his diet), but things are starting to look up, and the weather continues to improve, and it’s Friday! So yay those things. But taking this whole week off work has made me feel so behind on everything in my life. Here are a few things on my current to-do list:

  • New tote bagBefore Allie was born, and at the height of my chevron obsession, I ordered this for a diaper bag. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the bag, and it can fit A TON of stuff in it. But the thing is bulky. I used to take it absolutely everywhere, but these days we just keep Ben’s daddy diaper bag (read: military-style messenger bag) in the car, and I throw some snacks in my little purse. But after being caught without a diaper for Allie at her 9-month appointment yesterday, I realized it’s time to find a new solution. I spent all last night and this morning looking for something big but light that I can just throw a bunch of things into, and I think I’ve settled on either this one (Ben thinks it’s too big) or this one (sold out in the pattern I want, of course). I was also looking at this one. Thoughts? Alternative suggestions?
  • Quiet books: I’ve mentioned I’m participating in my friend Chelsea‘s quiet book page exchange, making 17 of my world map pages. I didn’t think about how insanely time consuming it would be to cut out 17×7=119 continents, then attach them to the page (I think I’m going with the velcro), then add ribbon as decoration… Ben keeps saying I can just switch my concept, but I’ve committed and I want to do the map. It’s just taking me foreeeever.
  • Swap package: Guys, I am a verified swapper on the My Subscription Addiction swap site! Basically it just means that I’ve completed swaps and received positive feedback. But it also means that when I swap with a new person, they have to ship their stuff first. I am anxiously awaiting a Rachel Zoe knot ring and a couple of other items from boxes before I joined the bandwagon, then I’m off to send a few of my less-loved items in exchange! I’m a swap addict!
  • Blogroll: Being sick has made me want to spend all my free time just watching TV in my yoga pants, so I haven’t really been reading any blogs. But a quick scroll through my feed tells me there is so much awesome content to check out, so I will be back on it this weekend. I realized recently that I count on blogs not only to entertain and inspire me, but also to keep me in the loop on my friends’ lives! I’m a slave to technology.
  • Baby book updates: My baby is nine months old! Crazy! And I have so much to add to her first year book for this month! And all our recent adventures with her have made me SO excited for summer!! It’s coming, people!!

Happy aloha Friday and pi day!

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mailbox love + six inches gone

It’s official: I am a snail mail addict. Boxes, letters, all of it. Today was a particularly glorious mail day, and I realized it’s basically my form of a drug, because the high lasts for a day or two, then suddenly I WANT MORE MAIL. Luckily, I’ve found a new way to facilitate that (detailed below). Today’s treasures include my monthly POPSUGAR Must Have* box (contents not pictured to preserve the surprise for anyone who may be awaiting theirs), a gorgeous Gorjana scarf I snagged in a swap, and TWO pieces of snail mail via Ashley of One Fine Day’s snail mail exchange. One from my January pen pal and the other from my February pen pal, who, in a fabulous coincidence, is the voice behind one of my favorite blogs! Yay!


A few other updates today:

Allie things

  1. Girlfriend knows what she wants. She isn’t crawling yet, but that doesn’t stop her from plunging out of my arms to see or grab things that catch her eye. She is very vocal about what she wants to eat or drink (basically just apple juice) and resents very much being told what to do (kind of exactly like her mother—figures).
  2. Allie’s latest love is the sound she makes when we tap our fingers or hands against her mouth while she sings/vocalizes (what is this called??). She does it to herself and sometimes even grabs my hands and makes me do it to her. Cracks me up. And her, of course.
  3. She hasn’t ever slept with anything in her crib, but this week we decided to give Allie a little lovey for naptime, and they are so cute! Stetson (the rescue dog of Park City, fyi) is her new BFF. She continues to roll absolutely everywhere around her crib, but she brings him with her and can frequently be found clutching him in her sleep. Cutest thing ever!!

The big-ish news

Friends! I CUT MY HAIR. Okay, so for me it seems like a huge deal, but other people may not notice much of a difference. It was a whole big emotional to-do at the salon, as I gulped and nodded, assuring the stylist that I indeed consented to a whole six inches getting chopped off. I do feel SO much better and lighter with my “short” hair, but at the same time I miss the familiar length when I look in the mirror. Ben was busy, so I had to go the iPhone selfie route to get a picture. You’re welcome.

In box world news

When it comes to surprise boxes, it is generally not uncommon to receive things you aren’t completely psyched about from time to time. That’s just how it goes. But, as the world is filled with all kinds of people and personalities and preferences, it’s often the case that someone else out there would totally love the things you don’t. Enter the My Subscription Addiction swap site. I was initially on the waiting list but got approved on Monday, and oh how my life has changed! It is a veritable bazaar on that site! I’ve already done three swaps, giving up things I was meh about in exchange for items I’d coveted for months (including the scarf in the pic above)! It’s so awesome. If you’re a box person, GET ON IT.

New favorite blog

Oh my goodness. Thanks to Katie for the tip—just read the latest Bachelor recap at Pinterest Told Me To and almost fell out of my chair, which would have been very hard, as it’s a recliner. Her blog cracks me up.

Upcoming events

We are taking a vacation next week! YAY! Our little Park City getaway totally whet our collective appetite, so we’re taking all next week to road trip southward (read: WARM) to visit some family, friends, and attractions. I am the following:

  • SO in desperate need of another vacation.
  • Kind of anxious about disrupting our routine right after the time change.
  • Insanely excited to visit my dear friend Tara, who is just a state away but still way too far!

Anyway, happy weekend to all! I may or may not post from the road. There’s only so much you can do at night in a hotel room you share with a sleeping infant, so we’ll just have to see.

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life musings + a pop of color

So glad to be starting a new week! Friday was probably the most stressful, emotionally draining and gut-wrenching day I’ve had in a long time. And to top it off, I was up that night until 1 AM wrapping up a work project. Really truly wonderful. Anyway, it’s a new month—holy March already!—and I can’t even believe it. A few thoughts this morning:

  • The results are in: Thanks to all 11 of you who voted in my Pop Culture Olympics poll! It appears that the gold medal goes to Richard Branson, as Virgin is our winner! It beat out a three-way second-place tie of Nordstrom, Hunger Games, and washi tape. I love it. You can still feel free to vote if you haven’t yet and turn things around for, say, colored denim or Kate Spade!
  • ABBA and ice cream: On Friday night, after such an exhausting day and before I had to immerse myself back in work, I allowed myself a few minutes of break time. I dished up a bowl of my mint brownie ice cream, plugged in my headphones, and opened iTunes with intentions to listen to something completely different but for kicks turned on “The Winner Takes it All.” I have no idea why, but this moment was balm to my soul. I freaking love ABBA. And ice cream, obvs.
  • The Oscars: Oh how I love them. I think my favorite parts were the pizza delivery and the segment on heroes. Oh and the group selfie. And the husband-wife duo who won for “Let It Go”—how adorable were they? I slapped Ben’s arm right after their sweet acceptance speech and told him we need to win an Oscar together. Somehow… We didn’t do a party this year, partly because motherhood has made me more reclusive but also because I’ve found that trying to recreate something wonderful never really works out they way you want it to. So I’ll just hold on to the memory of last year! Ben and I did fill out ballots, despite not having seen most of the nominated films. Apparently we really need to see Gravity! And 12 Years a Slave!
  • Movie scores: Not a lot of people actually know this about me, but I started college as a music composition major, with hopes to write film scores for a career. I ended up switching gears to something a little more immediately practical (advertising/marketing), but I still have a deep love of movie music. Seeing this category last night as well as the Google ad featuring some of the Finding Nemo score (by Thomas Newman, my ALL TIME FAVORITE FILM SCORE COMPOSER EVER) reminded me of this love and made me wonder for a second if it’s really too late… Oh well. I can still appreciate them!
  • Box treasures: I know I talk about them A LOT. But I see this blog as a place where I write about my life and what makes me happy, and these days, subscription boxes are a big part of this! So forgive me if they aren’t your thing, but I have a very hard time hiding my excitement about things I love. So anyway, my SocialBliss Style Box* came on Friday, and it was a special gift on an awful day. I loved absolutely everything in the box! That is kind of rare. And that leads me to the big news…
  • Painted fingernails: Guys, I painted my nails (see above pic)! My fingernails! This is huge, as I haven’t done it in years. Toenails, yes. But for whatever reason, I never paint my fingernails. However, I got a really pretty color in my SocialBliss box and decided to go for it yesterday afternoon! It’s so fun! It’s like an accessory that doesn’t have to come off at bedtime! I love seeing the pop of color anytime I type or play the piano or just use my hands for anything! I do feel a bit though like my nails can’t breathe. We’ll see if the feeling fades and if I decide to make this a regular thing. I just feel like a teenager again! Fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, especially my friends in VA/DC who are apparently experiencing yet more crazy weather!

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the pop culture olympics + a poll!

Now that the Winter Olympics are over and we’re all depressed to go back to our regular programming (okay, not really, though I will miss the Olympics), I’ve decided to keep some of the competitive spirit alive with a little Olympic game of my own. The events for the Pop Culture Olympics are basically just categories* of things I like, and I’ve picked my top three contenders for each category (in no particular order).

And, for the first time ever, I’m including a poll for you guys to help me decide the overall medalists! Not entirely sure how many people read this blog, but definitely enough for your vote to matter! So yay that! Let’s get started:

EVENT: Brands to follow to the ends of the earth

  • Kate Spade: Is there any brand more fabulous?
  • Virgin: Richard Branson is basically the coolest businessman on the planet, and all his brands rock. End of story.
  • Nordstrom: If I had to live in a store, it would be this one.

EVENT: Young adult lit series

  • Harry Potter: This is the first series I remember getting really excited about in my life. You know, me and about three billion other people.
  • Hunger Games: Probably the fastest I read anything since Harry Potter! And the movies are totally awesome!
  • Divergent: I just finished book two and I am DYING that I’m #58 on the library waiting list for book three. Dying!

EVENT: Competitive reality TV I can’t stop watching

  • The Bachelor{ette}: You watch it for—in this order—the drama, the dates, and the dismal chance things actually work out.
  • Top Chef: I can’t watch this show without eating something.
  • Project Runway: Even when the judges are just so totally wrong, I keep watching and dreaming that maybe I too could become fabulous fashion designer, but then realizing I completely lack the talent for it.

EVENT: The blog elite

  • Damsel in Dior: Damsel’s blog is just beautiful, and her fashion impeccable. I can’t help but read every post!
  • Stripes & Sequins: Grace is probably the most down-to-earth yet total superstar blogger out there.
  • A Beautiful Mess: These ladies are obviously superhumans and endless founts of creativity.

EVENT: Trends that may be going out of style according to some but that I’ll probably love forever

  • Chevrons: Why do we all love this pattern so much? And who made us realize how fabulous it is?
  • Washi tape: TAPE ALL THE THINGS! This is pretty much my life these days.
  • Colored denim: I probably won’t be satisfied until I have a pair of jeans in every color.

Let the voting begin, I suppose!


* Other categories I considered but elected not to feature include “the best songs ever to play at loud volumes” (probably too obscure), “coolest numbers” (6 would obviously win), and “better uses of my time than scrolling through my Instagram feed” (don’t want to hear the truth).

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jonathan adler + thursday thoughts

It’s always nice to find products you like, but oh how even more wonderful it is to discover a brand you love. Just think of Kate Spade—I am only one of millions of KS devotees, but our love is founded on the idea that pretty much anything the brand comes out with, we love. That’s power. So I am happy to gush about the latest addition to my brand list, Jonathan Adler. Many or most of you are probably aware of JA products. I of course learned about his stuff through various inclusions in Birchbox* and POPSUGAR Must Have* boxes. To me Jonathan Adler is a like a mix between Kate Spade and Erin Condren in terms of aesthetic. Brandy of MommySplurge mentioned recently that a Jonathan Adler-curated Fancy Box* would be an awesome idea, and I completely agree!

And (sort of) on the subject of boxes and my inspiration therefor: I’m back again joining Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom with her Thursday Thoughts link-up.

  • Project victory: I have emerged victorious from the soul-sucking depths of my work project! Seriously, I do love my job, but sometimes things just get nuts. You’d think it would die down once I switched to part time at home, but no. Yesterday Ben was totally sick (and still is), which meant I had to take care of two babies 😉 plus wrap up this huge project. But anyway, I’m done with it and am awarding myself a gold medal in Not Yet Going Completely Crazy.
  • Olympic dreams: On that note… Like many others watching the Olympics, I pretty much spend my nights feeling like my life is a complete failure because I am not an Olympian. Is it too early to start training Allie in some Olympic event? But which one? I guess it depends on how tall she turns out to be, since all the swimmers are tall and all the figure skaters (girls) are tiny. Or should I just settle with “do well in school” advice and call it good?
  • Olympic commentators: Okay, more Olympics, but these commentators crack me up. From lines like “not their best” for medaling routines to “a machine gun of awesomeness” for a halfpipe run, they are sometimes as entertaining as the actual event. I will be so sad when the Olympics are over…
  • Blog followees: I looked on Bloglovin today and discovered that I apparently follow 156 blogs. YIKES. It has made things much easier since I organized my feed into categories, but still, I feel this compulsion to read or at least glance at every new post in my blogroll, and this is a huge time suck. There are some that I love more than others, of course (my “all time faves” category), and I think I will just need to stick to the ones I love best. Problem is, I keep discovering new blogs that I love. This is very similar to my issue with clothes and closet space…
  • East Coast Snow: I just want to reiterate my “you’re welcome” to our East Coast friends for all the snow. If/when we move back, Ben will bring his no-snow curse with him, undoubtedly. I used to laugh when he told me this, but now I’m a believer!
  • Browser tabs: Are you like my husband, in that you like to keep a clean browser window and close it down when you’re done? Or are you like me, in that you keep 5+ browser windows open at a time and never close the window because you don’t want to forget where you left off? Kind of makes me think of this line I pinned recently.
  • Being 20(ish): Obviously I’m older than 20, but still in my 20s, and I thought this Forbes article about things 20-year-olds don’t get was pretty interesting. Some good advice here for sure.

To all my snowed-in friends, stay safe and remember the three C’s of snowpocalype survival: cocoa, candles, and cuddling!

{Image via Jonathan Adler Spring 2014 catalog}

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loveworthy + musings

So, it’s February! I know, three days in already. Can I just say how insanely glad I am to be out of January? A mere FOUR MONTHS from now, and we’ll be in JUNE. The thought of this makes me positively giddy. I can survive four months, right? After that I may need to move to a place where it’s always summertime. A few pretty and loveworthy things to start the month and day off right:

Artsy Modern pillow cover | LEIF Honeycomb Coaster Set | Max Wanger pink balloon print | Love Edor chevron necklace | BRIKA Je T’Aime Pouch | Tarnish ‘Lips’ Muffler (on sale!)

Some other musings this morning:

  • I won’t really talk too much about the Super Bowl, other than to say our menu for the evening turned out great! Sliders, potato skins, and my beloved goat cheese salad—but most importantly, we discovered yesterday that you can make your own hamburger buns. I mean, of course you can, but we had never thought to try. We used this recipe and they turned out great!
  • Ben showed me this video last night of Americans trying Australian snacks for the first time. It totally cracked me up. Granted, I would totally react like this, but my half-Aussie husband just laughed knowingly the whole time.
  • Last night we caught a few episodes of Hawai’i Life while I just happened to be reading my friend Chelsea’s blog posts about her recent trip there and OH MY GOODNESS, the nostalgia was like a slap in the face. A big, humid, plumeria-scented slap in the face. I honestly can’t handle it, people. As if I wasn’t already feeling the call home after my post about Hawaii the other day.
  • Sidenote: HGTV is totally a trap, how they immediately start into the next episode/show without a commercial break to hook you in. I could spend hours just marveling at all the house hunting and home renovations. And of course that’s what they want me to do!
  • It was so much fun participating in Ashley of One Fine Day’s snail mail exchange last month—you all should totally sign up for February! Just email her your mailing address and she’ll assign you a pen pal.
  • My mom went to a funeral this past weekend of a family friend from Hawaii, and she was talking about how it got her thinking (as I’m sure many people do at funerals): What will people say about me after I’m gone? It’s definitely a motivation to be a kinder, more loving, selfless person. I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot in a broader sense. You just have to stop and ask—does how I spend my time align with what I really care about most? I have got to let go a few things to make room for the things that really matter.
  • I am loving all your ideas for unplugging after Friday’s post. It sounds like the key is a set period of time every day where phones/laptops/iPads are just not allowed. Ben and I are going to try this starting this week!
  • Nordstrom has a bunch of stuff on sale right now (thanks Jen, for the tip!), so I’ve been browsing only to find the things I want most are sold out in my size. This shouldn’t surprise me, I suppose! And it’s probably for the best, right?

Off I go to get some work done and motivate myself to work out. Sigh. Enjoy your totally non-January day!