things my husband won’t let me buy

We’ve known for the past almost-year that we’d probably be moving soon, so we haven’t wanted to accumulate too much stuff. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from tending to my shopping addiction every now and then with care, but I’ve haven’t gone crazy or anything. I try to run purchases by Ben for one of two reasons:

  1. To avoid him scolding me later, or
  2. To get him to talk me out of something my heart wants but my brain recognizes I really don’t need.

Most of the time he’s right, so I listen to him, but there are a few things I just can’t forget about. The following are some of the lovely items I hope to *add to cart* sometime in the next few months, but not just yet.

  • Hudson + Bleecker collection on Birchbox: These colors! I just love looking at these items. The beach tote in particular would be well loved in our lives. This collection just makes me happy!
  • Baby Sperry boat shoes: Obviously, Allie needs these. Ben is just not seeing reason here. I suppose she should learn to walk first, but once she takes those first steps, these are a must!
  • Copper Moscow Mule mugs: I honestly don’t know what I love about these so much, but I just picture us sitting on some future back porch, sipping lemonade out of these mugs—with those little pellet ice chunks—while enjoying a warm afternoon together.

We may be sharing some good news here in a while, so hopefully these purchases aren’t too far in my future!


adventures in shopping

You may have seen versions of the “shopping is my cardio” t-shirt out there. Well, while that may be true for me as well, shopping is also my therapy. And this week, I had a few especially fruitful sessions with my favorite therapist.

The chosen tote

Friends! I am so excited about this one! You know how I was looking for a tote bag to function as my daily everything bag? And how Ben told me I would just know when I found the right one? Well it happened! I had been eyeing some of Kate Spade Saturday’s three-way tote bags, and I checked earlier this week and only saw two prints available—neither of which appealed to me. But for whatever reason (most likely because I’ve been searching totes every single night), I went back a few days later and found THE ONE. I was looking for something light and basic that I could load up with a few baby + me essentials, throw over my shoulder, and be off. It needed to be able to coordinate with most of my outfits, which meant some kind of pattern, but not detract from them, which meant something abstract. Behold: the Three-Way Tote in Atmosphere. Ben thinks it looks like someone spilled paint all over it. But I think it’s lovely! And I can’t wait for it to arrive!

The anchor cardigan I didn’t buy

Last week at church, I saw a girl wearing this super cute red cardigan with little blue anchors all over it. You may be aware of my love of all things nautical (a backstory for another day), so when I saw it, I jumped on my phone immediately to identify it. Google kindly informed me it’s a Tommy Hilfiger cardigan no longer available online. So on Wednesday, when we decided to visit the local outlet mall, I took a chance and ducked into Tommy Hilfiger.

I browsed for a while and found some super cute stuff on amazing sales, then, on our way to the register, guess what was right in the dang front of the store and 50 percent off! It seemed like an obvious choice, because it was the whole reason I went there and they only had one left in my size. But something funny happened in that moment that doesn’t happen to me often: I saw reason. I realized that, while very cute, this cardigan wouldn’t go with very much in my wardrobe, and I wouldn’t get much use out of it. So… I bought a polka dot one instead. Much more practical. But still super cute!

The POPSUGAR box I need really want to buy

Okay, so of course I already subscribe to my fave subscription box ever, POPSUGAR Must Have*. But there is apparently a coupon code (CHANNEL7) that’s good until today for half off a box, making it a mere $20, which is a fantastic deal! Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to current subscribers, so… I need to get a box for someone. I just have to. It’s TOO good of a deal! Now just to convince Ben…

Other purchases of note this week

  • An amber teething necklace for Allie to wear (during the day only), because the FOUR TEETH she is sprouting right now are causing her all sorts of pain and discomfort.
  • The book of What Does the Fox Say, because Allie continues to be obsessed with the song, and while we’re totally sick of it, it’s her song. So it’s only appropriate. (And also possibly because I was getting the teething necklace and just buying one thing from Amazon is so hard.)
  • A total Target receipt under $100 yesterday! This is a big step for us! (Though of course every time I step into Target now, this article pops into my head.)

Anyway, it’s probably best that I STOP shopping for a while. I finally finished Allegiant last night, so I guess now it’s time for a new book! I’m either going to check out the River of Time or Maze Runner series. Sticking with YA lit, of course! Hope you all have lovely weekends!!

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sperry weather and all the happy things

I am just so chipper and happy today, and there are several reasons my heart is singing:

  • Sperry weather. Oh my goodness. I’m sorry, VA/DC friends, but Ben’s curse is real, and this time it’s more of a blessing. It’s like summer here this week (okay, maybe late spring). I just want to spend all my time outside. I call it Sperry weather, because I am able to wear my Sperry boat shoes without being cold. And I love my Sperrys. Yesterday we met one of my dear friends at a local waffle shop and just couldn’t get over how perfect it is outside. Warm weather makes a huge difference in my mood. (FYI this is not Sperry-sponsored, obviously. Or not obviously. But really, I just love the dang shoes.)
  • Ideeli deal. (UPDATE–See below). Have you guys heard of Ideeli? It’s a deal site kind of like Zulily or Gilt, and anyway, currently if you use the coupon code GRPN10 you get $10 off and free shipping, and there are some items that are $10 or less, which would mean totally free stuff! I ordered some sailboat placecard holders that I may or may not need, but I can’t resist anything nautical! (p.s. This is my invite link, so if you buy I get credits, and you can do the same thing and forward it to all your friends! Free stuff, people!) Just verify the code still works before you check out; I’m not sure when it expires. Have to thank a member of my sub box Facebook group for sharing this deal!
  • A new work computer. I’ve had my same Dell laptop for work since I started almost three years ago, and I recently got an email that I would soon be due for an upgrade. Well this news couldn’t have come at a better time, because last week my work laptop got sick. For whatever reason, it started moving soooooo sloooooowly. Like, drag-the-mouse-across-the-screen-and-wait-for-it-to-move kind of slow. This of course happened in the middle of a huge project, so I contacted IT and asked ever so nicely if they would expedite the upgrade, and they agreed! It was a super slick process. I overnighted my dying Dell on Tuesday night, they transferred all my files yesterday, and my new machine arrived today! I mean, it’s still a PC, but yay for new computers!
  • Scotch travel washi tape. So I’ve totally jumped on the washi tape bandwagon and never want to get off. I have a lot of tapes that are cute enough patterns—stripes, dots, etc.—but every now and then I find an awesome and unique print that I just LOVE. This travel pattern washi is my new fave! It totally has the old-style travel stamp/passport/adventure feel to it, and I basically want to use it all the time, but at the same time don’t want to use it up. I used it as decoration on a snail mail letter the other day, and for a second I hesitated, thinking the recipient (male; not a washi-er) just wouldn’t appreciate it. But I went ahead anyway.
  • Benefit cosmetics. So I am not really a make-up girl. No one (not even one of my SIX OLDER SISTERS) taught me about make-up, so I’ve just sort of cobbled together a routine over the years, but it’s not great and I know it. One of the reasons I love Birchbox* is that lets me try new products and refine my skincare and cosmetic routines. And through my beloved Birchbox, I discovered Benefit Cosmetics. I have loved every single Benefit product I’ve tried! (Sidenote: Trying out new products is so much more fun that I ever thought it would be.)
  • SocialBliss Style Box*! An on the subject of subscription boxes, last month I took a risk and tried a brand new box, the SocialBliss Style Box. I loved most of the first box and elected to give it another month, and anyway, I just got the email that my February box has shipped! Super excited!
  • St. Lucia. I don’t know if you’re following the Bachelor, but this week they were in St. Lucia, aka site of my honeymoon and one of the most beautiful places on earth. Seeing it again made me want soooo much to go back there. It’s calling to me.
  • I think I’m super late to the party on this one, but is so amazing! So many deals on fun things! I mean, I’m sure the quality isn’t amazing, but it’s fun to get something inexpensive and cute on a good sale! I haven’t bought anything yet, but I have a couple of things in my cart I’m mulling over.

Anyway, off I go to (figuratively) frolic in a flowery meadow with my singing heart. OH, if you haven’t taken my Pop Culture Olympics poll yet, you totally should! There aren’t a ton of votes yet, because I’m not that popular, but I am actually really interested in what people think!

IDEELI UPDATE: So I was googling this a bit more today, and a review on a random site was posted just today about Ideeli. The person said she shared the $10 off code with a bunch of family and several of them had their orders canceled because of “fraud” issues. So, anyway, I just got the code from a friend, but it’s possible they don’t actually want people using it! My order has not been canceled, but I will keep you guys posted. I am SO sorry I shared this without looking into this more!

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{Image via Sisters in the City}

my latest obsessions

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my fabulous finds! This is mostly due to the fact that I’ve barely had time to web- or blog-surf this week with my current work project. But I’ve got a draft out for review and am giving myself a break to share a few of my favorite things right now, spanning the gamut of categories this week:


  • Bordeaux Claret handbag: This one’s a discovery via my Bachelor favorite, Tenley Molzahn. First off, this bag is totally cute. Second, I just love the idea of vegan leather. I have thought about going vegan a few times simply because I love animals so much, but it is hard to part with leather from my wardrobe. So I’m all about beautiful replacements! I haven’t bought a new bag in ages, and it might be time.
  • Gorjana Graham Sunset leather wrap: So I got this $25 gift card to Gorjana-Griffin in a recent POPSUGAR* box and have been trying to figure out what to get! I’m leaning toward this wrap but then I second-guess myself and start wanting this python ring. I can’t decide!!

baby things

  • Indestructibles: So we love to read Allie stories, but she has this tendency to, well, try to eat all the books. Many of our board books are disintegrated on the edges from her eager chewing. But I recently learned about Indestructibles, and they have saved our books! These little books (you can order them from Amazon) are chew-proof, tear-proof, water-proof—basically, perfectly suited to what kids like to do with any object in close proximity. They are a huge hit in our household!
  • Zipadee-Zips: Katie of For Lauren and Lauren recently posted (sidenote: Isn’t her daughter ADORABLE?) about the most genius invention ever for babies transitioning out of their swaddles: Zipadee-Zips. If we hadn’t just finished the exhausting process of helping Allie sleep unswaddled, I would buy one in a heartbeat. I will for sure be getting one if/when we have another baby!

tv shows

  • Star-Crossed: I am a total sucker for teeny-bopper CW dramas (like how I totally didn’t watch all 10 seasons of Smallville within a three-month span last year…), and this new show (just one episode so far; it’s on Mondays) has me completely obsessed. It feels kind of like a mix between Smallville and the Vampire Diaries in the best way.
  • Believe: You may have seen previews for this while watching the Olympics. The trailers looked interesting but not really in a WOW-I-need-to-watch-this-yesterday kind of way. Well, even though it doesn’t air until March 10, somehow they put out an advance release of Episode 1, and IT IS SO GOOD. J.J. Abrams is always kind of amazing, of course, and I am dying for the regular season to start already!!


  • DIY dress lengthening and peplum tops from Life is Beautiful: I recently discovered and am totally obsessed with these two tutorials from Sarah at Life is Beautiful. Buy two of the same dress and do two things: lengthen one and turn the other into a peplum top. Genius!
  • DIY herringbone wall: Erin of His and Hers is one of my new favorite bloggers, and her DIYs are totally brilliant and amazing. This is just one I’ve pinned recently, and I am SO going to try it once we move!


  • Paper-strip art: I pinned this recently, but apparently the actual item is no longer available. I really just want to get a giant board, a bunch of magazines, and some glue, because this is totally my kind of art.
  • Rob Hodgson: Thanks to Ashley of One Fine Day for the introduction to Rob Hodgson’s stuff! These illustrations are so colorful and character-ful. They make me happy just looking at them!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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latest (re)discoveries and an afterthought

This week will be a little crazy as another huge work project fell into my lap (no complaints, except it leaves less time for blogging and blog-reading—oh, and I still haven’t finished The Interestings, and I’m sure the library wants it back any day now.. ugh), but I wanted to share a few recent finds and things I’m loving lately.

  • Izola: I have to thank Ashley of One Fine Day for the introduction to this shop. I love it because it’s one of the few shops I’ve found recently with lots of guy stuff! And it’s all very classy and debonair. Of course tons of the things I love most are currently sold out, but there’s plenty more to explore and possible purchase for Valentine’s Day…

  • Photo apps: I discovered two new apps this past week that I’m loving: Obaby (thanks, The Fresh Exchange!), which lets you add cute text and doodles to pictures of your little one (which I spend like 25% of my life taking), and Waterlogue, which turns your pics into watercolors.
  • Cape bibs: Yesterday we decided to take a little family excursion to IKEA, our first time since having Allie, and the trip basically turned into a baby shopping trip. In the kids section I saw these bibs and was SO excited! I was saying just a few days ago, after wiping up the insane amount of solid food Allie managed to get over her entire body at dinner time, that what we really needed for her was a baby version of one of those capes you wear when you get your hair cut. Well, turns out it’s a thing, and it’s at IKEA! We tried it last night, and she not only looks adorable, but the thing works!
  • IKEA: As a continuation of the previous point, I just love IKEA. I know, I know, it’s not the highest-quality stuff in the world, but I’d forgotten how clever they are. We walked through the showroom there yesterday and were astounded (even though I used to work there in college!) at how cozy and beautiful small-floorplate homes can be with the right furnishings. Walking through the 500-ish square foot home, I said aloud at least three times, “We could totally live here.” Nothing wrong with a little IKEA in your life before you plant down deeper roots!
  • A subscription box (shocker!): For all my talk of subscription boxes, I only actually subscribe to a handful of them. But that doesn’t stop me from obsessing over the ones on my wish list! Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom recently posted about Celebrate American Made, a new box that dedicates each month to a different U.S. state, sending you a variety of goods from that state. How cool is that? The first was Virginia, of course, as if it was designed to pull on my heart (wallet) strings. I am not a subscriber just yet, but I am in love with the idea. On my short list, for sure.
  • My favorite Valentine: There are a ton of Valentine’s Day DIYs out there, and I guess I just love this one (found through Oh the Lovely Things) because it’s so basic but so cute!

And on a completely different note: Can we talk about The Bachelor? If you saw this Monday’s episode you will not be surprised by all the uproar and drama. And you may find this article about Clare and Juan Pablo (spoilers from this week’s episode, if you haven’t seen it yet) to be an interesting read.

In any case, have a fabulous day!

*Bonus sidenote: How’s this for the most random thing to buy ever? (Found through Possessionista)

this week in fabulous

So this week is the “recovery week” of P90x3, which makes it just slightly more embarrassing that it was the week I injured myself. Doing pilates, no less. Just pulled a muscle in my back, no biggie, I’m just apparently an elderly person. But it did give me an excuse to relax a bit and, of course, peruse the interwebs for THE NEXT MOST AMAZING THING EVER. I found a few contenders, or at least some things worth checking out this weekend:

fave of the week


  • Bloggers Closet: We all love to admire the fabulous wardrobes of our beloved fashion bloggers, and now, this brainchild of Lauren of Style Elixir lets you buy the gently used clothes of your favorite bloggers. Love this!
  • Sugarboo Designs (found via One Fine Day): Oh my goodness am I in love with this shop. Unique goods I honestly haven’t seen anywhere else. I am constantly amazed by the limitless creativity in this world!



  • Makeup tips from Get Your Pretty On: I also need to thank Alison of GYPO, because I am one of the most clueless people in the world when it comes to makeup. Somehow my abundance of older sisters failed to train me in this department, so I’m forced to learn by trial and error or, in this case, the wisdom of a fellow blogger.
  • Common beauty myths on VMAC + cheese: Along those same lines, I was amazed how many of these five myths were totally new to me. I’m about to make some changes in my daily routine…


  • Asking the right questions in relationships: Speaking of our sharing culture, I think we get in the habit of talking at people and not to them. But when it comes down to it, aren’t relationships the only things that really matter? This article was a really good reminder for me!
  • 5 questions to ask before posting to social media: Not meant to be guilt-inducing but more a quick check for all of us. The addictive reward cycle of sharing and getting likes is a real thing, for sure.


  • J.Crew pump prints: I just love this one. We get all these beautifully designed catalogs filled with beautiful merchandise, then what? Ashlyn of Let It Be Beautiful came up with this simple but genius idea of turning them into decor! Ben will be thrilled I’ve found a reason not to throw away yet another piece of mail.
  • Abstract crib quilt: Aaaaand back to how much I love graphic patterns. I’m sure Allie would appreciate this crib quilt, but probably not as much as I would. Which is a lot.

Happy weekend!

fabulous finds: shop + read + make

I have been drowning in work this week, and being back in blogland feels almost literally like I’m coming up for air. Also, I work on a PC and play on a Mac, so it’s like I’m coming home. In order to cope with all the madness, I’ve snuck into my blogroll a few times, and today I have to share some of my recent fabulous finds.



  • Grace Atwood on The Everygirl: Speaking of Ms. Stripes & Sequins herself, this article about Grace Atwood’s career path and current gig as BaubleBar’s social media director is interesting and inspiring, especially for anyone in marketing, fashion, or, um, blogging. Seriously, though, I already loved her blog, but hearing her story made me love her even more!
  • Alison Faulkner on middle school: Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show is already one of the coolest people I’ve never met, and her article with advice about surviving middle school is so right in every way. Great advice for any age, in my opinion.


  • DIY Chanel ring: I probably should have just gone ahead and called this post “Awesomeness from Stripes & Sequins,” because this project is another winner this week! If you are drawn to the fabulous but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on it, make a Chanel ring with a vintage button! A simple way to get a little chic in your life.
  • DIY neon coral lipstick: Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere presents a very basic idea, but honestly one I wouldn’t have thought of but will now totally try. I seem to have the hardest time finding a lip color I don’t hate, and this easy DIY fixes that with a little bit of mixing.

{All images in the graphic above are taken from the sites linked here. Not sure on protocol here, but I can’t take credit for the images themselves!}

fabulous finds (we’re official now)

Ben turned to me this morning and said very seriously, “We need to talk about something. You haven’t blogged in two days.” Dutiful wife that I am, here I go! But seriously, as much as I would love to spend all my time reading other people’s blogs, it feels good for me to write and collect and share. It’s been a while since I’ve shared my fabulous finds, so I’ve sifted through the zillions of amazing finds from over the past couple of weeks, and, because this has officially turned into a regular post, I threw together a little logo. Enjoy!


  • Tibi skirt: All the signs point to full skirts as the current trend, and I keep seeing my favorite bloggers in them. Particularly digging the striped top + full skirt combo.  The red Tibi skirt below on Blair of Atlantic-Pacific, despite being woefully out of my price range at the moment, is to (almost) die for, but I also love this one from Mara of M Loves M. Oh, and this one and this one on A Little Dash of Darling.

  • GBO Fashion’s best of 2013: Shannon of GBO Fashion recently shared her most loved looks of 2013, and I love way too many to pick. Beyond that, she manages to pull off pregnancy chic amazingly well. I will basically live in her blog archives next time I’m prego! My new fashion idol for sure.


  • DIY Leather Cuff from Stripes & Sequins: I desperately want to learn how to make my own jewelry, and this DIY is a great place to start! I love how classy a little leather looks once you slap a clasp on it!
  • DIY Lite Brite from Glitter ‘N Glue: Does anyone else have intensely fond memories of playing with Lite Brites as a kid? I had almost forgotten about them until I saw this DIY. (I actually already posted about this briefly a couple of weeks ago but want to give it a spotlight.) I like that this can be a long-term decor piece. But now I’m also thinking I should invest in a Lite Brite.. ya know, for the kids…



  • Blueprints (via Lovely Indeed): This awesome shop prints your FB photos, but that’s not even the best part—they offer are so many fun ways to print your stuff! I’m obsessed with the minibook and calendar options they offer. Seriously check this one out!
  • Julia Kostreva (via Oh So Pretty): I love when art meets accessories, and Julia Kostreva’s collection of calendars, iPhone cases, art, and more totally speaks to my soul’s love of all things beautiful. I’m dying over her Painter Striped iPhone case.

Home ideas

  • Gift wrap station by IHeartOrganizing: This one makes my heart leap a little bit. After the wrap-crazy holidays and having dozens of rolls of wrapping paper, tags, tape, and scissors strewn across our living room floor, this is a dream.

  • Corner shelving system by A Beautiful Mess: Not only do I need to get onboard the color-coded bookshelf bandwagon, but I need a corner shelving unit like this! Feels much lighter and cozier than our current bookshelves.

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s fabulousness. For those of you in the heart of the polar vortex, I just want you to know I fully endorse you to staying home all day, drinking hot cocoa, and browsing the internet. Or maybe try some of the DIYs above!

* Stripes in the new {fabulous finds} logo inspired by my new favorite blog,!

fabulous finds: vendor edition

FYI, this post is not sponsored by any of the vendors mentioned below. Or any vendor at all, for that matter. Just some fun shops found by me and shared with you. Enjoy!

You’ve probably noticed all the exciting holiday giveaways going on around the blogosphere, such as 24 Merry Days, which involves some of my favorite blogs, and a variety of other vendor-sponsored contests. Through these giveaways I’ve been introduced to several amazing online shops that have sent me into a wish-list-adding, binge-pinning frenzy. In case you haven’t heard of some of these, I’m sharing them with you now, along with one lovely item from each store. And, while we’re at it, I might as well include some of my newest favorite subscription boxes.

Cute and fun vendors!

  • Baba Souk: Colors! Patterns! Yay! This quirky and colorful Canadian shop sells home decor, accessories, stationery, kids stuff, and more. I am in love with the currently sold-out Party Cloudy Sky Throw pictured below:

  • Artsy Modern: Kind of offering the same categories of goods as Baba Souk, Artsy Modern has all sorts of unique (and of course artsy and modern) products for home and life. I think what I love most are the options under “holiday and gifts,” including a whole page of items “for animal lovers” and “simply scandinavian” goodies. So much want! This Ikonik makeup bag is particularly fabulous:

  • BRIKA: There’s just a little bit of everything at BRIKA, be it baby clothes, wall art, or delicious fare. I’m especially smitten by this Triangles Tray:


I wouldn’t be me without talk of subscription boxes, right? Well in the first case, it comes in a bag. Here are a few subscriptions I’ve recently discovered:

  • Fabletics*: It’s pretty much accepted wisdom among most ladies I know that cute workout gear makes you much more inclined to actually work out, am I right? Well, after looking at several stores whose adorable and amazing clothes are sold at insane and exorbitant prices, I was delighted to discover Fabletics. You don’t have to join the monthly subscription option, but if you do you get a discounted priceand it always lets you skip the month if you don’t want to buy. In any case, you get your first outfit at half price, which is just phenomenal. My pick (below), Tenacious, was only $35 for three pieces! And fantastic quality!

  • Wantable Intimates: I don’t subscribe to this one just yet (we have a family budget, after all), but it’s a new discovery and at the top of my list! When I first heard about it, I assumed it was all underwear and wasn’t necessarily interested, but thanks to the review by Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom (can you tell I read her blog a lot?), I now know you can define your preferences and get things like socks, leggings, and loungewear. I’m a fan! The subscription cost is $36/month for 4-5 items (invariably valued at a total way higher than what you pay). Wantable also offers makeup and accessories boxes, but this one has me most interested. Stay tuned if I end up subscribing… (Image below via Ramblings of a Suburban Mom)

That’s it for the fabulous round-up this week, but not for lack of finds, trust me! There is so much out there to want, I have to turn my shopping switch to gift mode during this season to keep myself in check!

* My invite link

fabulous finds

Time for the round-up of a few of the wonderful things I’ve discovered this past week!


  • DIY baby ornament: I have to allot my free time wisely these days, but I think this project might be worth it. Ben and I have a tradition of getting one new ornament each year, and I love the idea of creating one to celebrate Allie joining our family. Very sweet and simple!
  • DIY tulle skirt: I come across a lot of DIY projects that would be nice to make, but this goes on my need to make list. Beautiful!



  • The Organizing Store: As anyone with an Erin Condren planner can attest, it is so much easier to stay organized when your tools for doing so are pretty. Enter The Organizing Store (introduced to me by, appropriately, Jen of IHeart Organizing). Just go and browse and love. So much beauty!
  • WE’VE Built (intro’d by Sparkling Footsteps): The concept behind WE’VE Built is so awesome. Users work with artisans/designers to create new products, then once an item has enough pre-orders, the artisan gets to work making it, keeping you apprised of the progress. Such a cool idea!
  • Sesame Gifts: Okay, if you have read my blog at all, you know that I won’t shut up about the idea of surprise boxes. Sesame Gifts facilitates sending themed gift sets by packaging and sending the box of your choice to your recipient. They even work with experts and users to curate and create new boxes! I love it! Also, Sesame’s vision aligns so completely with my own: “We believe happiness comes from experiences.” Thanks to Damsel in Dior for the introduction!


And for good measure…

More gift guides, of course! Just two, though. (Side note: My list of gift guides came too soon, because there have been so many other amazing gift guides come out since then!) These gift guides from The Vault Files are awesome!:

Lastly, I also want to give a shout out to American Crafts: I had a bit of a product issue this week, and their amazingly helpful customer service went above and beyond to remedy the situation. I didn’t even know they existed a week ago and now I’m a devoted customer!