allie’s first(s)

This week Allie turned ONE YEAR OLD! I can’t even believe it. This whole month has been filled with excitement for her, and with this milestone birthday I figured it was time for an Allie update. Here are her most recent firsts:

  1. First time army crawling forward (and scooting): She is taking her time with the whole mobility thing, but I’m cool with it. For the longest time she would just push herself backwards on her tummy, but, especially when in pursuit of an iPhone, Allie will army crawl across any room like a mad woman! I’m trying to help her get better at going from sitting to tummy, but most of the time she’ll opt for the bum scoot across the floor. Silly girl.
  2. First time trying sour cream: She loved it. Like smeared-all-over-herself-and-shoved-desperately-into-her-mouth loved it.
  3. First solid week of 12-hour sleep stretches: I thank Florida for this. It just started happening consistently out of the blue. She had slept through the night a few times in the past, but usually she’d wake up between 3-5 AM to nurse then go back down. But KNOCK ON WOOD, things are changing. I’m sure she’ll probably just start teething or get sick or something, then we’ll be back to hourly wake-ups…
  4. First but most definitely not last time eating ice: She takes after her mom. At the top (or bottom?) of Allie’s food pyramid, just above watermelon, is ice.
  5. First non-mama/dada words (almost): So this started a little more than a month ago, but Allie is the consonant queen. She always points to the fan and says “ffff” over and over. She says “kkkk” when she sees the kitties. She says “shhh” when she sees my shoes (or feet—we’re still working on that one). Lately she’s started pointing to my water bottle and saying “wawa” while smiling happily. And today, big news, but I *swear* she said the word “book” while we were reading stories. It was probably an accident, but she definitely does say “buh” over and over and point at the books. She’s on her way!
  6. First successful self-administering of her bottle: I was holding it for her for the longest time, but she finally mastered the tilt back and drinks all on her own now. Yay!
  7. First time at the beach: The most glorious thing about living in Florida is that the beach is so close! Really, almost anywhere in Florida is an hour or less from the ocean. This is amazing. So earlier this week we drove to the Atlantic for Allie’s first beach trip. She loved it!! She did eat a lot of sand, but I’m told that’s okay. She loved the waves and being tossed and bounced up and down in the water. I can’t wait to go back again and again with her! (Sidenote: Putting sunscreen on a one-year-old has got to be one of the most difficult feats of humanity.)
  8. First time falling asleep in the car (in a LONG time): Allie never sleeps in the car, or at least hasn’t in several months, but on the way back from the beach, she just quietly passed out. I was amazed!
  9. First birthday: And of course, we celebrated Allie’s big day! Nothing too huge, since we’re still freshly moved. Allie and I went to a playdate with some new friends in the afternoon. She swam in the little kiddie pool and just giggled and smiled and kicked in the water. During her second nap I decorated the house in streamers and those poofy tissue paper balls and a “happy birthday” banner, and when Ben got home from work, we had dinner then sang her “happy birthday” as I brought in the chocolate cake. I’m not sure what I expected, perhaps crazy eyes and a mad rush to consume ALL THE CHOCOLATE, but she took some convincing. She threw the first couple of pieces on the floor (that’s her thing these days), but after I fed her a piece directly she got interested and ate the rest. Not a bad thing to eat chocolate in moderation, I suppose! While we didn’t have a real party for her here, we had friends celebrating remotely!*
  10. First time at DisneyWorld: Okay, so maybe not officially, but tonight we went to Downtown Disney for dinner and watched Allie take it all in. We’re looking forward to going back whenever we decide to get our annual passes!

Overall, this has been a stressful but super fun past couple of months. Allie continues to be the brightest part of my day and my best girl friend. I love how much more she understands and how we see her learn new things every day. I am amazed at how much personality she packs into that tiny body!

* Since we knew we’d be new with few friends for Allie’s birthday, I did a little advanced planning and sent a few “party in a box” boxes to a handful of family and our closest friends (had my budget allowed, they would have gone to many more!). The boxes included party hats, horns/blowouts, candles, matches, and instructions for celebrating Allie-style. If we can’t celebrate in person with a lot of our good friends, this is the next best thing! I asked “attendees” to document their celebrations, and I’ve already received a few of the submissions. Love!


6 thoughts on “allie’s first(s)

  1. You know the first thing that stuck out to me was the “sleeping in 12 hour stretches.” LOL. My kiddo could probably sleep through the night but I wake him to feed him every few hours in the night and the alarm waking through the night stresses me out! SO looking forward to longer nights but I know I need to enjoy this early time too. 🙂 HA-watermelon and ice. My two new loves as well!

  2. What a sweetheart! Is she always that happy? Seriously, in every single photo! I’m amazed that she loved sour cream. My kids just now came around on that. Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  3. Love this update! Funny how mine is just 3 weeks younger and ahead in some ways, but behind in others. I definitely have a sour cream lover too, though : )

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