the long-awaited arrival

We’re here!! One very long road trip for Ben and one not-so-long-but-still-tiring flight for me later, we are in our Floridian house enjoying the Floridian warmth and random Floridian thunderstorms. Things I’ve discovered about Florida thus far:

  1. Florida is a lot like Hawaii. Similar weather and a similar need to ensure no food or crumbs are ever left out for more than a minute or two.
  2. Also, the people are friendly and laid back in the same way other warm weather dwellers are. I like it.
  3. It’s also super lush and green—way more than I expected.
  4. There is water EVERYWHERE. Surrounding most of the state, yes, but also sprinkling every town (that I’ve seen) in the form of little lakes.
  5. The lizards I’d heard about and assumed were like Hawaii geckos are in fact about three times as big. While they eat bugs, and I’m grateful for that, they still creep me out a little. Especially as approximately eight of them spend their lives scaling the outside of our screened-in porch.
  6. While there is no state income tax here (yay!), registering a car for the first time costs about $400 (boo!).

Overall, we really like it here so far! We’re also very glad to be done moving. Ben was a champ with driving the truck. I only had four-ish hours on the plane with Allie, but that didn’t prevent me from being insanely nervous about it. However, it all went really well! Allie slept for an hour in my arms (huge achievement!) and spent the rest of the time being enchanted by everyone and everything around her. The crazy day of travel meant she totally missed her second nap, but that had the miraculous side effect of her being able to go to bed at a normal time and completely miss the whole time-zone-change thing.

Ben starts his new job tomorrow, and I will be exploring the world of full-time momming without his or my mom’s help during the day. Oh and I’ll still be working part-time from home. At nights. Goody! We’ve spent these last few days getting to know the area a bit better (love it!), swimming in our community pool (Allie loved it!), attempting a DMV trip (yeah.. we’ll need to try that again), stocking our house full of groceries (harder to do when you’re starting from zero food whatsoever!), and pretending to unpack (it will happen eventually). I am super excited to explore all the fun things to do around here and enjoy this fresh start in a new place! So is Allie! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “the long-awaited arrival

  1. Hooray! It sounds so lovely. Things sound like they’re going well. How did you find your place? Did you shop around after you arrived or did you book something sight-unseen? That’s the question we’re dealing with right now.

    • We actually found it on Craigslist, *gasp*. It’s a cute little place. I had a friend here drive over and see it (and video chat us as she walked through), so we had a basic idea of how things looked. It was hard for us to do it from out of state, though, so I understand your predicament! We also found a bunch of great places on Zillow, but either the listing info was outdated or the availability dates didn’t line up with ours.

  2. Whoohoo congrats on the successful move! I’ve never been to Hawaii before but I have been to Florida and aside from the humidity (oh the humidity!) I love the warm climate. I’ll be jealous of you all winter long!

    • Haha it’s definitely taking us forever! I finished unpacking and setting up Allie’s room today, though, so I’m feeling very proud of myself! I’m awarding myself with a temporary break from unpacking, haha..

  3. You sound amazingly settled already and incredibly happy. Looks like this move was a GREAT thing for your family!

  4. Congrats on your move!!!! WOW!!! Love Florida. I lived in Pensacola for a bit and have visited many areas of Florida. So fun! My parents may be moving there soon too! I am so happy for you!

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