yearbooks, car goodbyes, and the big news

Friends, things are a’happening, I tell you. This month has been a crazy emotional rollercoaster, but in the best way. I had pretty much even forgotten I had a blog until this very moment, when I am finally sitting down to breathe for a second. And I guess I have so much emotion right now, I need a place to let it out!

I was going to take my time and build up to the big news, but I suppose I’ll just out with it: we are MOVING! Finally! This feels like much huger news to me than to you, most likely, because we have spent the past 6+ months waiting to know when we would finally be on our way to a more permanent, stable life situation. And the big question you may have is WHERE our twisty life path is taking us. To a place we had never really considered, but now that it’s our reality we’re super excited about it:

Reasons why this is exciting:

  • Florida is warm
  • Florida is on the East Coast
  • Florida has beaches
  • Florida has tons of fun things to do
  • Florida is WARM, people! (Yes, this is worth mentioning twice)

These past few weeks have been filled with packing and tying up a variety of loose ends before we start our newer, warmer life, such as:

All my boxes of childhood stuff: I knew I had several boxes stored in my parents’ shed, but I didn’t realize just how many or just what treasures I would find! Yearbooks, journals, notes I passed in middle school, old clothes—these were the normal things. Then of course there were my old collage-plastered textbook covers, my rock collection (oh yes), my box of Russian plastic bags (Ben tried to make me toss these, but I reasoned I’m going to need plastic bags for things, and they might as well have cool Cyrillic letters on them), and a shoebox of mixed tapes (Wikipedia’d for the reference of any younger readers).

I was glad to go through and discover so many things I’ve missed for years, as well as toss some things I should have thrown away years ago…

A fond farewell: I bought my first and, until very soon in the future, only car in college (thank you, leftover scholarship money!), and it has served me so well these last eight years. But, with our move approaching, we recognized that the value of my car was a mere three times the cost of shipping it across the country, so we took this opportunity to sell it, with plans to buy a new, slightly more spacious vehicle once we arrive in Florida. I posted my car for sale on Monday evening, and by Thursday morning it was gone. I couldn’t believe it!

After my buyer texted “deal” half an hour after test driving my car, I almost considered calling it off. My car, beat up and unimpressive as it was, saw me through so many good times. Ben and I had our first “date” in it (our side-by-side car date, a story for another day), we brought Allie home from the hospital in it, and it was the host of so many driving dance parties with dear friends over the years. It was really sad to see it go. But I suppose we all have to move on at some point. Farewell, dear Elantra.

So now we’re just running around trying to get things in order before we head out. Ben is leaving in FOUR DAYS, which is just crazy. I’ll follow a few days later by plane. With an almost one-year-old. I am terrified. I was already freaking out about how to entertain Allie for 5 hours and somehow try to get her to take a nap, THEN I read how painful flying can be for babies’ ears and how I should basically plan to have her scream and vomit on me the entire time. Needless to say, I am overcome with anxiety about this flight. Please share with me any flying wisdom you have! And if you have none, please pray for me!

But the flight aside, I am SO excited about this move and am looking forward to new adventures in a new place. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on everything!

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20 thoughts on “yearbooks, car goodbyes, and the big news

  1. Woot woot woot! So glad you’ll be closer to us. I’m so excited for you guys and your new adventure!!! And I’ve already planned like three different trips around visiting you down there!

  2. Congratulations!! This is so exciting! I can’t imagine how hard it is to pack up everything and make such a big move, but you guys will be great! Where in Florida are you moving? At least Allie is so young, so she’ll adapt well 🙂

  3. Hooray! What part of Florida are you moving to? And don’t be nervous about the flight. I can’t even count how many times I’ve flown with K and we’ve only had problems once, when I gave him a piece of Dorito and he puked all over me and himself. I was glad for Richie on that flight, but you will be so fine!

  4. Omg congrats on the move, that is so exciting! Where in Florida are you moving to? I have an blog friend who is right near Disney World and I’m so jealous. I’d be at the theme parks every week! And I totally know how you feel saying goodbye to a car. I cried for a really absurd amount of time after selling mine a few weeks ago.

  5. This is awesome!!! Congrats on moving to such an awesome state. There is so much to do in Florida and the weather is amazing.

  6. OH WOW! Wonderful News!!!! You know I’m all about living in warm weather and hey, no state income tax is a very close second! LOL Your collage totally takes me back! I made SO many of those for friends! Too funny. I’m like you, I kept my cars for a LONG time-one was a college car and the other was a hand me down from the parents. I am all about value! Yes, you do get attached though! Excited for your new car anyhow! Oh this will be fun to blog about. Moving is my middle name. Congratulations!!! Adventure time!

  7. Good luck on the flight Bethany! I know EXACTLY what you mean! I hate flying with babies but I’m sure that Allie will be a champ! We’re excited to have you guys back on the east coast!!! Hurray!

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