things my husband won’t let me buy

We’ve known for the past almost-year that we’d probably be moving soon, so we haven’t wanted to accumulate too much stuff. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from tending to my shopping addiction every now and then with care, but I’ve haven’t gone crazy or anything. I try to run purchases by Ben for one of two reasons:

  1. To avoid him scolding me later, or
  2. To get him to talk me out of something my heart wants but my brain recognizes I really don’t need.

Most of the time he’s right, so I listen to him, but there are a few things I just can’t forget about. The following are some of the lovely items I hope to *add to cart* sometime in the next few months, but not just yet.

  • Hudson + Bleecker collection on Birchbox: These colors! I just love looking at these items. The beach tote in particular would be well loved in our lives. This collection just makes me happy!
  • Baby Sperry boat shoes: Obviously, Allie needs these. Ben is just not seeing reason here. I suppose she should learn to walk first, but once she takes those first steps, these are a must!
  • Copper Moscow Mule mugs: I honestly don’t know what I love about these so much, but I just picture us sitting on some future back porch, sipping lemonade out of these mugs—with those little pellet ice chunks—while enjoying a warm afternoon together.

We may be sharing some good news here in a while, so hopefully these purchases aren’t too far in my future!


12 thoughts on “things my husband won’t let me buy

  1. I’m excited for your news! Oh, I have been holding back on buying things for the home until we move to a more “permanent” place which will finally be September!!! I totally run things by Chris too. If I still “need” it then I know it’s real! 🙂

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