a case of infatuation

So, I have a bit of a problem with infatuation. I get all excited about something and let it completely consume me, to the neglect of everything else in my life. Thus, while I’ve been absent from blog land the last week and a half, I’ve been soul-deep in… books. It’s just that I don’t actually get to spend all day reading, since, you know, I’ve got an infant and a job and all that, so when I finally have time to myself, literary cliffhangers take precedence over the internet. I always forget how much I love reading until I’m reading.

But now Ben and I are in a standoff, because he’s in the middle of the second Maze Runner book, and I just finished the first, so I basically just chastise him for every free minute he spends not reading. Like right now. So I’m in book limbo for the time being. And while I wait, I might as well say hi! We’ve managed to do a few non-book-related activities recently, because the weather is AMAZING. Like, it’s a crime not to eat every meal outdoors on a picnic blanket. Some of the recent highlights include the following:

  • More outlet shopping: Because I can’t stop. (Thankfully, my dear friend at Tommy wasn’t working this time.) And on that note…
  • White shorts quest: After finally finding a great pair of white jeans, I realized that my only pair of white Bermuda shorts is from… Motherhood Maternity. So the whole purpose (from which I was all too easily distracted) of visiting the outlets was to find a new pair. But every pair I tried either fit weird or was see through. So frustrating!
  • Spring festival: Ben and I had another date night! Yay! The community had a spring festival the other night with all sorts of booths, outdoor games, food trucks, and a screen on the green showing of Frozen! So fun! Cuddling on the grass under the stars to a Disney movie is pretty much amazing.
  • A new show: I had seen the previews for AMC’s Turn a while ago and it looked intriguing, but I had forgotten all about it until an ad in my Facebook feed reminded me (clever Mad Men cross-marketing). It’s really good! Honestly, I’ve shown shamefully little interest in the American Revolution beyond required history classes (my book club’s reading of 1776 was a big fail), but this makes it much more accessible. And the first episodes are all available on the website!
  • Which Wich: I despaired when we left the DC area, because I was a bit of an addict to Potbelly sandwiches. Thus I was delighted when we recently discovered the West’s Potbelly counterpart: Which Wich. They even have Oreo shakes! We’ve been there approximately three times since my last post….
  • Soaking in Easter perfection: Yesterday was the most perfect and gorgeous day to remember what’s most important to me and to refocus my perspective a bit.  This video pretty much says it all.
  • Orchestrating the most awesome Easter egg hunt ever: Okay, well at least we thought so. We had a big family dinner for Easter yesterday, and Ben and I got to fill all (70!) the easter eggs and hide them around my parents’ back yard. Most had candy inside, but we volunteered my mom to donate some cash for a few special eggs to keep things exciting. It was so fun watching my nieces and nephews hunt around and happily bring in their spoils.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I continue to post a tad less frequently in the future to give myself more time for all my other infatuations—and, of course, more time to read others’ blogs! There really are too few hours in the day! But while I love to come here and document my life, thoughts, and adventures, I just don’t have the talent to multitask blogging with everything else I want to do! Hope you all are enjoying this fabulous spring day!

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10 thoughts on “a case of infatuation

  1. Oh, it’s so nice to meet a fellow fixator! 🙂 I am SOOOO focused on specific things for spans of time. Love how you’re on a “quest” for white shorts! They would me my biggest nightmare-I have cabbage patch knees. lol. You will rock them! I love that photo! That’s awesome that you had another date!! Go you!! I would totally RIDE Chris if I were waiting on him to read a book!! AAAHHH it makes me crazy just thinking about that lol.

  2. LOL! Glad I’m not the only one that gets obsessed with things. Oh and on the white shorts, I’m on a mission now and will report all of my shorts findings on the blog in a few weeks. Check out J. Crew Factory, Loft and Target though. I’ve found great ones at all three so far!

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