the daily bubble

Ben and I recently watched a movie in which (completely unrelated to the main plot of the movie) this family does something each day called “the daily bubble”—basically, this couple and their young daughter create a big soap bubble and count the seconds until it pops. So yesterday, on our way back from froyo for possibly the second time in the last three days, we popped into a dollar store on a whim and picked up a bottle of bubbles. And what began as a fun family activity meant for Allie’s benefit quickly turned into a mad science project of Ben’s to create THE. PERFECT. BUBBLE. So Allie and I just chilled on our blanket enjoying the sunshine, watching the perfectionist at work.

Other highlights from this week:

  • Allie’s top four teeth are all pretty much out! They are moving at different paces, but this teething cycle certainly struck with force.
  • The day after our family hike, we went back for a family picnic! It was so awesome! Allie wore her shades almost the whole time and enjoyed a lunch of a couple of her favorites, chicken and watermelon.

  • Allie has started dancing. How awesome is that? She rocks back and forth to—you guessed it—”What Does the Fox Say?” and smiles. So freaking adorable. (I had a video to embed, but I can’t figure out how to upload to YouTube without making it searchable. Boo.)
  • She continues to wave at EVERYONE. Like, random strangers who aren’t even looking at her. She just waves and waves and occasionally finishes off by clapping, almost as if she’s applauding her awesome waving skills.
  • She also continues to sleep solely on her tummy. When I put her in her crib, I can’t even get her sleep sack zipped up before she’s rolled over.
  • Crawling update: Still not happening, and we’re okay with that. But she does desperately flex and straighten her legs with her little bum in the air, scooting around in a circle on her belly to get things she wants.
  • Things Allie is especially loving lately:
    • Vacuums (unflinching eyes glued in the direction of any vacuuming, with no attention to spare for, say, eating)
    • Ceiling fans (half fear, half fascination)
    • Playing airplane (flying on my feet)
    • Cats and dogs (loud squeals every time she sees one)
    • Fruit (she lives for watermelon and grapes)
    • Her quiet book pages (so speedily sent to us by Chelsea)
    • Froyo (don’t tell, but I let her have some of my watermelon sorbet)
    • Pressing buttons (like the “yellow” button on this play center we have… over and over again)
    • Knocking down anything that is stacked up (the main motivator we’re using to help her learn to crawl)

In short, we are having so much fun with Allie these days! She is so giggly and goofy, with more and more personality coming out every day. But I am sort of terrified for when she starts crawling…


8 thoughts on “the daily bubble

  1. I hate that about youtube too! They changed their policy I guess on searchable videos. I started using Vimeo instead. It’s still public but it seems like they collect less information about you. I do wish there was a better option though.

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