sunshine and lost willpower

A bunch of random, somewhat connected thoughts and news today:

Sunshine is my favorite

Yesterday we went for a HIKE (well, sort of—more accurately, a stroll). As in, out in nature. Wearing short sleeves. It was amazing. There were a ton of people out walking, biking, skateboarding, or just lying on the grass having picnics and reading books. This is what happiness is made of, my friends! I’m hoping the weather stays nice, but in any case, my goal is to spend as much time outside as possible.

Date night number two!

We left Allie a second time! I realize how lame this all sounds to people without kids or people with kids who don’t have control/attachment/clinginess issues. But it’s a big deal for me! Ben and I went for a long-overdue visit to the local temple, and apparently Allie slept soundly without making a noise! I am slowly but surely becoming more comfortable with leaving her with family. However, I’ll probably need another three or four years before I let random people babysit her.

The most interesting thing I’ve read all week

I just happened across this fascinating post/infographic that compares death tolls from various events and causes throughout history. Super interesting and insightful. I really did not have an accurate concept of some of these. Second most interesting award goes to the first two chapters of Waterfall, the first book in the River of Time series that my cousin recommended to me. She said she liked it better than the Hunger Games and Divergent trilogies, so I will keep you all posted! We ordered it along with The Maze Runner, which Ben will be reading first.

I recant my earlier statement

So… remember how proud of myself I was that I managed to not buy the anchor cardigan at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet? Well, yeah, about that. The other day we decided to take another venture to the outlets since the weather was so much nicer (and since they are literally just 20 minutes away), and I decided to duck back into the Tommy outlet, just to check things out. Guess what was still there, still the only one in my size. This time my willpower wasn’t so strong. And, as I left with the anchor cardigan I suddenly decided I was destined to own, the guy who checked us out (and had last week, as well) called, “See you next week!” Oh gosh. NO MORE SHOPPING. For a while.

No boxes in the apocalypse

But, speaking of addictions, a fellow box-lover shared this Washington Post article yesterday about the subscription box craze. If you’ve been sitting there thinking, “This girl is seriously obsessed with surprise boxes,” this article may help shed some light on the why. It’s a whole community of addicts. Except instead of support groups to help us break our addictions, we have support groups to enable them. It’s kind of crazy, now that I think about it.

I really have been thinking a lot about how pointless all the things are that I love to buy. Ben and I were discussing survival tactics for various apocalyptic scenarios the other day (in part because I only got “three months” to Ben’s “indefinitely” on the How Long Would You Survive in a Zombie Apocalypse? quiz), and the thought occurred to me I’d be better spending my time learning how to start fires and identify plant life than, say, online shopping. But it’s really hard to just completely change what excites and motivates you in life. I’m hoping it will be easier once we’ve settled in wherever our new location is. Or not. Stay tuned, I guess!


5 thoughts on “sunshine and lost willpower

  1. LOL- see you next week! HA! That one has made me cringe in the past..especially when I was supposed to be saving! Totally get you! Right now I feel guilt whenever I buy something that isn’t for the baby! Yay-second date night! Very cool. I love spending all day outside too. Sometimes I sit on our roof deck and read or nap but hiking is the best Saturday activity to me!

    • Haha yeah I know, I have a problem. No guilt about not buying baby stuff, because I buy stuff for her just as much! I think I need to do a post about addiction or something…

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