adventures in shopping

You may have seen versions of the “shopping is my cardio” t-shirt out there. Well, while that may be true for me as well, shopping is also my therapy. And this week, I had a few especially fruitful sessions with my favorite therapist.

The chosen tote

Friends! I am so excited about this one! You know how I was looking for a tote bag to function as my daily everything bag? And how Ben told me I would just know when I found the right one? Well it happened! I had been eyeing some of Kate Spade Saturday’s three-way tote bags, and I checked earlier this week and only saw two prints available—neither of which appealed to me. But for whatever reason (most likely because I’ve been searching totes every single night), I went back a few days later and found THE ONE. I was looking for something light and basic that I could load up with a few baby + me essentials, throw over my shoulder, and be off. It needed to be able to coordinate with most of my outfits, which meant some kind of pattern, but not detract from them, which meant something abstract. Behold: the Three-Way Tote in Atmosphere. Ben thinks it looks like someone spilled paint all over it. But I think it’s lovely! And I can’t wait for it to arrive!

The anchor cardigan I didn’t buy

Last week at church, I saw a girl wearing this super cute red cardigan with little blue anchors all over it. You may be aware of my love of all things nautical (a backstory for another day), so when I saw it, I jumped on my phone immediately to identify it. Google kindly informed me it’s a Tommy Hilfiger cardigan no longer available online. So on Wednesday, when we decided to visit the local outlet mall, I took a chance and ducked into Tommy Hilfiger.

I browsed for a while and found some super cute stuff on amazing sales, then, on our way to the register, guess what was right in the dang front of the store and 50 percent off! It seemed like an obvious choice, because it was the whole reason I went there and they only had one left in my size. But something funny happened in that moment that doesn’t happen to me often: I saw reason. I realized that, while very cute, this cardigan wouldn’t go with very much in my wardrobe, and I wouldn’t get much use out of it. So… I bought a polka dot one instead. Much more practical. But still super cute!

The POPSUGAR box I need really want to buy

Okay, so of course I already subscribe to my fave subscription box ever, POPSUGAR Must Have*. But there is apparently a coupon code (CHANNEL7) that’s good until today for half off a box, making it a mere $20, which is a fantastic deal! Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to current subscribers, so… I need to get a box for someone. I just have to. It’s TOO good of a deal! Now just to convince Ben…

Other purchases of note this week

  • An amber teething necklace for Allie to wear (during the day only), because the FOUR TEETH she is sprouting right now are causing her all sorts of pain and discomfort.
  • The book of What Does the Fox Say, because Allie continues to be obsessed with the song, and while we’re totally sick of it, it’s her song. So it’s only appropriate. (And also possibly because I was getting the teething necklace and just buying one thing from Amazon is so hard.)
  • A total Target receipt under $100 yesterday! This is a big step for us! (Though of course every time I step into Target now, this article pops into my head.)

Anyway, it’s probably best that I STOP shopping for a while. I finally finished Allegiant last night, so I guess now it’s time for a new book! I’m either going to check out the River of Time or Maze Runner series. Sticking with YA lit, of course! Hope you all have lovely weekends!!

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4 thoughts on “adventures in shopping

  1. LOVE LOVE this bag. Guys are so funny with what I refer to as “their little comments.” Like when I buy a flowery top and to a guy “it’s like a grandma shirt.” You know! That teething necklace is so cute and I’ve got to check out that book! I was totally addicted to the song too! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Yay, thanks! Yeah, you’d think guys don’t care about these things, but Ben certainly has his opinions! Sometimes I ask for them but still do what I want either way. 🙂

  2. We totally have that book Richard’s parents gave it to Luke for a Christmas present. The illustrations are amazing — be careful though, the song will be stuck in your head FOREVER.

    • Haha the song is already in our head! We have probably played it for her over 100 times. The book came and it is great! But some of the fox pictures are CREEPY.

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