rebelliousness and scrambled eggs

I have been super absent from blog land the last few days. I could say it’s because I’ve have lots of work to do, which is part of it, or because I’ve been trying to finish Allegiant, which is also true. But it’s mostly because I just did not feel like blogging. Like at all. Do you (since most of you reading have blogs of your own) ever get like that? Sometimes I feel this pressure to blog and read blogs, like I have to keep it up or my world will stop turning. But I have always had a rebellious spirit and hate feeling forced to do things, and I guess I just needed a break. And I want you to know I’m reading your blog because I want to, not because I feel I have to. It’s just that sometimes I just want to run away and do whatever for a while, k? 🙂

But since you’re all dying to know, here are a few things that have occupied my mind and time these past few days:

  • Anti-April Foolery: I seriously hate April Fools’ Day. I am a believer of things, and I always fall for everything. Thus, when I spent at least a full hour yesterday being insanely excited about the promised return of the show Firefly, it was with deep sadness that I remembered the date. NOT COOL.
  • Impossible giftery: What do you give to someone who has or could very easily acquire (and with much less financial damage than you) everything? Someone in our lives has been immensely helpful and supportive recently, and we have wanted to show our appreciation, but every gift just seems so pointless. Last night we eventually settled on a gift of a Taste Trunk, a food box I’ve never actually tried but that looks pretty good in the reviews I’ve read.
  • Teething and waving: Oh yeah, so teething sucks. I mean, I’m assuming so, because Allie is back at it (top tooth number one made its appearance a couple of days ago!) and is all sorts of pouty and night-wakey. But she still manages to be amazingly smiley and giggly at the same time. OH, and she has totally mastered the wave! (Hand, not crowd.) Granted, she does it with both hands at once, but she understands enough to do it when we wave at her!
  • Scrambled eggs: I had never in my life made eggs… until this week. For whatever reason, I don’t like eggs (except in cake or cookies or brownies or basically eggs plus anything)—though I think it may be the food I try to learn to like this year—but Allie tried some at a restaurant a week or so ago, and I realized this would be a good food for me to make for her. So the other morning I scrambled my first ever egg. Ummm so, it’s ridiculously easy. Painfully easy. Granted, I sort of overscrambled it the first time, but I tried again the next morning and the next, and not only am I a total promateur, but Allie totally loves eggs. #momwin #sortof
  • Dreaming of campaigning for the change of American workplace norms: I read this article about how America’s workers are stressed out and overwhelmed, and I read somewhere else this past week about how so few people take the full hour for lunch and so many eat at their desks. I can attest to both of these from experience. Conclusion: Our workplace culture needs to change big time. It’s proven that people work better with more breaks, more vacation, and more unplugging—yet we still maintain our toxic culture of working late even when you don’t need to, always being available by email, and being ashamed about actually wanting to spend time with our families. This is ridiculous! And it is going to destroy American ingenuity and prosperity, IMHO. Okay, off soapbox.
  • Headaches: And on the subject of being overwhelmed… this is what has literally occupied my mind lately. I don’t get headaches a lot, but I’ve had one almost non-stop for three days. Must mean it’s time for a vacation!

I hope whatever you are doing today, it’s something that you want to do!

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14 thoughts on “rebelliousness and scrambled eggs

  1. Blogging and following blogs, for me, is a really anchoring kind of meditation. I do totally take breaks though! 🙂 Sometimes I have posts scheduled ahead of time and it gives me days off to get creative agin. As for gifts for the people who have everything!? Yes, I know how that is. Food gifts are at the top of my list-basically anything that gets used up-food, wine, etc. I have made things for people. Once a bought a few of those DNA art things where a person can swab their cheek with a kit I give them, send it in and they get a little DNA “portrait” of themselves.

    • That DNA thing sounds really cool, actually! Probably not the thing for these people I just got the taste trunk for, but I am SO keeping it in mind for friends and family.

  2. I have been really on and off with my blogging lately. It ebbs and flows with my health for sure. But I never mind when another blogger doesn’t update all the time.
    I know what you mean about impossible gifting! My parents have everything and more so when I need to get them something I usually go with flowers. Flowers are always great! I think a taste trunk sounds perfect too. Subs are also always great, haha.
    And I just learned how to make scrambled eggs last year when I decided to cook them for R! I never knew how easy it was to make them and then I felt silly. I’m trying to get myself to like them more but uggh sometimes I just can’t.

    • Well I’m glad I’m not alone in not liking eggs! It seems ridiculous since I like basically everything with eggs in it, but I just can’t get into eggs themselves. And yes, I was totally happy to find a gift option that was a subscription box. Even though it was just a one-time thing and it’s not one I subscribe to currently. Why am I so addicted??

  3. Well as you can see I’m a super inconsistent blogger myself. I don’t even care about it most of the time because Real Life > Internet Life. I don’t ever stress about not spending enough time on the internet because that doesn’t even make sense. It’s exactly the point you’re making about the American work culture. Step away from the screen and live a little and then every once in a while post pictures and brag a bit on the internet. That’s what I do.

    And also yes to eggs. Such a good source of nutrients for little ones. If you’re feeling really gourmet, make some huevos rancheros with homemade corn tortillas (they don’t even compare to the lousy corn tortillas you get at the store). E loves them.

    • You’re absolutely right about real life being way better! I guess I see so many people who also make a living from blogging (I don’t, of course), and so I feel like I have to keep up the pace. But for me it’s always just been a creative outlet and way to document my life and Allie’s, so I always reassure myself with the knowledge that not blogging means I’m just spending more time with family!

  4. I have been less consistent than usual. I have a lot of stuff going on and I’ve had to give myself permission to not blog. It’s usually when I have schoolwork hanging around.

    Good for you for making eggs. I’m a bit incredulous but I grew up with my grandma and she taught me to make the best scrambled eggs in the world. (I whisk with 1 tablespoon water per egg before cooking). YUM. Light and fluffy. Make sure to use real butter. Just a smidge.

    • You shouldn’t stress about not posting, either!! You have lots of great excuses! Plus, the things you post are interesting to me no matter when you post them! Anyway, I totally need to try your trick with the eggs. I haven’t been adding anything to the recipe–just some PAM, but maybe I should swap it for butter and add the water. In fact, we’re about to pop up for breakfast, so I may just try it now!

    • You are so consistent in your posts! But when you took your spring break my love of your posts was outweighed by my desire for you to get a break. 🙂 Posts tend to be more interesting when we allow ourselves space from blogging and give our minds time to think and relax!

  5. Sometimes a blogging break can refresh you- don’t feel guilty about taking a little time here and there. 🙂

    And eggs are so good, yo! I hard boil mine most of the time and keep ’em in the fridge- great source of protein before a workout. 🙂


    • I so desperately want to like eggs! I think I’m going to ease myself in with scrambled, but maybe eventually I’ll be able to try hard boiled! You’re so right that they are great for protein, and that is something I need more of!

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