march and other madness

This line has no relevance to today’s post, other than I just TOTALLY LOVE SAYING IT. Like all the time. Sorry, Ben. And yes, I made the gif (pronounced jiff, as Ben keeps correcting me) all by myself! Sort of. A few things I’m thinking about this morning:

  • Consumerist’s Worst Companies in America tournament: If you can’t get enough March Madness, or if you’re like me and don’t follow basketball at all but enjoy bracket challenges, definitely check this out. Consumerist posts a couple of “games” each day, during which you can vote for your pick as the worst company in each match. It’s one of my favorite annual traditions! I’m rooting for Comcast.
  • Veronica Mars: I saw the movie!! I liked it, but of course I’m easy to please. I read an interesting article about the ending (it has spoilers!) and whether or not it was the right place to leave the story, but in any case, I was happy with it. Any other closet VM fans who have seen it?
  • Grown-up birthdays: Yesterday was Ben’s birthday, and I did shamefully little to help him celebrate. I had helped Allie fingerpaint him a card (that totally wasn’t a humongous mess), and I made him chocolate chip waffles… but that’s about it. Birthdays when you’re a parent are very different. I’m thinking I’ll train Allie (and potential future kids) to throw us massive parties once they get a bit older…
  • Piper Street maxi dresses: I saw these on Shannon of Bird a la mode, and I NEED one. I’m always looking for maxi dresses with actual sleeves, and these are so beautiful!
  • Quiet books: So, as I’ve mentioned, I was going to do a world map for my quiet book page exchange. But after giving it more thought, I realized this probably wouldn’t be the most interactive, compelling concept for 1-ish-year-olds. So I’ve changed directions and, based on Allie’s fascination with her high-chair and carseat buckles, I’ll be making a page with—you guessed it—buckles. This feels so much more manageable!
  • White jeans: I’ve made a decision that I can and will wear white jeans at whichever time during the year I deem appropriate, including after Labor Day! I ended up buying the jeans I posted about the other day, but when they arrived I found them to be just a little bit see through. So I returned them and have ordered these in their place. I also forgot to give credit to Alison of Get Your Pretty On for her amazingly thorough review of all the white jeans options out there. I opted not to buy her top pick because they look a little short for my neverending legs, but I’m hoping a similarly respected brand will meet my expectations!
  • Date night is (almost) scheduled: As I discussed in my last post, I’m trying to be better about leaving Allie with other people. Well, one of my sisters is in town this week, and, as she shares a lot of the same neurotic, overprotective tendencies that I have (no offense, Jen!), I’ve asked her to watch Allie some night later this week while Ben and I go out. This is HUGE for me, friends. I will keep you posted on the outcome…

Also, happy my half-birthday! Eat something sweet and scrumptious in my honor! 🙂


10 thoughts on “march and other madness

  1. Of course you should wear white jeans on the reg! 🙂 Sevens are so great! Worth the investment! Yay! Those pancakes sound like a perfect birthday to me. I like the idea of having your kids throw you big parties. lol

    • Of course! And yes, almost all the maxi dresses I find are sleeveless or strapless! Then again, I do need to invest in a jean jacket. You should do a post on those, too, sometime! 🙂

    • Glad I have your fashionable approval! I can’t believe I never realized how versatile white jeans could be, but now I can’t wait to have them to wear with everything!

    • Yay, thanks for the validation! I have them but keep waiting for the right moment. I have an infant, so I probably won’t be able to keep them clean for more than about 5 minutes!!

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