obsessions // vent session

Well hello! By the way, in case you’re wondering (or not), we are mostly recovered from our colds! Yay! We spent about 90% of the past week just lying around (with the exception of church and a couple trips to Target, because Target), so I feel moderately prepared to start contributing to society again. Before that, though, I have a few recent addictions and annoyances to discuss this morning.


  • QuizUp: Holy cow, friends, this app is ADDICTIVE. You basically take little trivia quizzes in a variety of categories, but you’re going up against random people around the world. Or your friends, if you link up with them. I spent a shameful amount of time last night trying to increase my ranking in the Geography section. And it is taking some serious self control not to play it right now. Okay, I might have just played a few rounds of “name of the pop star.” I can’t believe myself.
  • Cynthia Vincent shopper bag: For a shopping addict, there are few feelings more painful than discovering a product you love but can’t find anywhere to buy. This is my current situation with this Cynthia Vincent bag that was featured in a special edition POPSUGAR box* before I started subscribing. I’m looking for a specific pattern, and it is just GONE. There was one on eBay recently, but it’s of course sold! I experienced this same type of situation once with a pair of jeans but miraculously found a pair in a local boutique. I’m hoping my desperate email to Cynthia Vincent last night results in another miracle!
  • Rich & Skinny jeans: Speaking of those long-sought jeans, I just found another color of them on an insane sale at Bluefly. I am currently debating between these or a much less discounted pair in white but that I would probably wear with more. Help! Which ones do I get?
  • New products from ban.do: I’ve gushed about ban.do here before, but they have officially entered a whole new sphere of amazing. This adorable pouch and insanely cute charging cable are currently in my shopping cart, awaiting husband approval. The screenshot below from their homepage gives you an idea, but prepare to squeal with glee. (This is NOT sponsored by ban.do, FYI, it’s just a proclamation of my love for them.)

Vent session

  • Tuesday TV: There are just not enough good shows on Tuesday. I count one that we watch. Am I missing something? Also, it wasn’t long ago that I didn’t watch TV at all. Things change once you have a sleeping baby at home! But seriously, I need to get into a book!
  • Requiem for my house boots: My $15 Target house boots are dying!! Like, flimsy-foam-bursting-out-of-the-super-thin-heel-fabric dying. I should not be surprised, since, you know, they only cost $15. But now it’s almost spring, and replacements are nowhere to be found. And I should probably move on and embrace the warm, but they’re so dang comfy. Tear.
  • Video ads: It has now happened too many times to be a coincidence that I go to watch a video online and the obligatory ad plays just fine, but once it’s done, the video mysteriously can’t load. It’s a conspiracy, obviously.
  • Brand liking: Why are brands and products always trying to get you to “like” their Facebook page before you’ve even tried them? I mean, I get the concept of “following,” but Facebook is not Twitter. When I say I like a page, my friends see that and assume it’s something I’ve already confirmed is awesome. But if I have to “like” a brand before I even learn about it, it seems a little like jumping the gun.

On a more serious note, I should make clear that there is much that I love and sorrow over more than these things, but I like to keep things light here for the most part. I’ll just say Allie’s cheeseball smile and our current transitional living situation are high on the lists, respectively.

* My invite link


6 thoughts on “obsessions // vent session

    • Gahh I just pulled the trigger on the white ones! I actually bought two–one in white, one in thistle blue–and I WILL pick just one. But either is perfect for spring!

    • The Originals is actually the one show we watch on Tuesdays! I need to get back into the Real Housewives.. always reliable for some good mindless entertainment!

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