it’s aloha friday

When we were growing up, my brother used to wear an aloha shirt (basically a Hawaiian or floral print shirt typically worn by men, as on George Clooney here) every Friday, as per the custom. Sadly, he had to stop doing this after law school, he tells me, but I still sing the song in my head almost every week. And oh look, listening to it just now got me all nostalgic again.

Anyway, we’re still sick over here (though Ben is still the sickest—he blames a lack of red meat in his diet), but things are starting to look up, and the weather continues to improve, and it’s Friday! So yay those things. But taking this whole week off work has made me feel so behind on everything in my life. Here are a few things on my current to-do list:

  • New tote bagBefore Allie was born, and at the height of my chevron obsession, I ordered this for a diaper bag. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the bag, and it can fit A TON of stuff in it. But the thing is bulky. I used to take it absolutely everywhere, but these days we just keep Ben’s daddy diaper bag (read: military-style messenger bag) in the car, and I throw some snacks in my little purse. But after being caught without a diaper for Allie at her 9-month appointment yesterday, I realized it’s time to find a new solution. I spent all last night and this morning looking for something big but light that I can just throw a bunch of things into, and I think I’ve settled on either this one (Ben thinks it’s too big) or this one (sold out in the pattern I want, of course). I was also looking at this one. Thoughts? Alternative suggestions?
  • Quiet books: I’ve mentioned I’m participating in my friend Chelsea‘s quiet book page exchange, making 17 of my world map pages. I didn’t think about how insanely time consuming it would be to cut out 17×7=119 continents, then attach them to the page (I think I’m going with the velcro), then add ribbon as decoration… Ben keeps saying I can just switch my concept, but I’ve committed and I want to do the map. It’s just taking me foreeeever.
  • Swap package: Guys, I am a verified swapper on the My Subscription Addiction swap site! Basically it just means that I’ve completed swaps and received positive feedback. But it also means that when I swap with a new person, they have to ship their stuff first. I am anxiously awaiting a Rachel Zoe knot ring and a couple of other items from boxes before I joined the bandwagon, then I’m off to send a few of my less-loved items in exchange! I’m a swap addict!
  • Blogroll: Being sick has made me want to spend all my free time just watching TV in my yoga pants, so I haven’t really been reading any blogs. But a quick scroll through my feed tells me there is so much awesome content to check out, so I will be back on it this weekend. I realized recently that I count on blogs not only to entertain and inspire me, but also to keep me in the loop on my friends’ lives! I’m a slave to technology.
  • Baby book updates: My baby is nine months old! Crazy! And I have so much to add to her first year book for this month! And all our recent adventures with her have made me SO excited for summer!! It’s coming, people!!

Happy aloha Friday and pi day!

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6 thoughts on “it’s aloha friday

  1. I really like the first bag- the two way tote. I ordered a giant Juicy Couture diaper bag when I was pregnant and ended up using it like, once. It was just too huge! All we ever needed were diapers so I’d just throw a wetbag (we used cloth) in the car. But I’ve definitely forgotten spare diapers at the doctors before, haha!

  2. I seriously need to get started on my quiet page books. 17 is SOOOO many and I have so much to do between now and then, not quite sure how I’m going to get it all done. But I’m super excited to see your maps!

    • Here’s to hoping I get them done! I should probably work on one of the continents tonight.. Sigh. They may end up being a total mess, so apologies in advance!

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