vegas, baby

We’re back from our trip! Early! We had intended on spending the whole week away—a few days in Vegas, then a few days in Phoenix, but we ended up just spending a couple of days in Vegas and coming home. Allie had been sick with her very first cold since last Monday, and I had thought she was about over it, but by the time we got to our hotel in Vegas, ALL THREE OF US were sick. Ugh. But on the bright side:

  1. We were able to upgrade to a one-bedroom suite (i.e., twice the size of our first apartment together), with doors to close off the bedroom once Allie went down to sleep.
  2. We were in Vegas! With lots of things to do!

So we tried to make the best of things. Our first excursion was to visit the aquarium at Mandalay Bay, and Allie totally loved it! So did I! I can’t even remember the last time I went to an aquarium. But it was so fun!

After a quick lunch, we snuck back to the hotel so Allie could nap, then back out we went. We parked on the strip, loaded Allie up in the Ergo, and just walked around for a while. She loved the Bellagio water show, of course!

We enjoyed the amazingly delicious Bellagio buffet for dinner, then we went back to the hotel to put Allie down—and ourselves, to be honest. We were sooo sick. Poor Ben had it the worst, I think. Though none of us really got much sleep.

So we enjoyed a final morning in our fabulous suite, then headed home. Short but sweet.. and sour, because honestly, we are still really miserable.

But not too miserable to watch the finale of the Bachelor I missed! Oh my goodness. Juan Pablo. That show. I don’t even know what to say.


12 thoughts on “vegas, baby

  1. Oh being a parent!!! 🙂 We love quick Vegas getaways. Upgrade surprises are the BEST! Hope you’re on your way to a speedy recovery! I’m sure we’ll be taking the baby to Vegas too! You all look so cute!

    • It is for sure an adventure traveling with a baby! On one hand it’s hard because we have to plan around he sleep schedule, but on the other it’s so awesome seeing her respond to new experiences!

  2. I’m so mad about the Bachelor right now. I keep telling myself that I won’t watch this next season but I think that we all know that I will. I’m SO sorry that you guys all got sick on your vacation! That’s the worst!

  3. I loved my trip to Vegas! There really are some fun things to do and cool sites and shows. The Bellagio water show is definitely one of the top ones for me! I hope you’re all feeling better!

  4. That’s a bummer you all had colds but it sounds like you had a great time! I love Vegas and I don’t drink/ party or gamble! We stayed at Mandalay Bay last time we were in Vegas and loved the aquarium. I can’t believe all the things they fit into those hotels!

  5. It’s too bad you ended up sick for part of the trip, but I hope the fun stuff outweighed the negatives.

    I stayed at the Mandalay Bay in January, and was there for the first time on a business trip. I didn’t know they had an aquarium! I’m sad I didn’t know, even though I wouldn’t have had a ton of time to spend there.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

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