mailbox love + six inches gone

It’s official: I am a snail mail addict. Boxes, letters, all of it. Today was a particularly glorious mail day, and I realized it’s basically my form of a drug, because the high lasts for a day or two, then suddenly I WANT MORE MAIL. Luckily, I’ve found a new way to facilitate that (detailed below). Today’s treasures include my monthly POPSUGAR Must Have* box (contents not pictured to preserve the surprise for anyone who may be awaiting theirs), a gorgeous Gorjana scarf I snagged in a swap, and TWO pieces of snail mail via Ashley of One Fine Day’s snail mail exchange. One from my January pen pal and the other from my February pen pal, who, in a fabulous coincidence, is the voice behind one of my favorite blogs! Yay!


A few other updates today:

Allie things

  1. Girlfriend knows what she wants. She isn’t crawling yet, but that doesn’t stop her from plunging out of my arms to see or grab things that catch her eye. She is very vocal about what she wants to eat or drink (basically just apple juice) and resents very much being told what to do (kind of exactly like her mother—figures).
  2. Allie’s latest love is the sound she makes when we tap our fingers or hands against her mouth while she sings/vocalizes (what is this called??). She does it to herself and sometimes even grabs my hands and makes me do it to her. Cracks me up. And her, of course.
  3. She hasn’t ever slept with anything in her crib, but this week we decided to give Allie a little lovey for naptime, and they are so cute! Stetson (the rescue dog of Park City, fyi) is her new BFF. She continues to roll absolutely everywhere around her crib, but she brings him with her and can frequently be found clutching him in her sleep. Cutest thing ever!!

The big-ish news

Friends! I CUT MY HAIR. Okay, so for me it seems like a huge deal, but other people may not notice much of a difference. It was a whole big emotional to-do at the salon, as I gulped and nodded, assuring the stylist that I indeed consented to a whole six inches getting chopped off. I do feel SO much better and lighter with my “short” hair, but at the same time I miss the familiar length when I look in the mirror. Ben was busy, so I had to go the iPhone selfie route to get a picture. You’re welcome.

In box world news

When it comes to surprise boxes, it is generally not uncommon to receive things you aren’t completely psyched about from time to time. That’s just how it goes. But, as the world is filled with all kinds of people and personalities and preferences, it’s often the case that someone else out there would totally love the things you don’t. Enter the My Subscription Addiction swap site. I was initially on the waiting list but got approved on Monday, and oh how my life has changed! It is a veritable bazaar on that site! I’ve already done three swaps, giving up things I was meh about in exchange for items I’d coveted for months (including the scarf in the pic above)! It’s so awesome. If you’re a box person, GET ON IT.

New favorite blog

Oh my goodness. Thanks to Katie for the tip—just read the latest Bachelor recap at Pinterest Told Me To and almost fell out of my chair, which would have been very hard, as it’s a recliner. Her blog cracks me up.

Upcoming events

We are taking a vacation next week! YAY! Our little Park City getaway totally whet our collective appetite, so we’re taking all next week to road trip southward (read: WARM) to visit some family, friends, and attractions. I am the following:

  • SO in desperate need of another vacation.
  • Kind of anxious about disrupting our routine right after the time change.
  • Insanely excited to visit my dear friend Tara, who is just a state away but still way too far!

Anyway, happy weekend to all! I may or may not post from the road. There’s only so much you can do at night in a hotel room you share with a sleeping infant, so we’ll just have to see.

* My invite link


18 thoughts on “mailbox love + six inches gone

  1. You cut 6 inches off and it’s still that long? No wonder your head feels lighter, haha! You look gorgeous! And that is too cute about Allie and her lovey. Reg is obsessed with having every stuffed animal she owns in her crib but she never cuddles them. I need to check out the MSA swap site. I’ve been a member since it started but have never even logged on!

    • Haha thanks! You should check out the swap site. I’ve had lots of good swaps thus far, though I hear there is still a fair share of people who don’t really get the fair trade concept.

  2. Serious;y, I can’t believe your hair is still that long after the chop either! I love the Allie update. Sounds like she’s exactly at the stage mine is.

  3. That scarf IS killer! Love it! Hey, I love a good addiction and this snail mail love you have going is adorable. Congrats on the HAIR!!! That is a LOT of length so I commend you! More pics please!!! I’m excited to hear about your baby! Those fun milestones (sleeping with toys) are so cute!!!

    • Thanks!! I just posted some pics from our Vegas trip (including the short[er] hair). I’m sure you are so excited for your little one to arrive and start milestoning all over the place! 🙂

  4. I bet that you feel sooo good with your new hair cut! I just chopped off three inches and it feels like so much! I can’t believe that you did six! How brave! It looks fabulous!

    • You can post either, though the preference is unused stuff, I think. But as long as it’s in good condition, it’s probably worth posting! I just draw the line at used makeup/beauty products (and there are plenty on there!). You may want to try swapping with a verified swapper first, because there are plenty of crazies on there, too!

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