love coordinates

Last week I read a post by one of my favorites, Damsel in Dior, about coordinates. In it she mentions the coordinates of where she was born and that she had them engraved on a bracelet as a gift for her mom. I read this idea and got SO excited. I am always looking for unique gift and design ideas, and there’s so much you can do with numbers.

So I looked up the address of the party where Ben and I first met (thank you, Facebook Events). Originally I was going to get the coordinates engraved on something for him as a surprise, but I was so excited about the idea I just had to tell him. For now I’ve just settled with a simple graphic we can frame and put on our wall.

I love this idea so much, because the numbers by themselves will only mean something to those who know what they represent. A few ideas for coordinates of a special place that have popped into my head:

  • Engraved jewelry (taking Damsel’s idea) as a gift
  • Artwork/posted or even huge wall stickers in a house
  • Print-screened pillowcase or t-shirt
  • Cut-out numbers as party decorations
  • Treasure hunt date idea

I haven’t really thought these through, but I am totally loving this new way to represent locations and special moments of our lives. Yay!


3 thoughts on “love coordinates

  1. I LOVE stuff like this! What a great idea! The visual is nice to have up, I bet. I find a lot of meaning in numbers/locations etc. I got into it after an interesting reading with an astrologer!

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