life musings + a pop of color

So glad to be starting a new week! Friday was probably the most stressful, emotionally draining and gut-wrenching day I’ve had in a long time. And to top it off, I was up that night until 1 AM wrapping up a work project. Really truly wonderful. Anyway, it’s a new month—holy March already!—and I can’t even believe it. A few thoughts this morning:

  • The results are in: Thanks to all 11 of you who voted in my Pop Culture Olympics poll! It appears that the gold medal goes to Richard Branson, as Virgin is our winner! It beat out a three-way second-place tie of Nordstrom, Hunger Games, and washi tape. I love it. You can still feel free to vote if you haven’t yet and turn things around for, say, colored denim or Kate Spade!
  • ABBA and ice cream: On Friday night, after such an exhausting day and before I had to immerse myself back in work, I allowed myself a few minutes of break time. I dished up a bowl of my mint brownie ice cream, plugged in my headphones, and opened iTunes with intentions to listen to something completely different but for kicks turned on “The Winner Takes it All.” I have no idea why, but this moment was balm to my soul. I freaking love ABBA. And ice cream, obvs.
  • The Oscars: Oh how I love them. I think my favorite parts were the pizza delivery and the segment on heroes. Oh and the group selfie. And the husband-wife duo who won for “Let It Go”—how adorable were they? I slapped Ben’s arm right after their sweet acceptance speech and told him we need to win an Oscar together. Somehow… We didn’t do a party this year, partly because motherhood has made me more reclusive but also because I’ve found that trying to recreate something wonderful never really works out they way you want it to. So I’ll just hold on to the memory of last year! Ben and I did fill out ballots, despite not having seen most of the nominated films. Apparently we really need to see Gravity! And 12 Years a Slave!
  • Movie scores: Not a lot of people actually know this about me, but I started college as a music composition major, with hopes to write film scores for a career. I ended up switching gears to something a little more immediately practical (advertising/marketing), but I still have a deep love of movie music. Seeing this category last night as well as the Google ad featuring some of the Finding Nemo score (by Thomas Newman, my ALL TIME FAVORITE FILM SCORE COMPOSER EVER) reminded me of this love and made me wonder for a second if it’s really too late… Oh well. I can still appreciate them!
  • Box treasures: I know I talk about them A LOT. But I see this blog as a place where I write about my life and what makes me happy, and these days, subscription boxes are a big part of this! So forgive me if they aren’t your thing, but I have a very hard time hiding my excitement about things I love. So anyway, my SocialBliss Style Box* came on Friday, and it was a special gift on an awful day. I loved absolutely everything in the box! That is kind of rare. And that leads me to the big news…
  • Painted fingernails: Guys, I painted my nails (see above pic)! My fingernails! This is huge, as I haven’t done it in years. Toenails, yes. But for whatever reason, I never paint my fingernails. However, I got a really pretty color in my SocialBliss box and decided to go for it yesterday afternoon! It’s so fun! It’s like an accessory that doesn’t have to come off at bedtime! I love seeing the pop of color anytime I type or play the piano or just use my hands for anything! I do feel a bit though like my nails can’t breathe. We’ll see if the feeling fades and if I decide to make this a regular thing. I just feel like a teenager again! Fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, especially my friends in VA/DC who are apparently experiencing yet more crazy weather!

* My invite link


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