sperry weather and all the happy things

I am just so chipper and happy today, and there are several reasons my heart is singing:

  • Sperry weather. Oh my goodness. I’m sorry, VA/DC friends, but Ben’s curse is real, and this time it’s more of a blessing. It’s like summer here this week (okay, maybe late spring). I just want to spend all my time outside. I call it Sperry weather, because I am able to wear my Sperry boat shoes without being cold. And I love my Sperrys. Yesterday we met one of my dear friends at a local waffle shop and just couldn’t get over how perfect it is outside. Warm weather makes a huge difference in my mood. (FYI this is not Sperry-sponsored, obviously. Or not obviously. But really, I just love the dang shoes.)
  • Ideeli deal. (UPDATE–See below). Have you guys heard of Ideeli? It’s a deal site kind of like Zulily or Gilt, and anyway, currently if you use the coupon code GRPN10 you get $10 off and free shipping, and there are some items that are $10 or less, which would mean totally free stuff! I ordered some sailboat placecard holders that I may or may not need, but I can’t resist anything nautical! (p.s. This is my invite link, so if you buy I get credits, and you can do the same thing and forward it to all your friends! Free stuff, people!) Just verify the code still works before you check out; I’m not sure when it expires. Have to thank a member of my sub box Facebook group for sharing this deal!
  • A new work computer. I’ve had my same Dell laptop for work since I started almost three years ago, and I recently got an email that I would soon be due for an upgrade. Well this news couldn’t have come at a better time, because last week my work laptop got sick. For whatever reason, it started moving soooooo sloooooowly. Like, drag-the-mouse-across-the-screen-and-wait-for-it-to-move kind of slow. This of course happened in the middle of a huge project, so I contacted IT and asked ever so nicely if they would expedite the upgrade, and they agreed! It was a super slick process. I overnighted my dying Dell on Tuesday night, they transferred all my files yesterday, and my new machine arrived today! I mean, it’s still a PC, but yay for new computers!
  • Scotch travel washi tape. So I’ve totally jumped on the washi tape bandwagon and never want to get off. I have a lot of tapes that are cute enough patterns—stripes, dots, etc.—but every now and then I find an awesome and unique print that I just LOVE. This travel pattern washi is my new fave! It totally has the old-style travel stamp/passport/adventure feel to it, and I basically want to use it all the time, but at the same time don’t want to use it up. I used it as decoration on a snail mail letter the other day, and for a second I hesitated, thinking the recipient (male; not a washi-er) just wouldn’t appreciate it. But I went ahead anyway.
  • Benefit cosmetics. So I am not really a make-up girl. No one (not even one of my SIX OLDER SISTERS) taught me about make-up, so I’ve just sort of cobbled together a routine over the years, but it’s not great and I know it. One of the reasons I love Birchbox* is that lets me try new products and refine my skincare and cosmetic routines. And through my beloved Birchbox, I discovered Benefit Cosmetics. I have loved every single Benefit product I’ve tried! (Sidenote: Trying out new products is so much more fun that I ever thought it would be.)
  • SocialBliss Style Box*! An on the subject of subscription boxes, last month I took a risk and tried a brand new box, the SocialBliss Style Box. I loved most of the first box and elected to give it another month, and anyway, I just got the email that my February box has shipped! Super excited!
  • St. Lucia. I don’t know if you’re following the Bachelor, but this week they were in St. Lucia, aka site of my honeymoon and one of the most beautiful places on earth. Seeing it again made me want soooo much to go back there. It’s calling to me.
  • Jane.com. I think I’m super late to the party on this one, but Jane.com is so amazing! So many deals on fun things! I mean, I’m sure the quality isn’t amazing, but it’s fun to get something inexpensive and cute on a good sale! I haven’t bought anything yet, but I have a couple of things in my cart I’m mulling over.

Anyway, off I go to (figuratively) frolic in a flowery meadow with my singing heart. OH, if you haven’t taken my Pop Culture Olympics poll yet, you totally should! There aren’t a ton of votes yet, because I’m not that popular, but I am actually really interested in what people think!

IDEELI UPDATE: So I was googling this a bit more today, and a review on a random site was posted just today about Ideeli. The person said she shared the $10 off code with a bunch of family and several of them had their orders canceled because of “fraud” issues. So, anyway, I just got the code from a friend, but it’s possible they don’t actually want people using it! My order has not been canceled, but I will keep you guys posted. I am SO sorry I shared this without looking into this more!

* My referral links

{Image via Sisters in the City}


9 thoughts on “sperry weather and all the happy things

  1. I feeeel ya on the Sperry’s! I wore my during our “heat wave” last week and it.was.perfect. I’m skipping off to go to Ideeli now (I’ve been to the site before but not in ages, so hopefully I can still use your referral!) to do some scoping, and I’m officially head over heels for that washi tape …thanks love for travel.. so yaaay! 🙂

  2. LOVE St. Lucia (we stopped by on a cruise last month) and The Bachelor! But man, J.P. really lost his spark after Charlene left (IMHO). I have yet to own a set of Sperrys and we even sail! I wear little white bottomed tennis shoes or flip flops! We’ve been obsessed with watching You Tube videos of couples sailing around the world (“cruisers”) on their big sailboats and catamarans!

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