the pop culture olympics + a poll!

Now that the Winter Olympics are over and we’re all depressed to go back to our regular programming (okay, not really, though I will miss the Olympics), I’ve decided to keep some of the competitive spirit alive with a little Olympic game of my own. The events for the Pop Culture Olympics are basically just categories* of things I like, and I’ve picked my top three contenders for each category (in no particular order).

And, for the first time ever, I’m including a poll for you guys to help me decide the overall medalists! Not entirely sure how many people read this blog, but definitely enough for your vote to matter! So yay that! Let’s get started:

EVENT: Brands to follow to the ends of the earth

  • Kate Spade: Is there any brand more fabulous?
  • Virgin: Richard Branson is basically the coolest businessman on the planet, and all his brands rock. End of story.
  • Nordstrom: If I had to live in a store, it would be this one.

EVENT: Young adult lit series

  • Harry Potter: This is the first series I remember getting really excited about in my life. You know, me and about three billion other people.
  • Hunger Games: Probably the fastest I read anything since Harry Potter! And the movies are totally awesome!
  • Divergent: I just finished book two and I am DYING that I’m #58 on the library waiting list for book three. Dying!

EVENT: Competitive reality TV I can’t stop watching

  • The Bachelor{ette}: You watch it for—in this order—the drama, the dates, and the dismal chance things actually work out.
  • Top Chef: I can’t watch this show without eating something.
  • Project Runway: Even when the judges are just so totally wrong, I keep watching and dreaming that maybe I too could become fabulous fashion designer, but then realizing I completely lack the talent for it.

EVENT: The blog elite

  • Damsel in Dior: Damsel’s blog is just beautiful, and her fashion impeccable. I can’t help but read every post!
  • Stripes & Sequins: Grace is probably the most down-to-earth yet total superstar blogger out there.
  • A Beautiful Mess: These ladies are obviously superhumans and endless founts of creativity.

EVENT: Trends that may be going out of style according to some but that I’ll probably love forever

  • Chevrons: Why do we all love this pattern so much? And who made us realize how fabulous it is?
  • Washi tape: TAPE ALL THE THINGS! This is pretty much my life these days.
  • Colored denim: I probably won’t be satisfied until I have a pair of jeans in every color.

Let the voting begin, I suppose!


* Other categories I considered but elected not to feature include “the best songs ever to play at loud volumes” (probably too obscure), “coolest numbers” (6 would obviously win), and “better uses of my time than scrolling through my Instagram feed” (don’t want to hear the truth).

{Images taken from the linked sites above}


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