the weekly cute returns

For a while I was doing weekly updates about Allie with recent pics and somehow got out of the habit, but I had this feeling just now (okay, it never really goes away) that time is passing by and I need to document everything! So these are pics from the last couple of weeks.

A few of the recent highlights in the world of Allie include the following:

  1. Sleeping on her tummy! She rolls herself over at naptime and apparently just loves to sleep perpendicularly in her crib.. and on her stomach.
  2. Saying ba. First it was da, then ga, and now ba. I find it interesting that she learns a new sound and just keeps doing it over and over until she learns the next one.
  3. Swimming for the first time! Well, floating. We swam at our hotel stay then went to the rec center on President’s Day with our little infant floaty ring. She loves the water! But, as with bathtime, she hates getting out!
  4. Inhaled shrieks. I don’t know what else to call them, but Allie has recently been making these shrieky noises when she’s playing or when she’s really happy.
  5. Using my hands as her implements. She especially loves when we’re sitting at the piano and I have her on my lap, and she grabs my hands and slams them down on the keys. Wonder where her controlling nature comes from…
  6. Rolling as transportation. She’s been doing this for a while now, but sometimes when she’s sitting she’ll intentionally fall back then start rolling across the floor, back to front and front to back, over and over. She has only been able to roll three directions (only rolls to the right when she’s on her tummy) but the other day finally got the fourth down! We sometimes turn away for a second and she’s across the room!

Overall, she is very happy and smiley, sleeping better and better, and absolutely obsessed with apple juice. Love our little one something fierce!


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