i totally heart you

Ben took a reeeeally long time to say “I love you” to me when we were dating. Well, long by my standards. It was maybe 7 or 8 months. I of course harass him about this frequently for the absolute torment he put me through (I worried much more about whether he loved me than whether I loved him, at least at first). Anyway, I saw the card below on this  list of “21 Awkward Valentine’s Day Cards” and remembered a gchat we had about a month into our relationship when Ben signed off “talk to you then, ❤ you” (did a search to confirm the exact language), which of course sent me into a tizzy of confusion. So we had a good laugh over this last night. (Definitely check out the link for the other cards. Hilarious.)

Anyway, we’re off to Park City for a last-minute weekend getaway. This is huge for us, since, as I mentioned the other day, we tend to stay in for Valentine’s. But I’ve got mama cabin fever, and Ben convinced me we should give into the impulse and go! (In my head I always think I’m adventurous, but when it comes down to actually doing things I tend to talk myself out of it. Thank goodness for a more daring husband!) I absolutely love Park City and all its charm, and I look forward to exploring, relaxing, and enjoying our first shared vacation (mini as it is) since Allie was born!

Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

{Photo of alexandra em card via HuffPo article mentioned above}


12 thoughts on “i totally heart you

  1. 1) I love that card, it’s hilarious;) 2) Isn’t it funny the stuff we fixate on in the early days that are no big deal now? I used to worry about the craziest stuff! 3) Have so much fun on your getaway, I kind of like that spontaneous stuff (as long as I can pack and neaten up and be my OCD self about it. Ha.)

  2. Oh my gosh that card cracks me up! It took Nate 6 months and we had been living together for 3 months by then! I’m glad he waited though, it was sort of special and super awkward.

  3. ha, that card! Sounds like it’s perfect for you guys. And I have to also echo your nice hotel sentiment from the other post–I don’t get to stay at a fancy hotel often, okay, ever, but in my dreams it is magical.

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