jonathan adler + thursday thoughts

It’s always nice to find products you like, but oh how even more wonderful it is to discover a brand you love. Just think of Kate Spade—I am only one of millions of KS devotees, but our love is founded on the idea that pretty much anything the brand comes out with, we love. That’s power. So I am happy to gush about the latest addition to my brand list, Jonathan Adler. Many or most of you are probably aware of JA products. I of course learned about his stuff through various inclusions in Birchbox* and POPSUGAR Must Have* boxes. To me Jonathan Adler is a like a mix between Kate Spade and Erin Condren in terms of aesthetic. Brandy of MommySplurge mentioned recently that a Jonathan Adler-curated Fancy Box* would be an awesome idea, and I completely agree!

And (sort of) on the subject of boxes and my inspiration therefor: I’m back again joining Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom with her Thursday Thoughts link-up.

  • Project victory: I have emerged victorious from the soul-sucking depths of my work project! Seriously, I do love my job, but sometimes things just get nuts. You’d think it would die down once I switched to part time at home, but no. Yesterday Ben was totally sick (and still is), which meant I had to take care of two babies 😉 plus wrap up this huge project. But anyway, I’m done with it and am awarding myself a gold medal in Not Yet Going Completely Crazy.
  • Olympic dreams: On that note… Like many others watching the Olympics, I pretty much spend my nights feeling like my life is a complete failure because I am not an Olympian. Is it too early to start training Allie in some Olympic event? But which one? I guess it depends on how tall she turns out to be, since all the swimmers are tall and all the figure skaters (girls) are tiny. Or should I just settle with “do well in school” advice and call it good?
  • Olympic commentators: Okay, more Olympics, but these commentators crack me up. From lines like “not their best” for medaling routines to “a machine gun of awesomeness” for a halfpipe run, they are sometimes as entertaining as the actual event. I will be so sad when the Olympics are over…
  • Blog followees: I looked on Bloglovin today and discovered that I apparently follow 156 blogs. YIKES. It has made things much easier since I organized my feed into categories, but still, I feel this compulsion to read or at least glance at every new post in my blogroll, and this is a huge time suck. There are some that I love more than others, of course (my “all time faves” category), and I think I will just need to stick to the ones I love best. Problem is, I keep discovering new blogs that I love. This is very similar to my issue with clothes and closet space…
  • East Coast Snow: I just want to reiterate my “you’re welcome” to our East Coast friends for all the snow. If/when we move back, Ben will bring his no-snow curse with him, undoubtedly. I used to laugh when he told me this, but now I’m a believer!
  • Browser tabs: Are you like my husband, in that you like to keep a clean browser window and close it down when you’re done? Or are you like me, in that you keep 5+ browser windows open at a time and never close the window because you don’t want to forget where you left off? Kind of makes me think of this line I pinned recently.
  • Being 20(ish): Obviously I’m older than 20, but still in my 20s, and I thought this Forbes article about things 20-year-olds don’t get was pretty interesting. Some good advice here for sure.

To all my snowed-in friends, stay safe and remember the three C’s of snowpocalype survival: cocoa, candles, and cuddling!

{Image via Jonathan Adler Spring 2014 catalog}

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