do this: celebrate love

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays, because I *love* the idea of a day dedicated to LOVE! My earliest memories of the day growing up involve two things: making and frosting sugar cookies with my mom, and answering the doorbell on Valentine’s night to find a little baggy filled with candy and clothing/accessories, supposedly from “The Great Valentine.” My freshman year of college, single as I was, I threw a Single Awareness Day party at the dorms, and the turnout even included a few couples, and we just basically hung out, ate food, and enjoyed the evening together. The point of this background is that Valentine’s Day for me began as simply a day to celebrate love in all its forms, but mostly just friends and family.

Nowadays, while I have a romantic love to celebrate, we still tend to stay at home on the 14th just to avoid the crowds. But even so, I don’t think of Valentine’s Day as a day for only coupledom. It’s as much about my love for Allie as it is my love for Ben! With that in mind, I have a few ideas of ways to celebrate the day that are not restricted to romantic relationships, but rather love in the general sense: anything and anyone that makes you happy! Since we won’t be going out to dinner or anything, we will probably try one or more of these!


  1. Start the celebration off right by making your own confetti poppers! (And for this one you probably have almost all the materials in your house right now.)
  2. If you have a baby or pet, send Valentines from him/her to loved ones. I got the inspiration for this from Where My Heart Resides and totally love the idea of Allie (or Pirate/Starbuck) sending Valentines to people. If I have time once I finish my huge work project, I’m gonna do it!
  3. Drawing from my childhood traditions, bake some heart-shaped sugar cookies and frost them. We also like to top them with sprinkles and/or conversation hearts.
  4. Make a magazine collage (read: not on your computer). Remember, like the ones you (or maybe just I?) used to make to decorate your textbooks in high school? Go gather a few of your favorite magazines and make a collage of a bunch of things that make you happy to see. Or even print off some pictures of pretty items and pictures and stick them together. With rubber cement, if possible!
  5. I love shopping, and even more than that I love shopping for a good cause. What better way is there to celebrate love than to show it to someone in need? There are plenty of shops out there whose proceeds go to charity. One of my favorites is iSanctuary, where your purchases goes to help survivors of human trafficking get back on their feet. Pick your favorite shop and give. And get. (Or just give—I’ve been seeing a lot of ASPCA ads lately that pull so hard on my heartstrings!)

We’re just two days away, people! Get excited!

{Images pulled from the ideas/sites linked above}


2 thoughts on “do this: celebrate love

  1. My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is spoiling my kids! We are having pink pancakes for breakfast, heart shaped pizzas that night and I have little goodie bags for them. Also, I DO plan on snuggling at home with my husband, probably watching a movie;)

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