gold stars and olympic tears

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I finally finished my book! There is something so fulfilling about finishing a book. I sort of feel like I should get a gold star. (No wonder they call us the entitled generation!) Really though. You get a great sense of accomplishment when you finish a book, but it’s funny how it isn’t the same thing with movies… Anyway, it was interesting but also sort of depressing yet somehow inspiring. I think I’ll give it a review on here one of these days, mostly because it brings up some super fascinating topics of discussion, like envy and classism and the realities of adulthood. But in other news, with my book done, I have a few other things on my mind today:

  • The Olympics: Guys, I love the Olympics so much. I am in actual tears every time a competitor, regardless of country, does well and I see how completely happy and excited he/she is. It’s just pure joy, and it makes me happy to see it! On the flip side, seeing someone do poorly (like the girl in one of the snowboard events who fell and cracked her helmet) also makes me cry (mom hormones?), because I can (can’t) only even imagine how crushed they must feel. But anyway, it’s amazing to see what these people can do, and figure skating is still my favorite event ever to watch. Seriously, the Olympics are magical. I think I am officially adding it to my bucket list to attend an Olympics one day!
  • Russia: On that note, can we talk about Russia for a sec? There’s has been a lot of Russia-trashing in light of various mishaps with the Olympics. I get it, there have been issues (as, I’m to understand, there have been at pretty much every Olympics), but I’ve been seeing some just mean Russia-hating going on, and it makes me sad. Let’s just put international politics completely aside—isn’t that sort of one of the goals of the Olympics? I obviously have a soft spot in my heart for Russians after studying abroad there in college, and I just wish we could be a bit nicer about the whole thing. They clearly wanted these games to be amazing, and from most of the reports from people actually there, they totally are. Russia is a beautiful country and deserves a chance to be seen and appreciated! Just like the next hosting country (Brazil, right?) does. I just want world peace, okay?!
  • Birchbox* shop: So one of my favorite monthly subscription boxes is Birchbox, which is probably the most well known box out there. One thing I did not know prior to joining was that Birchbox has a whole shop of products, and when you buy stuff from the shop, you get Birchbox points. You also get points for your reviewing the monthly products in your Birchbox. Anyway, you can use those points for free stuff (boxes or merchandise), and it has become a bit of an obsession of mine to buy as many of my regular products as I can through Birchbox so I can get the points. I was looking at these cards from Rifle Paper Co. the other day and had them in my cart to buy. On a whim I decided to see if they were available anywhere else online, and wouldn’t you know, Birchbox has them—for the same price, AND I get Birchbox points for the purchase. Even if you don’t get the box, you should just sign up for a Birchbox account to start accumulating points for things you would get already! I’m currently trying to get Ben to reassure me that this is a good use of my points.
  • Mommy guilt: I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Why I’m apparently incapable of letting other people watch Allie and why, even when Ben tells me to go nap while he watches her, I have the hardest time relaxing and leaving her. On Saturday my cousin invited me out for lunch, and I took a huge emotional step in leaving Allie with Ben while I got out on my own for a few hours. It felt so good! I mean, obviously, I missed Allie, but it made me realize it is healthy to leave your baby every now and then. It also occurred to me that every mom has to come to this realization on her own (people have been telling me this all along, but I had to feel it for myself). Anyway, working on it.
  • Jimmy Kimmel: I don’t ever watch late-night TV, but the other night I turned it on as background and caught Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets (where celebrities read out some of the random mean tweets about them) and Unnecessary Censorship (exactly what it sounds like). Ben was sick and had already gone to bed, so I was just alone, dying of laughter. Seriously, if you haven’t seen these, WATCH THEM. They will make your day.
  • Email: Talk about the most life-improving yet life-ruining invention ever. Of course email is super convenient for communicating with people, but it has also resulted in a number of very annoying communication habits. For example, I got approximately 50 emails over the weekend for a work project from the same three people—lots of back and forth or just an email as a thought occurred to one of them. I tried to read them as they came in but was distracted, you know, living my life, and sorting through them this morning just made my brain hurt. We need to learn how to organize our thoughts before clicking send! Also, there’s the fact that people read emails and never respond to them, maybe because it only takes a second to check your email but responding actually requires time.

And speaking of email, I have to respond to like 10 for work! Peace out!

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13 thoughts on “gold stars and olympic tears

    • It’s true! I think a lot of Americans have a hard time comprehending the idea that Russia is just a completely different culture, and our *teasing* just comes across as mean.

  1. “It also occurred to me that every mom has to come to this realization on her own.” So true. I remember the first time I left Luke for longer than 10 minutes to get my hair done when he was about 5 months old. I texted Richard every 20 minutes and demanded pictures of him. Good thing we have great husbands who put up with our craziness!

    • Haha, I know, right! My mom gives me such a hard time about it. I have a goal to leave Allie with someone other than Ben for just an hour sometime in the next week or two. That way I can warm up to separation…

      • How do I get that gene? I kind of suspected it beforehand but was totally unprepared for how clingy I would be. In talking to other moms, it does seem like some are like you naturally and others are like me. I really need to get over the clinginess, though, before she gets too old!

      • Well I am sure we could devise a recombinant DNA experiment. My kids are also not terribly clingy about me (like no separation anxiety when I am gone. At all – as long as they like the sitter of course). But they have it BAD over each other. E going to school twice a week is a big deal – and I suspect that was part of the puking. He didn’t want to be away from her and she counts down the whole 3 hours he is gone.

        That is what makes me a really happy mom. I wish they could be two peas in a pod forever.

        If we were all the same it would be super boring. But now I am going to cry about my big girl going to school next year and being away from her brother all day.

      • Aww that is sweet! I do love to see siblings who are close. That’s the best way–they entertain and support each other, you just look on from a distance but get to do your own thing!

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