februallie + me: black edition

Aaand we’re back with another baby + mama outfit post! Katie of For Lauren and Lauren is making this a bi-weekly thing, and we are happy to join in again. I put my outfit on and Ben’s response was, “Hmm.. it’s very black.” It’s true. While I love colors, I could probably wear all black all the time and be fine. As Grace of Stripes & Sequins recently shared, the trick to an all-black look is to mix textures. I certainly have no shortage of black everything in my wardrobe, but it’s been harder to find black baby clothes for Allie. There just aren’t a ton out there. But when she sports her black I of course have to coordinate!

Allie’s outfit>> top (can’t find it online), leggings, cardigan: Target | shoes: gifted
My outfit>> leather jacket: gifted; top: Anthroplogie | leggings: Nordstrom | ankle boots: DSW (old)

This *Februallie* has been an eventful month thus far. A few recent Allie highlights include:

  1. Rolling over both front-back and back-front, back and forth in quick succession, usually in pursuit of some contraband mom item (e.g., cell phone, sunglasses) or an attempted escape from the crib (not there yet, thank goodness).
  2. Saying “da” and “ga” over and over again with great enthusiasm.
  3. Huffing and breathing heavily through her bottom teeth. We’re not really sure what this one’s about.

She continues to smile like a cheeseball, play the piano dramatically, vocalize loudly in public places, and bounce constantly in her jumperoo every time we give her the chance. She totally wears me out, but I’m okay with it.


13 thoughts on “februallie + me: black edition

  1. Gahh that cheeseball smile–I love it! And you two are adorable in your coordinating outfits! Plus contraband items are the best toys, didn’t you know? Kenley pulls my glasses off all.the.time.

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