latest (re)discoveries and an afterthought

This week will be a little crazy as another huge work project fell into my lap (no complaints, except it leaves less time for blogging and blog-reading—oh, and I still haven’t finished The Interestings, and I’m sure the library wants it back any day now.. ugh), but I wanted to share a few recent finds and things I’m loving lately.

  • Izola: I have to thank Ashley of One Fine Day for the introduction to this shop. I love it because it’s one of the few shops I’ve found recently with lots of guy stuff! And it’s all very classy and debonair. Of course tons of the things I love most are currently sold out, but there’s plenty more to explore and possible purchase for Valentine’s Day…

  • Photo apps: I discovered two new apps this past week that I’m loving: Obaby (thanks, The Fresh Exchange!), which lets you add cute text and doodles to pictures of your little one (which I spend like 25% of my life taking), and Waterlogue, which turns your pics into watercolors.
  • Cape bibs: Yesterday we decided to take a little family excursion to IKEA, our first time since having Allie, and the trip basically turned into a baby shopping trip. In the kids section I saw these bibs and was SO excited! I was saying just a few days ago, after wiping up the insane amount of solid food Allie managed to get over her entire body at dinner time, that what we really needed for her was a baby version of one of those capes you wear when you get your hair cut. Well, turns out it’s a thing, and it’s at IKEA! We tried it last night, and she not only looks adorable, but the thing works!
  • IKEA: As a continuation of the previous point, I just love IKEA. I know, I know, it’s not the highest-quality stuff in the world, but I’d forgotten how clever they are. We walked through the showroom there yesterday and were astounded (even though I used to work there in college!) at how cozy and beautiful small-floorplate homes can be with the right furnishings. Walking through the 500-ish square foot home, I said aloud at least three times, “We could totally live here.” Nothing wrong with a little IKEA in your life before you plant down deeper roots!
  • A subscription box (shocker!): For all my talk of subscription boxes, I only actually subscribe to a handful of them. But that doesn’t stop me from obsessing over the ones on my wish list! Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom recently posted about Celebrate American Made, a new box that dedicates each month to a different U.S. state, sending you a variety of goods from that state. How cool is that? The first was Virginia, of course, as if it was designed to pull on my heart (wallet) strings. I am not a subscriber just yet, but I am in love with the idea. On my short list, for sure.
  • My favorite Valentine: There are a ton of Valentine’s Day DIYs out there, and I guess I just love this one (found through Oh the Lovely Things) because it’s so basic but so cute!

And on a completely different note: Can we talk about The Bachelor? If you saw this Monday’s episode you will not be surprised by all the uproar and drama. And you may find this article about Clare and Juan Pablo (spoilers from this week’s episode, if you haven’t seen it yet) to be an interesting read.

In any case, have a fabulous day!

*Bonus sidenote: How’s this for the most random thing to buy ever? (Found through Possessionista)


8 thoughts on “latest (re)discoveries and an afterthought

  1. I find it particularly cool that you used to work at Ikea! What a crazy/awesome job. There are so many good hacks out there now that it’s so easy to transform the most basic things.
    And eep. The Bachelor! I don’t even know what to think…Clare needs to get outta there!

  2. I have been intrigued by subscription boxes lately, too. I think it’s because I’m basically stuck in my house with 9 feet of snow outside and a little surprise at the door would be like the highlight of my day. Spring can’t come soon enough–can’t wait to take my baby girl outside!

    • Haha that might have been what happened with me, too! I use them as a form of therapy, really. I didn’t even realize it’s a whole community of subscription addicts!

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