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So, it’s February! I know, three days in already. Can I just say how insanely glad I am to be out of January? A mere FOUR MONTHS from now, and we’ll be in JUNE. The thought of this makes me positively giddy. I can survive four months, right? After that I may need to move to a place where it’s always summertime. A few pretty and loveworthy things to start the month and day off right:

Artsy Modern pillow cover | LEIF Honeycomb Coaster Set | Max Wanger pink balloon print | Love Edor chevron necklace | BRIKA Je T’Aime Pouch | Tarnish ‘Lips’ Muffler (on sale!)

Some other musings this morning:

  • I won’t really talk too much about the Super Bowl, other than to say our menu for the evening turned out great! Sliders, potato skins, and my beloved goat cheese salad—but most importantly, we discovered yesterday that you can make your own hamburger buns. I mean, of course you can, but we had never thought to try. We used this recipe and they turned out great!
  • Ben showed me this video last night of Americans trying Australian snacks for the first time. It totally cracked me up. Granted, I would totally react like this, but my half-Aussie husband just laughed knowingly the whole time.
  • Last night we caught a few episodes of Hawai’i Life while I just happened to be reading my friend Chelsea’s blog posts about her recent trip there and OH MY GOODNESS, the nostalgia was like a slap in the face. A big, humid, plumeria-scented slap in the face. I honestly can’t handle it, people. As if I wasn’t already feeling the call home after my post about Hawaii the other day.
  • Sidenote: HGTV is totally a trap, how they immediately start into the next episode/show without a commercial break to hook you in. I could spend hours just marveling at all the house hunting and home renovations. And of course that’s what they want me to do!
  • It was so much fun participating in Ashley of One Fine Day’s snail mail exchange last month—you all should totally sign up for February! Just email her your mailing address and she’ll assign you a pen pal.
  • My mom went to a funeral this past weekend of a family friend from Hawaii, and she was talking about how it got her thinking (as I’m sure many people do at funerals): What will people say about me after I’m gone? It’s definitely a motivation to be a kinder, more loving, selfless person. I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot in a broader sense. You just have to stop and ask—does how I spend my time align with what I really care about most? I have got to let go a few things to make room for the things that really matter.
  • I am loving all your ideas for unplugging after Friday’s post. It sounds like the key is a set period of time every day where phones/laptops/iPads are just not allowed. Ben and I are going to try this starting this week!
  • Nordstrom has a bunch of stuff on sale right now (thanks Jen, for the tip!), so I’ve been browsing only to find the things I want most are sold out in my size. This shouldn’t surprise me, I suppose! And it’s probably for the best, right?

Off I go to get some work done and motivate myself to work out. Sigh. Enjoy your totally non-January day!


7 thoughts on “loveworthy + musings

  1. I knowwww, I am so happy we’re out of January. February can be pretty brutal, but at least it’s short. I just want the snow to melt! *sigh*

    I get so frustrated when I’m trying to shop and nothing is in my size. Honestly, this is when I make terrible decisions, buying things because they’re cute, cheap and I can “make them work.”

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

    • I have definitely talked myself into another size just because I wanted an item so bad. Sometimes it works out for the best, but not always. And yes, snow, go away!

  2. I too would love to move to a place that’s always sunny and warm. winter is killing us over here!! on happier note, that pillow is really cute 🙂

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