dreams of iceland + thursday thoughts

In the book I’m reading (see below), there’s a part of the story where some characters go to Iceland, and that of course got me googling pictures of Iceland, and um WOW. These pictures completely blow me away. I know I was just talking about how beautiful warm and tropical Hawaii is, but I *might* need to take a trip to Iceland as well. 

Anyway, onto today’s post. It’s only about time that I participate in a link up with one of my favorite bloggers, Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  And it works perfectly today, because all I have is a bunch of random thoughts anyway!

  • It’s snowing!!! If you know us well, you’ve probably heard Ben’s theory that he is cursed when it comes to snow. As in, it never snows when he’s in town. (The great Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse of 2010 was while he was deployed to Afghanistan.) Well that’s obviously been proven false since we moved, but now he’s claiming it only applies to Virginia. So to all our friends in the DC area, you’re welcome for the snow this winter.
  • Did anyone else watch Monday’s episode of How I Met Your Mother?? I cried twice. Granted, I cry all the time these days, but still, it was an awesome episode!!
  • I am also still loving The Bachelor this season. I really didn’t want to, but Juan Pablo is just so different from other bachelors! I am also liking how unique Sharleen is in the mix. (Maybe the next Bachelorette?) But if someone says, “It’s just that you’re one person with us and another person with him” one more time, well, I will probably just continue to sigh and shake my head at how predictable some of these girls are.
  • I’ve mentioned already that I’ve been reading The Interestings for A Beautiful Mess’s online book club. Well our discussion is tomorrow and I still have about 1/3 of the way to go. It seems that reading for 15 minutes before bed every night is not enough of a commitment! I feel like I’m back in school, stressing to finish a reading assignment! But really, it is interesting so far. I may end up posting a quick review of it here on the blog IF I EVER FINISH.
  • A friend shared this fascinating article on Facebook about today’s 27-year-olds. Basically, we’re all in debt and living with our parents—but at least we have bachelor’s degrees! Ha, seriously though, it’s an interesting read. Charts and stuff. Fun to see where we fit in compared with our peers. For example, I’m in the minority (12%) among college graduates my age because I’m a mom.
  • I’m headed to the craft store today!! I’m participating in a quiet book page exchange hosted by my dear friend Chelsea, but since everyone else involved is in Virginia, I have to hustle to get my pages done and shipped. I think I’m going to make some kind of world map with cutouts of the continents you have to stick on the map, but I am still not sure how they will be attached. Velcro? Snaps? Do those defy the principles of quiet books?
  • Everyone’s getting all pumped for Valentine’s Day, but I really haven’t given it much thought yet. However, today Alison of The Alison Show posted this list of “7 questions to ask your husband to find out what he really wants for Valentine’s Day,” and I was so amused by her husband’s responses I decided to ask Ben the questions:

1. What is your most favorite gift I’ve ever given you (for any holiday or occasion)?
“Allie.” (Awwwwwww!)

2. Do you consider something I wear a gift for you?
“My green Marine Corps hoodie. Or ummm.. lingerie.” (I wasn’t asking for specifics, but okay…)

3. Honestly, do you want something with my picture in or on it?
“It depends.. yes?” 

4. Do you wish I’d take over some of the date-night planning for the 14th?

5. Do you like a coupon book or some written promises?
“No. I want things.” (Like wife, like husband.)

6. Do you prefer a handmade gift to a store-bought one?
“I’d prefer both.”

7. If you could pick your most perfect Valentine’s day gift ever what would it be?
“Maybe a bag of candy?”  (So easily pleased. Sigh.)

Happy Thursday to all! Enjoy my favorite day of the week!


11 thoughts on “dreams of iceland + thursday thoughts

  1. I don’t know if the numbers are too different for 35 year olds to be honest! About 12 percent of my college/grad school friends have kids.. I love your quiz, but we’re skipping V-day this year. He won’t be here and I have to lazy-retaliate for the sugar free pancake syrup Christmas gift. Ok, I don’t know what I’d buy me either and I only got him 2 boxes for Christmas. But I’m going to whine about it anyways.

  2. Hey! I’m so excited to see your quiet book pages and don’t stress about rushing them to us! Also, I love Sharleen even though she’s now gone. I’ll be so mad if Juan Pablo marries Nikki.

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