this week in fabulous

So this week is the “recovery week” of P90x3, which makes it just slightly more embarrassing that it was the week I injured myself. Doing pilates, no less. Just pulled a muscle in my back, no biggie, I’m just apparently an elderly person. But it did give me an excuse to relax a bit and, of course, peruse the interwebs for THE NEXT MOST AMAZING THING EVER. I found a few contenders, or at least some things worth checking out this weekend:

fave of the week


  • Bloggers Closet: We all love to admire the fabulous wardrobes of our beloved fashion bloggers, and now, this brainchild of Lauren of Style Elixir lets you buy the gently used clothes of your favorite bloggers. Love this!
  • Sugarboo Designs (found via One Fine Day): Oh my goodness am I in love with this shop. Unique goods I honestly haven’t seen anywhere else. I am constantly amazed by the limitless creativity in this world!



  • Makeup tips from Get Your Pretty On: I also need to thank Alison of GYPO, because I am one of the most clueless people in the world when it comes to makeup. Somehow my abundance of older sisters failed to train me in this department, so I’m forced to learn by trial and error or, in this case, the wisdom of a fellow blogger.
  • Common beauty myths on VMAC + cheese: Along those same lines, I was amazed how many of these five myths were totally new to me. I’m about to make some changes in my daily routine…


  • Asking the right questions in relationships: Speaking of our sharing culture, I think we get in the habit of talking at people and not to them. But when it comes down to it, aren’t relationships the only things that really matter? This article was a really good reminder for me!
  • 5 questions to ask before posting to social media: Not meant to be guilt-inducing but more a quick check for all of us. The addictive reward cycle of sharing and getting likes is a real thing, for sure.


  • J.Crew pump prints: I just love this one. We get all these beautifully designed catalogs filled with beautiful merchandise, then what? Ashlyn of Let It Be Beautiful came up with this simple but genius idea of turning them into decor! Ben will be thrilled I’ve found a reason not to throw away yet another piece of mail.
  • Abstract crib quilt: Aaaaand back to how much I love graphic patterns. I’m sure Allie would appreciate this crib quilt, but probably not as much as I would. Which is a lot.

Happy weekend!


5 thoughts on “this week in fabulous

  1. Hi, I’m back! I just have to say thanks for posting about the deal. I got my Gap cardigan in the mail today (I admit to being suspicious about the whole thing until it actually arrived). I want to see what you got!

    • Haha yeah I was, too! I figured since I didn’t enter CC info the worst harm would be giving out my address. I got an Ann Taylor cardigan and will have to post pics at some point. Glad you did it! Also, I will check out that blog you recommended! I need serious advice in the skincare/beauty arena..

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