anchors and stripes, oh baby

For the first time ever, I am participating in a link up! Katie of For Lauren and Lauren is hosting this post-sharing party of mamas with their babies, and I just couldn’t pass it up.

my outfit: Banana Republic cardigan | Olivia Moon v-neck (Nordstrom) | NYC street vendor pashmina | Citizens of Humanity jeans | Steve Madden boots | J.Crew necklace | Kate Spade bracelet

Allie’s outfit (all from Crazy 8): top | jeans | shoes (can’t find them online, but I’m dying over these and these)

Not gonna lie, I try to coordinate my outfit with Allie’s as often as I can. Since for most of the day she is right next to me, it makes me happy to see us match. Her little outfit here was a total impulse buy from Crazy 8 earlier this week. I have a special love of anchors as a symbol (a story for another day), and I have an incredibly hard time resisting any item with an anchor on it.

Allie was a great sport for our little photo shoot, apart from trying to remove her shoes from her feet and attempt to eat them as quickly as possible. A few other recent Allie tidbits:

  • This girl loves playing the piano. As in, she shrieks loudly if I pull her away before she’s ready.
  • She has started doing this super cheesy smile (see above), and I totally love it.
  • After a couple of months of rolling front to back, she finally rolled over from back to front this week!

So glad to have an excuse to bust out our good camera and get some matchy pics together!


24 thoughts on “anchors and stripes, oh baby

  1. This is adorable! Allie is too cute. Not sure if you’re into that (and it’s expensiveeee for a kid), but Lilly Pulitzer has the cutest matching outfits that could be worth it, especially if you caught them on sale. Sad how fast she’d outgrow it, but maybe for a special occasion?!

  2. I also love her super cheesy smile! So adorable. I wish I had the motivation to match my baby. I’ll just first need to get her a skort…and a bathrobe. 😛

    • Aw thanks–you should definitely do matchy pics! I would love to see some! If I try to match *exactly* it usually looks weird, but I do like to color coordinate!

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