fab four and my love of things

When my mom was younger (read: 2os), she left home for a few years and returned to find that her mother had sold or given away a bunch of her beloved possessions. To this day, my mom freely admits that her own mom’s tendency to get rid of things caused in her a tendency to never ever want to get rid of anything ever. Granted, my mom is far from some of the scary cases you’ll see on an episode of Hoarders; she’s more the type to save boxes things come in or reuse wrapping paper rather than trash it.

But to my point: I think I inherited the thing-loving gene. I don’t necessarily share my mom’s fear of throwing things away, but I do have an irrational attachment to things. This is probably the basis of my obsession with subscription boxes, or my general love of shopping. I just love to acquire. Not really the best habit to have if you’re on a budget or trying to save money. Ben has learned to reign me in for the most part, but I still indulge in dreams of fabulousness. And there is a point where I have to draw the line. I tell myself it’s just for now, but in any case, these are a few of the in-my-hopefully-one-day-realized-dreams items I’ve been lusting after lately:

  1. Anine Bing studded boots ($699 | pic from here): Have seen these a few times on Damsel in Dior, and they are just about the most fabulous boots ever. I don’t wear high heels much, and it’s always refreshing to find a low heel that still looks sleek and chic.
  2. Kate Spade 2 park avenue beau bag ($498 | pic from here): It has been so long since I’ve bought a new handbag (diaper bags don’t count!), and I have been coveting this bag, in multiple color options, for a while now.
  3. Tracy Feith color block dress (old but detailed here): Ever since Carrie Bradshaw sported this dress, I have wanted it. Needed it. My teenage self even called the Tracy Feith store to check on the price. It was something like $700, but of course now it’s long gone. One day, though, I will find an amazing seamstress to make it for me. (HOLD THE PHONE—Just found it was for sale on eBay [used] but the sale ended. AH!)
  4. Vita Fede titan bracelets ($225 – $465): Every time I see these I want them more. I guess the “titan” name suggests it, but these on my wrist would just make me feel empowered and amazing. (Truth be told, I love pretty much every piece from Vita Fede.)

You have to have things to dream about, right? If I had everything I wanted, life would be boring.. at least that’s how I cope with the wanting. Le sigh.


5 thoughts on “fab four and my love of things

  1. I’m more of a purger myself. Actually I was a collector for many years and now I’m in purge mode. So I guess I cycle. I just canceled all of my subscription boxes because I was getting sampled out. But I’m sure that will change in a few months. 🙂

  2. LOVE the colors on that bag!!!! I am carrying a red / pink purse right now and it honestly makes me in a better mood having such a bright color with me at all time!

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