six confessions about blogging

In 2000, I created a website (on Angelfire, remember that?). It was back before it was common to call them blogs. I would update the site every month or so with all the excitement of my teenage life (things like “I drove for the first time!!” and “Everyone has a boyfriend!”). This continued into college, near the end of which I jumped ship to create my first official WordPress blog. I went through a few different blogs in the ensuing years (part of my infatuation habit) before I ended up here.

Anyway, since rejoining the ranks of the bloggers, I’ve realized a few things. Time to come clean with myself and the world:

  1. I am not a designer: While I play with a lot of design on this blog, I am not a graphic designer and will definitely never come near all the beautiful design work I see on the professional blogs I follow. I’ve come to terms with the fact that this blog will always be just me expressing my ideas and experimenting with ways to share them, and lots of people do this far more beautifully than I do. But that won’t stop me from trying!
  2. I am not a photographer: I don’t think I ever even realized what a difference beautiful photos make on a blog until I tried to take them. While I was gifted a pretty decent Sony NEX-5 camera a while ago, I honestly have no idea how to use it properly. For the sake of people who read my blog, I try really hard to make the pictures I take look as good as possible, but I know. They’re not great. And that’s okay.
  3. I am not a fashion blogger: I totally love all my fashion blogs that I follow, and they provide me all sorts of inspiration. I have shared and probably will continue to share the occasional outfit post, but I will leave the perfect fashion sense and creativity to my blogroll.
  4. I refuse to pick one category for my blog musings: This is an outlet for me to share my thoughts, tidbits from my life, and various wonderful finds I encounter. As fun as it would be to focus on one thing—my family, shopping/fashion, food, or DIY/crafts, etc.—I just can’t pick. I love too many things. So there will be randomness and lots of it. But I’m a believer that content that comes naturally is always the best, so hopefully at least one or two people besides me will find entertainment or interest in what I write!
  5. I mostly blog for me: Okay, I know this sounds selfish. But a big reason I blog is because it feels good. It is a form of creative expression, and I love the idea of having a record of my life and my ideas. It also forces me to articulate thoughts that might otherwise come and go and never return. I feel smarter when I blog, because I follow through on my ideas, visions, and interests. I also get to document our lives in a format Allie (and future kids?) can return to one day and realize how young and cool I was! Right. 🙂
  6. I also blog for other people: I totally love the idea of connecting with others through blogs! It’s seriously so fun. Meagan of Because of Jackie posted yesterday about how blogging is like online dating, and meeting blog friends in real life can be a little nerve-racking. I’ve been thinking about it, and I realize it’s because making friends online is like the reverse of making them in real life, because you get to know someone before you ever actually meet them. And, I gotta be honest, that’s pretty cool. But of course I also have my beloved real life friends who I don’t get to see as often as I would like, and it is very convenient to be able to share our recent happenings through our blogs.

Forgive the very meta post today, but seeing all these other kinds of blogs out there, it’s important for me to define exactly who I am in this online space. And the verdict (a bonus confession, I suppose): I’m still kind of figuring that out. It will involve some design, some photography, some fashion, lots of variety, lots of me, and hopefully lots of you, too. And it won’t be perfect. Hope you don’t mind.


12 thoughts on “six confessions about blogging

  1. Ahhh I remember Angelfire! Do you remember Geocities too? I thought I was so cool with all my websites! I totally agree with all your points about blogging. Especially about not being a fashion blogger. If only everyone knew what I wore every day, they’d be so ashamed! 😉

    • Yes, it has to be a balance. Because I think the interactions you have with people who read your blog are important! But ultimately, it is about creating something that feels true to yourself (cheesy as that sounds).

  2. Great post! I always struggle with “conforming” to the blog world, i.e. fitting into a niche, posting beautiful photos, etc. but at the end of the day it’s all about what brings you satisfaction, right? Keep on blogging!

  3. I am SO dating myself here, but I had to make my own website for a college class I was in, in like umm, 1996. So cutting edge. I wish I had a screenshot of that thing. Although I don’t even think that was an option back then 😉

    And graphic designer I am not either! I had a friend do my blog. I’m trying to learn, but it’s so difficult (for me).

    • Ha, it’s so funny to remember who new and exciting the internet was back then, and how old websites would just look sad at this point. I think your blog looks great! Plus, content is what really matters and yours has me hooked!

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