life in this moment

I have this tendency toward infatuation. In all aspects of my life. I get super excited about something (or someone, as the case may be) for a while, then eventually it passes and I move on to something else without blinking. This served me well in getting over all sorts of relationships that probably weren’t right in the first place, and it also meant that the relationship that eventually did work out would need to start slow and steady. And, thank goodness, I was maybe the only girl who didn’t kiss Ben under his retractable mistletoe at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party where we met.

Anyway, you may find that my blog posts don’t always follow a consistent pattern or predictability, because frankly I just change my mind a lot about how I want to do things. So in the interests of living in the moment, my post today is all about right now. Currently, I am…

  • feeling: Exhausted. But also grateful. Ben is taking Allie on a walk so I can have some me time. This may turn into a nap once this post is done…
  • listening: To “Demons” by The Wanted (the band featured in last week’s ‘do this’ post). This song is the perfect pre-workout motivator. (Or run song, if you’re a runner. Tony Horton is my workout soundtrack.)
  • obsessing: About this Kate Spade color blocked tee, discovered through A Little Dash of Darling. So simple, yet so cute.
  • loving: My defiant, energetic child. She completely wears me out, but I love that even this small little girl is so sure of what she wants. Or at least what she thinks she wants. And that could and will change at any moment. (Hmm.. sounds like someone else we just talked about…)
  • wearing: Leggings. Obviously. And an oversized mint v-neck left over from pregnancy.
  • procrastinating: Work. It’s a holiday, so I don’t technically have to, but there are things to be done. And I should probably do them. Sigh.
  • worrying: About everything. Because that’s just what moms do.
  • smiling: Because the Bachelor is on tonight, and it is my guilty pleasure, and that is okay with me.
  • craving: Pineapple. I used to buy/eat at least one a week but haven’t since we moved. WITHDRAWALS.
  • realizing: I need a break from my iPhone. It is a legitimate addiction, and I’ve been in denial about it.
  • wishing: Our cats would reverse their daily routine to instead sleep all night and chase each other around loudly all day.
  • reconsidering: My personal ban on painting my fingernails. I haven’t painted them in years (with my wedding day French tips as a notable exception), but maybe I’m missing out.
  • dreading: Getting up and working out. Exercise + four hours of sleep = why do I do this to myself?
  • appreciating: Electric blankets and space heaters, a.k.a. the only way this Hawaii-born girl can cope with winter.
  • reading: The Interestings, by Meg Wolitzer. Well not right this second, but these days, which typically consists of 10-15 pages before I totally pass out at bedtime.
  • wanting: A romantic getaway. Like nowish. I’d be cool taking Allie (and probably would anyway), but I need a vacation!
  • thinking: About Adam and Eve. A family discussion last night has planted all sorts of questions in my mind.
  • remembering: This one time four years ago when I was unintentionally a total jerk. Some friends and I were at The Cheesecake Factory and had been waiting a while for our food. The waitress came by and asked us if everything was alright, to which I responded honestly (but not even thinking how bratty it sounded), “Just hungry.” Everyone looked at me like I had just insulted the girl’s mom or something. I then realized that, while meant to be an honest statement, it probably came across super rude. Sorry, random CF waitress. Not sure why that popped into my head. Maybe I’m actually craving cheesecake.
  • missing: Virginia, as per usual.
  • ending: This post.

Peace out, friends. Happy MLK Jr. day. (Btw, this is a very interesting take on what MLK Jr.’s most important contribution really was.)

{Today’s post idea is inspired by this post on The Daybook. If you want to borrow it, too, I would love to read yours!}

{{Image is the drool-worthy QLOCKTWO wall clock}}


6 thoughts on “life in this moment

  1. I don’t think I could go without my iPhone. I am nervous just thinking about it. Which likely means I should give it up even more. I didn’t have it for like 2 hours last week when it was at the Apple store trying to get fixed and I was like. I couldn’t even figure out what time it was.

    • Yeah, that’s exactly how I am. It’s basically just a socially acceptable addiction. I try so hard to put it down every now and then, but it always somehow ends up back in my hands.

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