fabulous finds: shop + read + make

I have been drowning in work this week, and being back in blogland feels almost literally like I’m coming up for air. Also, I work on a PC and play on a Mac, so it’s like I’m coming home. In order to cope with all the madness, I’ve snuck into my blogroll a few times, and today I have to share some of my recent fabulous finds.



  • Grace Atwood on The Everygirl: Speaking of Ms. Stripes & Sequins herself, this article about Grace Atwood’s career path and current gig as BaubleBar’s social media director is interesting and inspiring, especially for anyone in marketing, fashion, or, um, blogging. Seriously, though, I already loved her blog, but hearing her story made me love her even more!
  • Alison Faulkner on middle school: Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show is already one of the coolest people I’ve never met, and her article with advice about surviving middle school is so right in every way. Great advice for any age, in my opinion.


  • DIY Chanel ring: I probably should have just gone ahead and called this post “Awesomeness from Stripes & Sequins,” because this project is another winner this week! If you are drawn to the fabulous but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on it, make a Chanel ring with a vintage button! A simple way to get a little chic in your life.
  • DIY neon coral lipstick: Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere presents a very basic idea, but honestly one I wouldn’t have thought of but will now totally try. I seem to have the hardest time finding a lip color I don’t hate, and this easy DIY fixes that with a little bit of mixing.

{All images in the graphic above are taken from the sites linked here. Not sure on protocol here, but I can’t take credit for the images themselves!}


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