boxes, the bachelor, and babyproofing

Lots of random things on my mind this morning. I got a huge work project that has dominated the majority of my free time, but we won’t talk about that. Instead, let’s talk about…

  • Boxes!: Suuuper excited because my January Birchbox* arrived yesterday!! I didn’t even realize it had shipped yet, and when I saw that beautiful little box sitting on the kitchen counter, it totally made my day. Also helps that it was an awesome box! Oh, and remember the free clothes deal I told you about on Monday? My oh-so free Ann Taylor cardigan has shipped! Woot!

  • The Bachelor: Okay, I have to be honest, I wasn’t all that excited about this season. At least not as much as I’ve been in the past. I think I questioned the choice of Juan Pablo as el bach-ell-ore, but he has totally impressed me thus far. If you are a follower of the show, for sure check out the weekly recaps from Possessionista. She cracks me up.

  • Babyproofing: It has become clear to me that my tiny little human will soon become a tiny little terror once she learns to crawl. The thought of all the dangers that surround her in our house has made me, to put it mildly, completely paranoid. I know we need to start thinking about babyproofing, but I honestly have no idea where to start. Are there manuals for this??

Other random thoughts today:

  • TV in general: I feel like things are finally starting to pick up after the break. I don’t watch a ton of TV, usually just a show or two in the evening while I do something else (we have a strict no TV around Allie policy, at least for now), but there is something to be said for the little pleasures that are our regular shows. Just a nice way to unwind after a long day. Probably the show I’m most excited about these days is Sherlock. Because Benedict Cumberbatch is just fantastic. And also, it’s just the most brilliant and captivating show on television. It made me wonder.. would it be weird if we had a son and named him Sherlock? But seriously, have you ever heard of anyone besides the Sherlock named Sherlock?
  • Stressful jobs: My job can get pretty stressful sometimes, but usually it’s just a day or two, then things calm down and my nerves can recover. Ben found this Forbes article on The Most Stressful Jobs of 2014, and I found it very interesting (but, frankly, not surprising) that enlisted military personnel top the list. The side effects of being in prolonged stressful situations are a troubling topic of discussion for another day, but it makes me extra appreciative (cue Veterans Day post flashback) of our friends who are still serving. My job has its moments, but in comparison with, you know, fearing for your life every second of every day for months on end, I have it way easy.
  • Modern dads: When our friends the Petersons were visiting a couple of weeks ago, Richard remarked how, in conversations with his dad, it became apparent that our dads and other dads in their generation were much less involved in parenting than young dads today are. I am sure that’s not true for everyone in either generation, but I definitely find it’s true with people I know. Ben’s involvement in our daily routine is totally essential. I can cope without his help, but it is way harder. From this I can draw one of two conclusions: (1) Parenting is harder now than it was for my parents, or (2) I am just a total lightweight compared to my mom. I’ll just leave that one unanswered.

Anyway, back to the workly grind. Plenty of food for thought while I wait for my conference call to start, I suppose!

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11 thoughts on “boxes, the bachelor, and babyproofing

  1. This is so bad, but I pretty much just babyproofed as we went along. I got all the outlet covers which was a good idea, but moving stuff like coffee tables somewhere else is much less of a pain in the end than covering them with bumpers. And NEVER EVER use Prince Lionheart bumpers! The took the stain right off my furniture and the adhesive STILL hasn’t come off a year later. It ruined my coffee table AND entertainment center!

    • Thank you for the advice! Yeah, I might just have to watch Allie and see what she’s drawn to in order to know what to babyproof! We may just have to move some furniture around, as well…

  2. i’m totally with you on the bachelor this season! and I was trying to email you but couldn’t find your email address! You said you wanted to link up for a baby/mama outfit post – I’m going to have my first link up next Friday! So you should join! 🙂

  3. Gahh very jealous of the headband in your January box! I did nott get one of those, haha. And ok Juan Pablo is seriously the best– have you seen his Twitter? He has this thing where he capitalizes words RANDOMLY like this AND it’s kind of weird. Definitely worth checking out 🙂

    • Do it! Give in to the Birchbox temptation! 🙂 Yeah, I have a ton of samples around that I haven’t used yet, but I am a little bit thing-obsessed, so I don’t mind.

    • Yes, it’s super tight! Almost too tight in my case (maybe I have a big head?). But I like having an accessory for working out, and it gets the job done for sure.

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