do this: awesome monday

It may be the vestiges of obsessions from my childhood (moons, tornados, and Hanson, to name a few), but I love to feel carried away by things. Caught in the moment. My inspiration as someone in the marketing field is the idea of creating experiences. Making people feel transported. So today, on this Monday, I’ve decided to attempt such a feat in blog form. Follow these steps to, I hope, make you feel awesome today.

  1. Go somewhere you can turn the volume up (or plug in headphones) and listen to this song (link will autoplay when you open it). Dance along as appropriate.
  2. Spend five minutes doing this workout.
  3. Follow the steps here to snag (for free) $25 worth of secondhand brand-name clothes.
  4. Save this image, print it, and pin it to your workspace or bedroom wall.
  5. Daydream, soak in some of the amazingness the world has to offer, and start planning for your next trip by following along with Kate Spade’s traveling colorfully adventures.

Also, if you’re a fan, remember that The Bachelor is on tonight! If that’s not your thing, you should at least check out Possessionista’s Best Books of 2013 and find some literary inspiration. Whatever you do, just have an awesome Monday!


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