tales from the crib

This became my new desktop background this week:

Sweet little happy girl. Today was not an easy day (I guess no days are easy anymore), but her cute smiling face is what keeps me going when I’ve pretty much decided to pack my bags, hop on a plane south, and open a fruit stand on a Caribbean island. No, actually, maybe we could make that work…

Allie’s big news this week was learning to play peekaboo! We’ve played it with her a few times, but she learned how to do it herself, and she could probably go on for hours if we kept up our surprised reactions for that long.

It’s really quite adorable. We also, after (to my great shame) feeding her store-bought solids, began the homemade baby food adventure this week. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve had a very difficult time finding information about preparing baby food at home that is actual useful to an exhausted and time-constrained mom. The issue isn’t that there isn’t info out there, it’s just that there’s so much of it. Too much. I finally found a few websites that give you a list of the approved foods by age, with links to basic recipes. That’s all I needed! And I just have to say—puréed peas prepared at home are about a million shades more brilliant green than the store-bought variety. And Allie found great pleasure in getting them all over her face. We also missed the rice cereal boat when we first introduced solids and decided to give it a go this week. Allie’s response was an enthusiastic, “Ummm no.”

This adorable creature continues to be our primary source of awe and amusement. Her favorite toys are my water bottle (still), her buckets (still), and Opa’s old cell phone. She also loves playing a vigorous game of tug-of-war if we try to take any of these things from her.

Parenthood is not easy, but it is definitely a lot of fun!


4 thoughts on “tales from the crib

  1. http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com is a great website. Don’t feel too guilty about store-bought solids. We ended up doing a combination of fresh produce (the things that are cheap and easy to make — like bananas, applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots) and some store-bought (peaches, pears, squash, some of the combination fruits) for Luke, and it worked well and didn’t stress me out. I DID get stressed out when I tried to make *everything* he ate.

    • That website is perfect!! Yeah, I’m working on not feeling guilty, it’s just so hard when you realize this tiny being is completely dependent on you and will have lasting issues if you mess things up..

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