what made my day today

Guys, from the bottom of my fun-loving heart.. happy Friday! I am feeling particularly cheery today, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Migration to Safari: I have been a loyal Firefox user for eons. Or at least as long as it’s been around. But lately, I’ve been realizing how insanely slow it is. Not sure what the deal is. Ben has been telling me to switch to Safari forever, and I’ve resisted, but today when two or three sites were taking ages to load in Firefox, I tried them in Safari, and they opened with no problem. So I exported my bookmarks, removed Firefox from the dock, and made the switch. While a new browser takes some getting used to, it feels so good to have my pages load quickly!! Patience is totally overrated, right?
  • Allie’s reaction to clothes: If I didn’t already have pretty convincing evidence that Allie is my child, I would be sure by the way she responds to clothes. Any time I’m holding her and walk past my closet, she reaches out desperately. If I walk up to the hanging clothes, she smiles dreamily and grabs at everything in sight. Also, if I try to push my indecision onto her when choosing outfits each day, holding two or three options above her, she reaches out and pulls every outfit to her at once. She isn’t afraid to dream big, that girl.
  • Magnum double-caramel ice cream bars: Since I’m working out consistently again, I can justify these, right? Right. Not a question, because, honestly, I don’t think I could exist in a world without Magnum bars. I had one today for the first time in a long time, and I’m pretty sure Ben rolled his eyes when I tried to explain the intense psychobiological response these delicious indulgences elicit from me.
  • An organized blogroll: Since reentering the blogosphere, I’ve been gradually adding new blogs to my blogroll as I’ve discovered them. This has led to a somewhat unruly catalog of posts to sort through each day. So today, I went in and sorted all my blogs into categories, making it easier to prioritize my blog time and ensure I don’t miss anything from my favorites!
  • One Fine Day’s Snail Mail Exchange: Speaking of favorites, I have to say, Ashley of One Fine Day is a fantastic blogger. I’m in love. And I just found out about this monthly snail mail exchange she hosts, basically just a fun and awesome way to make new friends and get surprises in the mail! So cool and exciting!
  • Family dance parties: Tonight while Allie held on determinedly to her dinner spoon and smeared peas all over her face, Ben and I blasted iTunes Radio and entertained her with our sweet dance moves. In a mix of embarrassment and entertainment, she smiled and kicked along. Such good times.

So maybe it’s just some small things, but if you look, there are always reasons to feel happy. Sometimes I just need that reminder that life is really just absolutely extraordinary. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “what made my day today

  1. LOL i use all three (safari, chrome, and ff). i use safari for all my personal stuff, chrome for blog work, and firefox for the personal fb account connected to my blog page (since i have direct sales stuff i keep a personal fb profile separate from my actual one). this way i never have to switch my facebooks or gmails or anything. i really should use separate profiles on my mac but i just smoosh everything together. as long as they are all in separate browsers.

    • I actually used to use Safari for a couple of my other accounts, but honestly I hate having multiple applications open at the same time! But if you have that many things to juggle, I guess it’s necessary to keep some things separate.

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