fabulous finds (we’re official now)

Ben turned to me this morning and said very seriously, “We need to talk about something. You haven’t blogged in two days.” Dutiful wife that I am, here I go! But seriously, as much as I would love to spend all my time reading other people’s blogs, it feels good for me to write and collect and share. It’s been a while since I’ve shared my fabulous finds, so I’ve sifted through the zillions of amazing finds from over the past couple of weeks, and, because this has officially turned into a regular post, I threw together a little logo. Enjoy!


  • Tibi skirt: All the signs point to full skirts as the current trend, and I keep seeing my favorite bloggers in them. Particularly digging the striped top + full skirt combo.  The red Tibi skirt below on Blair of Atlantic-Pacific, despite being woefully out of my price range at the moment, is to (almost) die for, but I also love this one from Mara of M Loves M. Oh, and this one and this one on A Little Dash of Darling.

  • GBO Fashion’s best of 2013: Shannon of GBO Fashion recently shared her most loved looks of 2013, and I love way too many to pick. Beyond that, she manages to pull off pregnancy chic amazingly well. I will basically live in her blog archives next time I’m prego! My new fashion idol for sure.


  • DIY Leather Cuff from Stripes & Sequins: I desperately want to learn how to make my own jewelry, and this DIY is a great place to start! I love how classy a little leather looks once you slap a clasp on it!
  • DIY Lite Brite from Glitter ‘N Glue: Does anyone else have intensely fond memories of playing with Lite Brites as a kid? I had almost forgotten about them until I saw this DIY. (I actually already posted about this briefly a couple of weeks ago but want to give it a spotlight.) I like that this can be a long-term decor piece. But now I’m also thinking I should invest in a Lite Brite.. ya know, for the kids…



  • Blueprints (via Lovely Indeed): This awesome shop prints your FB photos, but that’s not even the best part—they offer are so many fun ways to print your stuff! I’m obsessed with the minibook and calendar options they offer. Seriously check this one out!
  • Julia Kostreva (via Oh So Pretty): I love when art meets accessories, and Julia Kostreva’s collection of calendars, iPhone cases, art, and more totally speaks to my soul’s love of all things beautiful. I’m dying over her Painter Striped iPhone case.

Home ideas

  • Gift wrap station by IHeartOrganizing: This one makes my heart leap a little bit. After the wrap-crazy holidays and having dozens of rolls of wrapping paper, tags, tape, and scissors strewn across our living room floor, this is a dream.

  • Corner shelving system by A Beautiful Mess: Not only do I need to get onboard the color-coded bookshelf bandwagon, but I need a corner shelving unit like this! Feels much lighter and cozier than our current bookshelves.

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s fabulousness. For those of you in the heart of the polar vortex, I just want you to know I fully endorse you to staying home all day, drinking hot cocoa, and browsing the internet. Or maybe try some of the DIYs above!

* Stripes in the new {fabulous finds} logo inspired by my new favorite blog, onefinea.com!


10 thoughts on “fabulous finds (we’re official now)

  1. I need to do that pasta thingy. I do the same thing with my lasagna noodles – I don’t cook beforehand. They turn out perfectly plus my lasagna is never runny. Yes please keep blogging, because I love your blog!

    • Ha, yeah I know. I never realized how good it feels to be organized until I spent these initial months of parenthood so disorganized. I think something like that wrapping station would be like healing balm for my soul.

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