friday i’m in love

This was meant to be my weekly “things I love Thursday” post, but I got busy with work today, and by now (late Thursday night) it’s already Friday for a lot of you. So whatever. Rounding up. In any case, if I’m going to let go of things this year, I can probably start by just blogging what I want when I can and not stressing about it, right? In that vein, I’ll go ahead and share some things I’m loving right now:

  • The mystifying technological adeptness of children: This week we were over at my sister’s house and had Allie in a little bouncer chair, with my nieces entertaining her. One of them handed Allie her iPod Touch, and within minutes Allie had (a) taken a picture of herself, (b) set it as the phone background, and (c) turned on a One Direction song. She isn’t even 7 months old. How does she do this???
  • Great friends you’ve known for a decade who get you like no one else: Emily and I met our freshman year of college and have managed not only to remain friends but live near each other for much of that time. Since leaving Virginia, we have desperately missed Em and her family, but they are in town for the holidays and came to visit today!
  • P90X3 yoga: In keeping with my resolution to finish P90x3 this year, I’ve done it every day this week! Granted, it certainly helps that the workouts are only 30 minutes each. And I *might* put my knees down half the time we’re supposed to be in plank, but still. Anyway, I think one of the things that made it hard to stick with the original P90x was the 90-minute yoga video. It was hard. And long. But the P90x3 version is the promised 30 minutes and much more doable and enjoyable.
  • Public libraries: I am not sure how I forgot about libraries, but they are so awesome!! The last several years, any time I wanted a book I would order it off Amazon or download the e-book, but turns out, local libraries have tons of selection and you can get the books for free! I was reminded of this today when I was able to get The Interestings to read for A Beautiful Mess’s online book club. Super excited!
  • Another Rachel McAdams time-travel movie and not just because it has Rachel McAdams: Ben and I watched the movie About Time, which I wasn’t thinking would be anything special, but we actually really liked it. I think in a certain mood some people might find it slow, but it is really sweet and makes you really appreciate every moment you have with your loved ones.
  • My new motto for 2014: In large part inspired by the movie above, but also by Along Abbey Road’s post about living intentionally, I have created a motto to live by this year. It’s something so obvious but also something I need to be reminded of constantly:

And now time to cherish some sleep!


12 thoughts on “friday i’m in love

  1. I love Rachel McAdams!!! And the kids with technology thing… what the heck, right? My 1 year old nephew manages to take selfies on my phone everytime I see him ahah.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out 🙂 It was so great to see you guys. And YES to libraries (and pretty much everything else on the list) — I totally rediscovered how great libraries are after Luke was born.

    • You should totally try P90x! I love P90x3 because it’s shorter and easier to fit in, but the original is great, too! I just hate running and need variety to keep working out.

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