why 2014 will be awesome

Happy New Year!! We had a wild and crazy night playing board games with my family. I know, super exciting, but very much a family tradition! I got to bed around midnight but was awakened by Allie soon after because, guess what, fireworks + sleeping baby = awake baby! In my sleep-deprived hangover I’ve been reading all the resolutions people have been posting, and it is so interesting to see (a) what people care most about improving, and (b) what people struggle most with doing! I was particularly inspired by the creative resolution formats of Damsel in Dior and Likes of Us, especially because these are visuals you can print out and keep as a pretty reminder.

So I’ve created one of my own! In the past I’ve focused on general areas of improvement or even a few specific things I need to be better at. This year I took more of an approach of what will make me happy. As in, real, fulfilling happiness. I asked myself what I love most and set goals to do more of it.

I’m hoping my 2014 will be awesome for a variety of reasons, but at least in part because…

Are you making resolutions for 2014? I love hearing people’s goals for the year!


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