do this: unplug

A few posts ago I mentioned my desire to detach myself from my iPhone, and a few of you commented how you have felt the need to do it, too, but it is SO HARD. Like, much harder than one might think. Sometimes I tell myself, “Okay, Bethany, put your phone down and just live this moment.” And I do, for about a minute. Then, through some kind of dark magic, my phone is back in my hand. How??

It’s called addiction, my friends. I’d venture a guess that many or most of us are much more addicted to our electronic devices than we would like. Granted, I’m not on my phone all the time. It’s usually just in moments when I’m not doing anything else but, say, eating lunch on my own or watching Allie play and bounce in her jumperoo. Moments where a healthy human brain would cherish the mental break and take the opportunity to process thoughts, ideas, and dreams.

But of course there are also the moments when I’m with other people and we’re all on our phones. All for very valid reasons, of course! Like checking the price online for an item in the store, or looking up an answer to a question someone has (things like what a map of pangaea looks like or Which Hunger Games Character Are You?, both recent items in my iPhone browser history).

I once read an article (that I can’t find for the life of me) about the condition from which most people with internet access suffer: seeking. We get high off of consuming information—whether it be Facebook statuses, viral YouTube videos, random captioned pictures of cats… Let me just say I believe there is tons of really good content on the internet. Uplifting, inspiring stuff. But sometimes we interrupt actually living our lives to chase down the information high. It’s a fine line, and honestly I have no idea where that line is, but I usually know when I’ve crossed it.

Anyway, we have become dependent on our phones (or just the internet in general) for either information or entertainment or both, and I just feel this need to take a step back and give my brain a chance to think for itself. I typically just grab my phone without even thinking, scroll through my Instagram feed, check Facebook, read emails, etc. Half (or more) of the time I have absolutely no specific purpose for picking up my phone. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. Or at least get curbed dramatically. It was never like this before I had a smart phone! I miss my old Nokia with no functions other than calling and texting.

So, with this is mind, I am sitting here and thinking about specific things we can do to unplug. I am under no delusions that this will be a lasting thing, but in those moments when you realize you need to put the phone down but need, if you will, a sober companion, here are some ideas. And this list is totally for me, too. These are super basic, but I feel that in moments like these we just need something fun and interesting to latch onto.

When you are sitting there with nothing particular to do and are tempted to grab your phone

  1. Read one chapter of an actual book (BuzzFeed articles don’t count).
  2. If there is a person you know nearby, talk to them. (Novel idea, I know.) Ask random hypothetical questions just for fun. If the person nearby is, say, an infant, write him/her a note, stick it in an envelope, and label it: Open in 2025. Or something.
  3. Or in general, grab a piece of paper and write a letter to a sibling, a friend, an old high school teacher, anyone. You don’t even have to send it (though I’m sure the person would appreciate it if you did). Snail mail is totally fun.
  4. If you play an instrument, go play it. If not, just turn on your favorite song and listen. And think about stuff.
  5. Do the multiplication tables in your head.
  6. Start a daily scrapbook. If you want, just take one picture from your day and add a caption.
  7. Dig out your old yearbooks and read through the messages. I just discovered all my high school yearbooks the other day, and holy throwback.
  8. Try to do any of the following: a handstand, the splits, or a cartwheel.
  9. Go organize all your books, clothes, or beauty products according to color. If you are into that sort of thing.
  10. Play MASH.

And for those times where you are doing actual things with actual people, you may find yourself in this situation:

When confronted with a question the internet could answer

  1. Stop and ask yourself two questions: (A) Can I or anyone I can reach right now answer this question with a little bit of thinking? (B) Does it really matter that much?
  2. If the answer to both A and B is yes, either figure it out yourself or ask the person who knows the answer. In this case, using your phone to call someone is okay, because it involves actual human interaction!
  3. If the answer to either A or B is no, grab a piece of paper, write down your question, and save it for another time. Just the act of waiting to get the information gives your mind a break and a chance to process thoughts on its own.

OVERALL IDEA: In any situation, when tempted to grab your phone, think back to that time long, long ago, before cell phones. Think what you would have done in this moment. And do it.

So anyway, try to get past the inherent irony of these ideas coming to you via a post on the internet, and best of luck with your own unplugging efforts! And please oh please add to these lists if you have any specific ideas!


dreams of iceland + thursday thoughts

In the book I’m reading (see below), there’s a part of the story where some characters go to Iceland, and that of course got me googling pictures of Iceland, and um WOW. These pictures completely blow me away. I know I was just talking about how beautiful warm and tropical Hawaii is, but I *might* need to take a trip to Iceland as well. 

Anyway, onto today’s post. It’s only about time that I participate in a link up with one of my favorite bloggers, Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  And it works perfectly today, because all I have is a bunch of random thoughts anyway!

  • It’s snowing!!! If you know us well, you’ve probably heard Ben’s theory that he is cursed when it comes to snow. As in, it never snows when he’s in town. (The great Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse of 2010 was while he was deployed to Afghanistan.) Well that’s obviously been proven false since we moved, but now he’s claiming it only applies to Virginia. So to all our friends in the DC area, you’re welcome for the snow this winter.
  • Did anyone else watch Monday’s episode of How I Met Your Mother?? I cried twice. Granted, I cry all the time these days, but still, it was an awesome episode!!
  • I am also still loving The Bachelor this season. I really didn’t want to, but Juan Pablo is just so different from other bachelors! I am also liking how unique Sharleen is in the mix. (Maybe the next Bachelorette?) But if someone says, “It’s just that you’re one person with us and another person with him” one more time, well, I will probably just continue to sigh and shake my head at how predictable some of these girls are.
  • I’ve mentioned already that I’ve been reading The Interestings for A Beautiful Mess’s online book club. Well our discussion is tomorrow and I still have about 1/3 of the way to go. It seems that reading for 15 minutes before bed every night is not enough of a commitment! I feel like I’m back in school, stressing to finish a reading assignment! But really, it is interesting so far. I may end up posting a quick review of it here on the blog IF I EVER FINISH.
  • A friend shared this fascinating article on Facebook about today’s 27-year-olds. Basically, we’re all in debt and living with our parents—but at least we have bachelor’s degrees! Ha, seriously though, it’s an interesting read. Charts and stuff. Fun to see where we fit in compared with our peers. For example, I’m in the minority (12%) among college graduates my age because I’m a mom.
  • I’m headed to the craft store today!! I’m participating in a quiet book page exchange hosted by my dear friend Chelsea, but since everyone else involved is in Virginia, I have to hustle to get my pages done and shipped. I think I’m going to make some kind of world map with cutouts of the continents you have to stick on the map, but I am still not sure how they will be attached. Velcro? Snaps? Do those defy the principles of quiet books?
  • Everyone’s getting all pumped for Valentine’s Day, but I really haven’t given it much thought yet. However, today Alison of The Alison Show posted this list of “7 questions to ask your husband to find out what he really wants for Valentine’s Day,” and I was so amused by her husband’s responses I decided to ask Ben the questions:

1. What is your most favorite gift I’ve ever given you (for any holiday or occasion)?
“Allie.” (Awwwwwww!)

2. Do you consider something I wear a gift for you?
“My green Marine Corps hoodie. Or ummm.. lingerie.” (I wasn’t asking for specifics, but okay…)

3. Honestly, do you want something with my picture in or on it?
“It depends.. yes?” 

4. Do you wish I’d take over some of the date-night planning for the 14th?

5. Do you like a coupon book or some written promises?
“No. I want things.” (Like wife, like husband.)

6. Do you prefer a handmade gift to a store-bought one?
“I’d prefer both.”

7. If you could pick your most perfect Valentine’s day gift ever what would it be?
“Maybe a bag of candy?”  (So easily pleased. Sigh.)

Happy Thursday to all! Enjoy my favorite day of the week!

let’s get scrappy

So… I think I’ve decided to start scrapbooking. I realize this sounds a bit like me saying, “I’ve decided to start using the internet,” in that so many people have been doing this for years and years, and any hope I have of becoming mildly competent at scrapbooking will be forever overshadowed by the masses of seriously talented experts out there. Including one of my sisters. She has a whole room in her house dedicated to it. I have a whole container! Thus far. But let’s be real here—scrapbooking is totally fun.

This is clearly a big deal. Honestly, I think I resisted the idea at first because it seemed like a lot of work, and I’d constantly feel the need to keep scrapbooking, but I’m realizing these things are counterbalanced by how much fun the actual work of creating a scrapbook can be. (This also *might* have to do with a recent visit to a craft store in the mall and discovering all the fun supplies in existence for scrapbooking. All the things!)

In any case, here I am, and I’m trying to decide how to go about it. Where do I start? Our first year of marriage? Allie’s first year of life? Mine? The fine ladies of A Beautiful Mess recently shared an awesomely helpful post about scrapbooking for beginners, which I’ll need to go back and review in detail. And I will probably just go ahead and give my sister a call to get her professional opinion.

In the meantime, I’ve started playing with a few ideas. Probably what I love most about scrapbooking is scrapbook paper. I mean, have you seen all the cute patterns out there? I keep buying sets of the paper with no real projects in mind, just because they are so cute. I also decided to create a few scrapbook pages of my own in Illustrator. Feel free to download and use them if you’d like!

I think for me there’s something about becoming a mom that has made me feel this urgency to document our lives. For Allie’s sake. And the sake of any future babes. It’s part that and part creative cabin fever. We’ll see how the great scrapbooking adventure goes. I don’t want to go overboard and have it be a hobby-turned-addiction, but I’m hoping it will serve as a creative outlet and means for me to counteract my fear of all these precious memories with my family slipping away. I shall keep you posted!

on being a hawaii-raised mainlander

My high school reunion is coming up soon, and following all the exchanges about it in our Facebook group has brought the nostalgia train big time. As some of you know, I was born and raised in Hawaii. We would go on vacations to the mainland during most summers to visit family, but the life I knew was the tranquility of the islands. Contrary to what many people thought, we did not live in grass huts or wear hula skirts all the time, but it was probably a different childhood than someone might have in the continental U.S.

For starters, things like designer labels and nice cars were completely off my radar. I’m sure some people wore/had them, but nobody that I knew really cared. Also, being a part of the (not necessarily overwhelming) minority of Caucasians, I didn’t even really think about race for the most part. Hawaii is actually heavily Asian (pretty sure they are the majority), though where I lived there were lots of Polynesians and a fair share of Caucasians. In short, it was a good mix. The island of Oahu is even known as “the gathering place”—a kind, happy name I’ve always felt described my home very well.

A favorite pic from childhood of my brother and me at the beach.

A favorite pic from childhood of my brother and me at the beach.

Hawaii was and is the most laid back environment I’ve ever known, with some of the nicest people in the nation. Going to the beach after school, walking to get everywhere (I didn’t get my license until I was in college), and being surrounded by the beauties of nature at its finest on a daily basis were things of which I took shameful advantage until I left home for good. (This Buzzfeed article gives a few more reasons why Hawaii is an awesome place to grow up. Like li hing mui ice pops… YUM.)

Another was finding amusement in simple pleasures. We didn’t have a ton of things to do in my town apart from go to the beach, go see movies, or go to Foodland (the local grocery store). I regularly threw parties and invited everybody I knew, but these consisted of hanging out at my house, talking, eating food, and occasionally playing outdoor activities like water balloon fights or four square in my driveway. Everybody came anytime there was anything going on, because there was rarely anything ever going on. (The idea of inviting people to parties and them not showing up was one of the hardest growing pains of moving to the mainland.)

Despite the happy existence I had growing up, I was in a big hurry to head off to college and see the world. Like most teenagers, I had big dreams for my future and felt Hawaii was too small to contain them. Plus, I think I felt like I was missing out on something. I always longed for the traditional high school experience I saw in the movies (no idea why the concepts of indoor hallways and lockers were so appealing to me), and I think anyone can get island fever when you live on a small speck in the middle of earth’s largest ocean. So off I went, never looking back until it was too late to change my mind.

The view from my front yard.

The view from my front yard.

I miss it a lot, of course. While the memories of my peaceful childhood still come easily, so many parts of me have faded from being gone all these years. The most obvious of these is my vocabulary. If you’ve lived in or visited Hawaii, you know there are several distinctly Hawaiian terms and pronunciations. I held onto these for as long as I could, but eventually I grew tired of people not understanding me and had to give them up. For example:

  • Hawai’i: While technically, the authentic pronunciation of our state name involves the Hawaiian V sound for the letter W, most people pronounced it huh-wuh’-ee. I always did, but on the mainland people just had no idea what I was saying. So I started saying huh-whyee to people when introducing myself, and eventually I stopped saying it the original way altogether.
  • Saimin: Also known as ramen. But nobody calls it saimin in the mainland, and, especially as a starving college student!, I had to adapt.
  • Slippers: People think these are those fuzzy shoes you wear around the house, but in fact they are what most people call flip-flops. And even though the term flip-flops is one of the most ridiculous things I had ever heard, I changed my ways so people could understand me.

There are plenty of other expressions unique to Hawaii, but honestly, if I start thinking about this anymore the missing will be too much to handle! I’ll just close with one thing that is extra hard not to have in the mainland: leis. You’ll see them from time to time, but they are just part of life in Hawaii. Any award, graduation, celebration—there are leis. When families would move away growing up, we would sing Aloha ‘Oe in church and everyone would bring up leis for our soon-to-be-departed friends.

Me and my insane stack of leis after high school graduation.

It was always easy to feel the love in Hawaii. I need to get back there soon!!

10+ ways to brighten your day


{Image is a cropped combo of two pages from‘s 2014 catalog}

I learned through blog hopping for Friday’s baby mama link up from Dancing With Ashley that apparently, this last weekend was the most depression-inducing weekend of the year. Upon further research, it turns out that the Monday of the last full week of January is known as Blue Monday. Granted, that would actually have been last Monday, but since the science isn’t exactly exact, I feel like the sentiment extends to this whole time of year. Christmas is over, it’s insanely cold out, and summer just seems so far away. Add to it the fact that it’s Monday, and it would be easy to feel blue.

So, just in case you need some ideas, and perhaps also for my own benefit, I’ve put together a list of a few basic things that always cheer me up:

  1. Anything listed in the image above (minus the alcohol in my case).
  2. Wearing a bright color. Or several of them.
  3. Listening to “Since U Been Gone” (or something similarly belt-worthy) at the loudest volume you can handle and singing along at the top of your lungs. (Sidenote: I did not realize until now that the official title of this song uses the short-form U instead of you’ve. This actually kind of annoys me.)
  4. Watching Mean Girls. Or Clueless. Or Devil Wears Prada.
  5. Reading/watching anything Dave Barry or Brian Regan.
  6. Calling that one long-time friend you actually haven’t spoken to in months but with whom you’ll be able to chat like no time has passed at all.
  7. Shopping. Granted, this actually requires spending money, but buying a new top or even a new book is always a surefire way to brighten my spirits! (Since I borrowed their images, feel free to check out‘s adorable hair accessories! They are super cute.)
  8. Watching this Sony Bravia commercial.
  9. Getting dressed up in something sparkly and going out to dinner.
  10. Ending the day with a candlelit bubble bath with a Norah Jones album playing.

Anything to add to this list? I hope you have a very un-blue Monday!

this week in fabulous

So this week is the “recovery week” of P90x3, which makes it just slightly more embarrassing that it was the week I injured myself. Doing pilates, no less. Just pulled a muscle in my back, no biggie, I’m just apparently an elderly person. But it did give me an excuse to relax a bit and, of course, peruse the interwebs for THE NEXT MOST AMAZING THING EVER. I found a few contenders, or at least some things worth checking out this weekend:

fave of the week


  • Bloggers Closet: We all love to admire the fabulous wardrobes of our beloved fashion bloggers, and now, this brainchild of Lauren of Style Elixir lets you buy the gently used clothes of your favorite bloggers. Love this!
  • Sugarboo Designs (found via One Fine Day): Oh my goodness am I in love with this shop. Unique goods I honestly haven’t seen anywhere else. I am constantly amazed by the limitless creativity in this world!



  • Makeup tips from Get Your Pretty On: I also need to thank Alison of GYPO, because I am one of the most clueless people in the world when it comes to makeup. Somehow my abundance of older sisters failed to train me in this department, so I’m forced to learn by trial and error or, in this case, the wisdom of a fellow blogger.
  • Common beauty myths on VMAC + cheese: Along those same lines, I was amazed how many of these five myths were totally new to me. I’m about to make some changes in my daily routine…


  • Asking the right questions in relationships: Speaking of our sharing culture, I think we get in the habit of talking at people and not to them. But when it comes down to it, aren’t relationships the only things that really matter? This article was a really good reminder for me!
  • 5 questions to ask before posting to social media: Not meant to be guilt-inducing but more a quick check for all of us. The addictive reward cycle of sharing and getting likes is a real thing, for sure.


  • J.Crew pump prints: I just love this one. We get all these beautifully designed catalogs filled with beautiful merchandise, then what? Ashlyn of Let It Be Beautiful came up with this simple but genius idea of turning them into decor! Ben will be thrilled I’ve found a reason not to throw away yet another piece of mail.
  • Abstract crib quilt: Aaaaand back to how much I love graphic patterns. I’m sure Allie would appreciate this crib quilt, but probably not as much as I would. Which is a lot.

Happy weekend!

anchors and stripes, oh baby

For the first time ever, I am participating in a link up! Katie of For Lauren and Lauren is hosting this post-sharing party of mamas with their babies, and I just couldn’t pass it up.

my outfit: Banana Republic cardigan | Olivia Moon v-neck (Nordstrom) | NYC street vendor pashmina | Citizens of Humanity jeans | Steve Madden boots | J.Crew necklace | Kate Spade bracelet

Allie’s outfit (all from Crazy 8): top | jeans | shoes (can’t find them online, but I’m dying over these and these)

Not gonna lie, I try to coordinate my outfit with Allie’s as often as I can. Since for most of the day she is right next to me, it makes me happy to see us match. Her little outfit here was a total impulse buy from Crazy 8 earlier this week. I have a special love of anchors as a symbol (a story for another day), and I have an incredibly hard time resisting any item with an anchor on it.

Allie was a great sport for our little photo shoot, apart from trying to remove her shoes from her feet and attempt to eat them as quickly as possible. A few other recent Allie tidbits:

  • This girl loves playing the piano. As in, she shrieks loudly if I pull her away before she’s ready.
  • She has started doing this super cheesy smile (see above), and I totally love it.
  • After a couple of months of rolling front to back, she finally rolled over from back to front this week!

So glad to have an excuse to bust out our good camera and get some matchy pics together!

fab four and my love of things

When my mom was younger (read: 2os), she left home for a few years and returned to find that her mother had sold or given away a bunch of her beloved possessions. To this day, my mom freely admits that her own mom’s tendency to get rid of things caused in her a tendency to never ever want to get rid of anything ever. Granted, my mom is far from some of the scary cases you’ll see on an episode of Hoarders; she’s more the type to save boxes things come in or reuse wrapping paper rather than trash it.

But to my point: I think I inherited the thing-loving gene. I don’t necessarily share my mom’s fear of throwing things away, but I do have an irrational attachment to things. This is probably the basis of my obsession with subscription boxes, or my general love of shopping. I just love to acquire. Not really the best habit to have if you’re on a budget or trying to save money. Ben has learned to reign me in for the most part, but I still indulge in dreams of fabulousness. And there is a point where I have to draw the line. I tell myself it’s just for now, but in any case, these are a few of the in-my-hopefully-one-day-realized-dreams items I’ve been lusting after lately:

  1. Anine Bing studded boots ($699 | pic from here): Have seen these a few times on Damsel in Dior, and they are just about the most fabulous boots ever. I don’t wear high heels much, and it’s always refreshing to find a low heel that still looks sleek and chic.
  2. Kate Spade 2 park avenue beau bag ($498 | pic from here): It has been so long since I’ve bought a new handbag (diaper bags don’t count!), and I have been coveting this bag, in multiple color options, for a while now.
  3. Tracy Feith color block dress (old but detailed here): Ever since Carrie Bradshaw sported this dress, I have wanted it. Needed it. My teenage self even called the Tracy Feith store to check on the price. It was something like $700, but of course now it’s long gone. One day, though, I will find an amazing seamstress to make it for me. (HOLD THE PHONE—Just found it was for sale on eBay [used] but the sale ended. AH!)
  4. Vita Fede titan bracelets ($225 – $465): Every time I see these I want them more. I guess the “titan” name suggests it, but these on my wrist would just make me feel empowered and amazing. (Truth be told, I love pretty much every piece from Vita Fede.)

You have to have things to dream about, right? If I had everything I wanted, life would be boring.. at least that’s how I cope with the wanting. Le sigh.

six confessions about blogging

In 2000, I created a website (on Angelfire, remember that?). It was back before it was common to call them blogs. I would update the site every month or so with all the excitement of my teenage life (things like “I drove for the first time!!” and “Everyone has a boyfriend!”). This continued into college, near the end of which I jumped ship to create my first official WordPress blog. I went through a few different blogs in the ensuing years (part of my infatuation habit) before I ended up here.

Anyway, since rejoining the ranks of the bloggers, I’ve realized a few things. Time to come clean with myself and the world:

  1. I am not a designer: While I play with a lot of design on this blog, I am not a graphic designer and will definitely never come near all the beautiful design work I see on the professional blogs I follow. I’ve come to terms with the fact that this blog will always be just me expressing my ideas and experimenting with ways to share them, and lots of people do this far more beautifully than I do. But that won’t stop me from trying!
  2. I am not a photographer: I don’t think I ever even realized what a difference beautiful photos make on a blog until I tried to take them. While I was gifted a pretty decent Sony NEX-5 camera a while ago, I honestly have no idea how to use it properly. For the sake of people who read my blog, I try really hard to make the pictures I take look as good as possible, but I know. They’re not great. And that’s okay.
  3. I am not a fashion blogger: I totally love all my fashion blogs that I follow, and they provide me all sorts of inspiration. I have shared and probably will continue to share the occasional outfit post, but I will leave the perfect fashion sense and creativity to my blogroll.
  4. I refuse to pick one category for my blog musings: This is an outlet for me to share my thoughts, tidbits from my life, and various wonderful finds I encounter. As fun as it would be to focus on one thing—my family, shopping/fashion, food, or DIY/crafts, etc.—I just can’t pick. I love too many things. So there will be randomness and lots of it. But I’m a believer that content that comes naturally is always the best, so hopefully at least one or two people besides me will find entertainment or interest in what I write!
  5. I mostly blog for me: Okay, I know this sounds selfish. But a big reason I blog is because it feels good. It is a form of creative expression, and I love the idea of having a record of my life and my ideas. It also forces me to articulate thoughts that might otherwise come and go and never return. I feel smarter when I blog, because I follow through on my ideas, visions, and interests. I also get to document our lives in a format Allie (and future kids?) can return to one day and realize how young and cool I was! Right. 🙂
  6. I also blog for other people: I totally love the idea of connecting with others through blogs! It’s seriously so fun. Meagan of Because of Jackie posted yesterday about how blogging is like online dating, and meeting blog friends in real life can be a little nerve-racking. I’ve been thinking about it, and I realize it’s because making friends online is like the reverse of making them in real life, because you get to know someone before you ever actually meet them. And, I gotta be honest, that’s pretty cool. But of course I also have my beloved real life friends who I don’t get to see as often as I would like, and it is very convenient to be able to share our recent happenings through our blogs.

Forgive the very meta post today, but seeing all these other kinds of blogs out there, it’s important for me to define exactly who I am in this online space. And the verdict (a bonus confession, I suppose): I’m still kind of figuring that out. It will involve some design, some photography, some fashion, lots of variety, lots of me, and hopefully lots of you, too. And it won’t be perfect. Hope you don’t mind.

life in this moment

I have this tendency toward infatuation. In all aspects of my life. I get super excited about something (or someone, as the case may be) for a while, then eventually it passes and I move on to something else without blinking. This served me well in getting over all sorts of relationships that probably weren’t right in the first place, and it also meant that the relationship that eventually did work out would need to start slow and steady. And, thank goodness, I was maybe the only girl who didn’t kiss Ben under his retractable mistletoe at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party where we met.

Anyway, you may find that my blog posts don’t always follow a consistent pattern or predictability, because frankly I just change my mind a lot about how I want to do things. So in the interests of living in the moment, my post today is all about right now. Currently, I am…

  • feeling: Exhausted. But also grateful. Ben is taking Allie on a walk so I can have some me time. This may turn into a nap once this post is done…
  • listening: To “Demons” by The Wanted (the band featured in last week’s ‘do this’ post). This song is the perfect pre-workout motivator. (Or run song, if you’re a runner. Tony Horton is my workout soundtrack.)
  • obsessing: About this Kate Spade color blocked tee, discovered through A Little Dash of Darling. So simple, yet so cute.
  • loving: My defiant, energetic child. She completely wears me out, but I love that even this small little girl is so sure of what she wants. Or at least what she thinks she wants. And that could and will change at any moment. (Hmm.. sounds like someone else we just talked about…)
  • wearing: Leggings. Obviously. And an oversized mint v-neck left over from pregnancy.
  • procrastinating: Work. It’s a holiday, so I don’t technically have to, but there are things to be done. And I should probably do them. Sigh.
  • worrying: About everything. Because that’s just what moms do.
  • smiling: Because the Bachelor is on tonight, and it is my guilty pleasure, and that is okay with me.
  • craving: Pineapple. I used to buy/eat at least one a week but haven’t since we moved. WITHDRAWALS.
  • realizing: I need a break from my iPhone. It is a legitimate addiction, and I’ve been in denial about it.
  • wishing: Our cats would reverse their daily routine to instead sleep all night and chase each other around loudly all day.
  • reconsidering: My personal ban on painting my fingernails. I haven’t painted them in years (with my wedding day French tips as a notable exception), but maybe I’m missing out.
  • dreading: Getting up and working out. Exercise + four hours of sleep = why do I do this to myself?
  • appreciating: Electric blankets and space heaters, a.k.a. the only way this Hawaii-born girl can cope with winter.
  • reading: The Interestings, by Meg Wolitzer. Well not right this second, but these days, which typically consists of 10-15 pages before I totally pass out at bedtime.
  • wanting: A romantic getaway. Like nowish. I’d be cool taking Allie (and probably would anyway), but I need a vacation!
  • thinking: About Adam and Eve. A family discussion last night has planted all sorts of questions in my mind.
  • remembering: This one time four years ago when I was unintentionally a total jerk. Some friends and I were at The Cheesecake Factory and had been waiting a while for our food. The waitress came by and asked us if everything was alright, to which I responded honestly (but not even thinking how bratty it sounded), “Just hungry.” Everyone looked at me like I had just insulted the girl’s mom or something. I then realized that, while meant to be an honest statement, it probably came across super rude. Sorry, random CF waitress. Not sure why that popped into my head. Maybe I’m actually craving cheesecake.
  • missing: Virginia, as per usual.
  • ending: This post.

Peace out, friends. Happy MLK Jr. day. (Btw, this is a very interesting take on what MLK Jr.’s most important contribution really was.)

{Today’s post idea is inspired by this post on The Daybook. If you want to borrow it, too, I would love to read yours!}

{{Image is the drool-worthy QLOCKTWO wall clock}}