so long, 2013: a year in review

Last night I read the year in review post by Erin at Living in Yellow and enjoyed it so much, I figured I’d write my own! Lots of fun times and big changes for us this year. Here’s a quick look at 2013 in our lives:

January: At 20 weeks, I went in (with Ben) for my ultrasound and found out our little one was a girl! I had always had a feeling, and seeing her little body moving, sucking her thumb, facepalming, and avoiding the sonogram wand like she was getting paid to—this is when it all felt so real. Soon after this, we announced the news to all our friends on Facebook:

February: Sometime in my second trimester I got this burst of energy and decided to throw a huge Oscars party at our house. Never before or after did we cram so many people into our townhouse to enjoy my favorite party spread, cheese and chocolate fondue, and fill out our ballots with predictions. We even got little mini plastic Oscar statues to give to those with the most and least correct guesses. One of my favorite nights this year! Had so much fun I completely forgot to take pictures (in fact doesn’t look like I took any pictures at all in February), but these were the printables I used:

March: Around this time I started to feel very busy with work, more overwhelmed than normal due to the whole stressing-out-for-two thing. I also felt the pressure to do all sorts of things before baby arrived. Ben and I took advantage of the improving weather by taking excursions around DC and Northern Virginia, including this one to the Kennedy Center to see the Nordic exhibit and enjoy a delicious lunch and some sunshine.

April: When you work full time in an office job, the months tend to blend together a bit, so April felt much the same as March. We did start going outdoors a lot more, spending a great deal of time in Old Town Alexandria and another one of my favorite places, National Harbor. My dear childhood friend Jordan came to visit this month with her family, and we spent the day walking around both:

May: This month was the calm before the storm: prepping for baby, starting to work from home, my baby shower, getting the nursery ready, and sleeping as much as possible. May was such a happy and exciting month! The lovely baby shower my sister threw me was definitely a highlight. What made it even more fun was having so many other pregnant friends in the same boat (all but one of us in the pic below were due within the same week):

June: Best month ever, of course, because it is when Allie joined our family. I spent six days longer than I had planned waiting anxiously for her, and every day felt like a million years. To pass the time we went on all sorts of adventures around Northern Virginia (not too far from the hospital!), but the day finally came. Happiest day of my life.

July: In addition to spending this month desperately trying to figure out this parenting thing, we also took the necessary but sad step of leaving the DC area. And because I am a totally laid back person who never stresses about anything, not least of which my six-week-old (at the time) baby, this was a completely peaceful and smooth process. So kidding it’s not even funny.

August: After “settling” out west, we found our August filled with trips. First to Idaho, then Ben to Alaska and me (with Allie) to Laguna Beach. Normally I love travel, but after our cross-country move and, you know, having a newborn, I wasn’t necessarily thrilled with the idea. But all trips ended up being a lot of fun!

September: My birthday month. Oh goody. Allie celebrated the day by waking up at 5:00 AM and refusing to nap all day! Seriously, not my favorite birthday ever, and, not gonna lie, this was probably the hardest month of motherhood I’ve had so far. Various milestones and the concomitant sleep deprivation, and it also marked the end of my maternity leave and the beginning of the working from home juggling act.

October: I always love Octobers, and this was a month when I started to feel like we got into a good routine, and I sort of had my life back just a little bit. Allie finally started riding (and sleeping!) in our Ergo carrier without complaint, and I spent pretty much every day taking walks around the neighborhood with her. One big achievement was managing to be in the wedding of one of my best friends, a feat that beforehand seemed impossible with a little one, but we pulled it off swimmingly, and it was such a fun day! Near the end of October is when I discovered (that is, became obsessed with) subscription boxes and began to follow blogs again, which also helped me feel more like myself again. It was of course also the month of Halloween and the accompanying festivities!

November: I feel like last month is when Allie started to seem so much more grown up (maybe because it’s when she finally rolled over for the first time), and I panicked at the thought of time passing so quickly. This and other factors contributed to me returning to blogging! After a two-year hiatus, due mostly to being so busy with work, I started afresh with this blog and was re-energized to do things. It’s so easy as a tired mom to spend whatever free time you have consuming—tv, books, internet—but there is so much more satisfaction in creating. I believe we all need our creative outlets, and for me, blogging is now one of them again! Yay! But of course, time with Allie always comes first. Because above all, I am a clingy and overprotective mom.  And I’m okay with that.

December: And here we are! December has flown by unbelievably quickly. And while Christmas was so much fun and it’s always depressing when it’s over, I am so excited for the new year. A fresh start. With my little family I love so much!

Happy new year to all of you!


9 thoughts on “so long, 2013: a year in review

  1. I thought I had been following your blog already but obviously not, uggh! Anyway I loved this post and all the pictures- your daughter is just the cutest! My birthday is in September too and having a baby has made my birthdays not as fun, haha. Last year R got really sick on my birthday and I had to cancel my fancy birthday dinner with my parents! The joys of parenthood, eh? Well I’m going to catch up on your other posts now!

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