project salted caramel molten chocolate cakes

This week we have had all sorts of family in town, and the other night we had a big family dinner and, surprise surprise, I was tasked with preparing a dessert. Ever since I’ve started following all these amazing blogs and pinning more frequently, a simple batch of cookies or brownies just hasn’t seemed exciting enough. So when the call came, I answered with this recipe from A CUP OF JO for salted caramel molten chocolate cakes. More accurately, Ben answered, because it got late and I had to put Allie down, so Ben was the magic maker of the evening. And magic he made, my friends.

Even though I didn’t do any of the work, I was involved in planning and oversight, and these were a couple of the hurdles we encountered:

  1. Caramel: The recipe included instructions for salted caramel, but we were missing the heavy whipping cream required. We had to choose between (a) buying the whipping cream, (b) buying pre-made salted caramels from Costco, or (c) buying pre-made caramels and salting them ourselves. Because of time, we opted for (c), and it worked out great! Ben just salted them to taste. (And yes, the salt is crucial!)
  2. Ramekins: We didn’t have any and had to borrow them from my sister. Now I realize that I need to buy some but don’t know which size or where to buy them! Thank goodness my sister could help in this case. You don’t think of these as a kitchen essential until you need them!

But despite these minor issues, everything worked out well! More than well. Guys, these are amazing. We sprinkled each cake with powdered sugar and served it with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. So insanely good. Every member of my family present gushed about how delicious they were, and my family is not the type to shy away from honesty. We will probably be picking up some ramekins soon and making these as regularly as my waistline will allow!

* Sidenote: How do you pronounce the word “caramel”? My family teased me for calling them care-uh-mells, instead referring to them as car-mells. Evidently both are correct.


5 thoughts on “project salted caramel molten chocolate cakes

  1. Omg you made those?! They look like the ones I get from Chili’s haha! I need to try my hand at that recipe but I am so hopeless in the kitchen it’s not even funny!

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