current distractions and the weekly cute

Like many others enjoying vacay this week, I’ve slowed my blogging pace a bit lately. A few of my reasons for such are as follows:

  • Family time/chaos: And there has been lots of it. Yesterday we had five kids under six running around, with a few older ones on top of that, and I asked my mom (of eight kids) if that’s how it was when we were younger. There was always someone crying, someone demanding attention, someone hungry. Oh good times. It’s probably a good thing for Allie to be around other kids and realize she’s not the center of the whole world… just mine.
  • Board games: A big part of family time in my family is board games, and yesterday my sister introduced us to Telestrations. Honestly, guys, I haven’t laughed that hard in a really long time. It’s basically a combo of telephone and pictionary, and I was dying. We also played Loaded Questions, another good one to play with family. So fun!
  • Reading: Gone are the days (for me) of getting engrossed in a good book and never looking up from it for hours, but I can squeeze in as much reading as I can during Allie’s naps. When I was creating my Christmas wish list I glanced at some of the bestsellers on Amazon and discovered Divergent, which I’m sure all of you heard of a million years ago. All I saw was that it was fiction and popular, and because I love surprises, I just added it to my wish list without finding what it was about. It turned up under the tree on Christmas morning, and I am totally hooked. I’m refusing to watch the movie trailer until I finish the book (to maintain my mental pictures of the characters), and now that I’m thinking about it, I should probably go ahead and order book 2 in the series to have ready… It takes a real effort to do anything besides read these days!

But, as a mom, you can’t ever completely escape daily life, and I suppose I wouldn’t want to, with such a cute little one around! She’s been up to all sorts of cuteness and trouble this week:

  1. I think Allie is officially a sitter upper. She’ll sit up without help for 10 or 15 minutes or more and only fall if she reaches too far for a toy. She loved doing this with all her new treasures on Christmas morning!
  2. She learned how to clap! But even better than that, we have trained her to clap on cue to, wait for it, What Does the Fox Say. Specifically, the first part of the first chorus (ringdingding). I’m telling you, we play it or sing it, she claps. We have tested this about 15 times, and it always works!
  3. For the first time ever, Allie cried yesterday when we took something away from her (a piece of cardboard, of course). I guess she’s learning to form object attachments, and this is just the beginning…

A few of my favorite iPhone pics from the week:

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!


7 thoughts on “current distractions and the weekly cute

  1. Awe, I remember when my little one was that age, clapping and sitting up is the best:) Also, I haven’t read Divergent, yet, but I am also a reader and fit it in any moment I can (which is less as a mom), but has gotten better as they got older:)

  2. Those sound like hilarious games! I play a game with friends for the first time in maybe forever the other week when I bought Cards Against Humanity and brought it to a party. Now, I’m a terrible person so I was laughing so hard I was crying and couldn’t read all the cards. Oh man!
    Also, those baby smiles melt my heart! What a sweetie!

  3. So sorry for pretty much commenting on all of your posts but I just can’t help myself! I love that you taught Allie how to clap! I haven’t even thought of that but am going to try it with Leilani.

    • Haha don’t mind the comments! You should totally teach Leilani to clap! I kind of thought babies just learned things on their own, but with sitting up and clapping, we just had to teach Allie for a bit before she figured it out. Ahhh I totally need to call you and catch up on Leilani!!

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