wrapping paper and will ferrell

This is my life right now. Wrapping all my mom’s presents to the family, since I’m pretty sure she’s still doing last-minute shopping, while I watch Elf and other Christmas faves. I have to abide by my rules of an awesome Christmas, after all! Besides how to keep the cats from tearing all the wrapped presents to pieces, the following things are on my mind today:

  • Christmas gift tags: I’m not sure when it started, but in my family I have this tradition of creative gift tags. That is, To: Mom | From: Bethany doesn’t fly in my world. Usually something more like To: Momnivore | From: Bethereal. Just a simple play on words, but it’s more fun than the boring over-and-over of regular gift tags. It’s probably one of my favorite parts of Christmas, and I like to do it on all presents I wrap. My mom, Ben, and a sibling or two have adopted the tradition, but honestly, some people just don’t get it or appreciate it.

  • Nicknames: On that note, I’ve learned that in some families, people don’t get nicknames. That’s actually how Ben’s family is. Just straight Benjamin, all the time. In my family, it’s rare we actually get called by our own name. My siblings have so many different names for me and I for them, it’s only if I’m trying to be serious that I would use their given name. How do your families do it?
  • Uneven bread loaves: Ben and I pretty much only use bread for sandwiches. And several times recently when we’ve finished a loaf of bread, we’ve been left with one slice (annoying because, you know, sandwiches require two slices). Anyway, we got a new loaf of bread recently, and I decided to count. FIFTEEN slices. It’s like they give you an odd number on purpose!
  • Captchas: I feel like captchas are getting longer and harder to read. Not all bloggers I follow have applied the advice from Erin of Living in Yellow to remove word verification on the comments settings of their blogs. They should. I know the idea is to prove you’re human, but I swear it’s like the captcha is trying to make it as hard as possible for you to get it right!
  • Yearbooks: It occurred to me the other day that the concept of a high school yearbook seems a little outdated now that everyone you know is on Facebook and “keep in touch!” is almost impossible not to do. It made me wonder if schools still do yearbooks. And if they still cost like $80 or whatever it was.
  • Over-documenting our lives: Brace yourself for a wake-up call. I recently read this article (via Design Mom) about how we feel the need to take pictures of everything. It used to be that all we cared about was social sharing, but now it’s about possessing. We want to capture and keep each moment, which causes us to interrupt our experiences. It makes me want to just stop and experience every moment without having to take a picture… for about five seconds. Then I worry the moment will pass and rush to grab my phone. Addiction, anyone?

Hope you are all having a lovely time with your families or on your own, but in all cases enjoying this happy holiday season!


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