project pineapple upside down cupcakes

I’ve been trying to do some kind of food or craft project each week, and today I had all these fun holiday ideas I wanted to try. I was scrolling through them and made the mistake of asking Ben which one he thought I should make. He responded by vetoing all my ideas and instead requesting pineapple upside down cake, one of his favorite desserts. I groaned, because the idea of this dessert seems kind of… 70s to me. I can’t think of another way to explain it. Just not exciting and kind of old-fashioned.

But, like a good wife, I wanted to make something he would appreciate. I scoured Pinterest for a fun spin on the recipe and discovered all sorts of recipes for a cupcake version. For whatever reason, this seemed more interesting and doable, so after checking to make sure we had all the ingredients, I set to work on this recipe. It was super easy, and I followed it exactly. Fitting the pineapple in the cupcake tins proved a little difficult, so I just ended up cutting it into chunks. I also filled the tins to the very top, which caused them to spill over a bit.

I was honestly not expecting much, but these were delicious! I ate two.. and a half. Okay, three. We added whipped cream on the side and that was the perfect complement. I much preferred the cupcakes to the cake version, as there wasn’t any messy cutting or trying to line up the pineapple with the slices. Maybe mine weren’t as cute as those from the blog where I found the recipe, but they sure tasted good!



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