things i love thursday

I’ve been trying to keep up my blog momentum with posting and reading everything on my blogroll each day, but yesterday I just ran out of energy. I skipped posting and currently have 287 unread posts from the blogs I follow! I try to tell myself it’s okay to just “mark all as read” and start fresh, but I’m so afraid of missing some amazing post! Anyway, I suppose I’ll save dissecting my perfectionist control issues for another day. Let’s move on to my loved stuff! First, of course, less than a week until Christmas! Yay! Other things I’m loving today:

  • Netflix fireplace: While we’re on the subject of Christmas, I heard about this through A CUP OF JO. Netflix has these episodes of, well, fireplaces. You can turn them on for a holiday party or maybe just if you live in an apartment or house without a fireplace and want to add an extra piece of holiday comfort to your life.
  • Paris map: I went through a phase in third grade when I was a little obsessed with geography. I memorized all the state capitals, identified every strait in the world (there are more than you might think!)—childhood nerdery at its best. I think it must be the vestiges of this obsession that make me love anything map related. I’ve already shared twice (1|2) about illustrated maps I’ve discovered, and I’ve now found another! This beautifully illustrated map of Paris is a colorful and unique representation of the city. It makes me want to visit and walk around with just this map as a guide. It’s available for purchase here and would make a cool piece of wall art for someone with a particular love for or attachment to Paris. Or perhaps a passionate map lover…

  • House boots: I don’t know what took me so long, but I finally got myself a pair of house boots. They were an impulse buy at Target, but they have become an essential piece of my daily ensemble. I resent having to switch in to actual boots to go places, because these are so comfy! However, I will most likely wear out every one of the $15 they cost and may need to invest in a more sturdy pair in the near future.
  • Keali’i Reichel: Unless you’ve lived in Hawaii, the chances are good you’ve never heard of Keali’i Reichel. in my house growing up, we always had music playing (one of my fondest memories of childhood), and, being in Hawaii, we had a couple Keali’i Reichel albums and would play them from time to time. Well at some point I loaded them onto my computer and just recently rediscovered them. Holy nostalgia train. I was transported back to Hawaii and how beautiful and peaceful it is there. Why did I ever move away?
  • Baublebar necklace: While I don’t look at the spoilers, I knew about one extra arriving in my December POPSUGAR box*: a cute triangle necklace from Baublebar. I am new to Baublebar but have seen their stuff on various bloggers I follow, so I was very excited to get my first piece. I LOVE it. The necklace somehow manages to feel both edgy and delicate, or, to use the most completely overused expression I hear on Project Runway,  it balances hard and soft. Even Ben likes it, and that’s saying something.

  • Mint brownie ice cream: Lastly, friends, I’ve made an important discovery. This stuff is amazing. Apparently there is a contingent of people who don’t like mint, and for that I am truly sorry, because this ice cream is so good. I usually like to balance out ice cream with a brownie or cookie or piece of cake (two sweets are better than one, right?), but this ice cream does it all! Brownie and ice cream in one! It takes all my self control not to dish myself up a bowl of this after every meal.

Hope you all are having a lovely Thursday!

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