five years, forgotten brands, and more

Ben and I were talking today about how weird it is to think of our life before Allie—living in a world where/when she didn’t exist yet. It’s just crazy to imagine it. A couple of weeks ago marked the five-year anniversary of Ben and me meeting, and today is the five-year anniversary of when we started dating. I don’t feel old until I start looking at old pictures of us together. Like the pic below from our engagement shoot, about 3.5 years ago. We’re practically babies.

Which brings me to the first of the other things on my mind today:

  • Martin + Osa: Do any of you remember this store? This was my favorite clothing store for, you know, the four years it existed. My jeans in the pic above are from there. A branch of the American Eagle family, it shut down after too few people realized its awesomeness. Every time I wear an M+O item my heart breaks a little all over again, realizing that if I wear it out there is no replacement. Why do good brands have to die?? And on the subject of clothes…
  • Elizabeth & Clarke: I know I’ve already blog-loved on E&C, but I have to share this amazing deal I discovered through MommySplurge: LivingSocial is offering a sweet deal on Elizabeth & Clarke subscriptions. Up to 50% off, depending on whether you get the one-, two-, or three-shirt option. I keep trying to decide whether to get this for myself or trust Santa’s elves will notice it on my Christmas list.
  • FedEx Smart Post: I am not exactly new to the venting game here, but oh my goodness. FedEx Smart Post is the slowest, most frustrating parcel service out there! I have always been a champion of FedEx, rooting instead for UPS in Consumerist’s Worst Companies in America tournament, for example. But I guess this was before I started getting packages via Smart Post. There is no expeditious value in this partnership with USPS above just shipping through USPS to begin with. I just don’t get it.
  • College and first job showers: My sister shared this interesting article on Facebook last night that blames (in part) big weddings for high divorce rates and baby showers for teen pregnancies. Perhaps not completely sound science, but one point the author raises piqued my interest: maybe we should be throwing college showers, to celebrate acceptance to a school and send our kids off with gifts to equip them for college life, or first job showers, to praise the achievement of actually getting a job in this economy. I like these ideas. Parties are always great incentive for me!
  • Goodreads: Thanks to Emily for introducing me to the book lovers community everyone except me has been a part of for years. I so often find myself wanting good ideas for a new book, and this is the perfect place to find them! Time to find a few more books to change my life.

And finally, what’s on my mind is the hours of work I have ahead of me tonight! Off I go to save the world*, one marketing project at a time.

* Kidding. Obviously.


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